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Carina Taylor to Date Winner of Slimming Contest

Porn Valley — Carina Taylor was on the Howard Stern Show Monday morning. Taylor was doing some promo for Can You a Be a Porn Star and said her episode airs on the 18th. Stern chided the various porn promotions that confuse him but took a look at Taylor and was inclined to say that porn has definitely upgraded. “The level of chicks are much hotter now,” Stern said. “It’s really amazing.”

Stern said Taylor was one of those chicks that didn’t have a big rack but that he liked her as is. “Women think that you have to have big boobs. But I like your chest.” Taylor said people keep telling her that natural is in. “Like the natural, little girl look.” For the majority of things she’s done in the industry, Taylor said she’s had her makeup stripped down and her hair in pigtails. “Playing with my little baby doll.” Taylor’s considering implants. “But I’m so small and petite- I’m afraid.”

Taylor, 23, started her career in October and has done between 20 to 30 features she told Stern. “I’ve been back and forth. Home to Arkansas and back to California.” Taylor was on Stern for a contest in which two fat guys are vying to see which one’s going to lose the most weight in eight weeks.

The winner wins $10,000 put up by Bally’s and gets to date Taylor. Stern asked Taylor if she was real loose as a kid. Taylor said she wasn’t promiscuous growing up but lost her virginity at 15. Realizing what she had said she added, “But I didn’t have sex again until I was 17.” Taylor said she wasn’t molested and had a wonderful family. “Supportive.” Taylor said she was no longer with her biological father. “There you go,” said Stern. “It’s got to be something.” Taylor said that wasn’t it.

Taylor entered the Hustler Beaver Hunt Contest and mentioned that her mother took the snapshots of her beaver. Stern obviously found that amusing. “I can’t imagine my mother ever saying, hey, you want to be in beaver hunt? Let me take some pictures of you.” Stern surmised something like that might be the reason Taylor’s in porn because her mother is so accepting of anything she does that “it makes it almost okay.” Taylor said growing up the majority of her friends were guys. “They had porn magazines and stuff. I would look through them and go I’d like to do that.”

Taylor was asked if in most normal families did she think that the mother would take the pictures for Beaver Hunt. “My mom is super cool,” said Taylor. “I love my mom.” Taylor said she wasn’t shocked that her mom would take the pix which were Polaroids.

“Did she say get naked and spread your legs?” Stern asked. “Because you have to be pretty exposed for Beaver Hunt.” Taylor said the pose that had her flown out to L.A. featured one of her standing up. Taylor then demonstrated for Stern. Asked if her mom behaved like a for-real photographer, Taylor said kind of. Taylor said she was very meticulous in her choice of photos. “I wanted to send the best one. She was like, okay, you look cute in this one.” Taylor’s mom didn’t accompany her to L.A. where Taylor subsequently met Clive McClain, Hustler’s senior photographer. “He shot me for Barely Legal and Hot Showers.” Artie Lange impersonating Larry Flynt said he was getting a hot shower vibe from Taylor.

Taylor said she began her stripping career at 17. “I had a friend that was working at a club and the guy that was running it was, okay, I don’t care.” Taylor, however, said the real reason she got into porn is because she loves Jenna Jameson. Taylor said after she had done Hot Showers and Barely Legal she then hooked up with an agent. Impersonating Flynt once more Lange said he’d like to take some tasteful pictures of Taylor and a kangaroo.

Besides working with men, Taylor said she likes girls as well. “The very first scene I did was with a girl and a guy.” Taylor said she doesn’t have a boyfriend and as far as women, she likes to have sex but not live with or be friends with them.

Stern wanted to know if Taylor thought there was something wrong with her, mentally, because she has sex with guys on film. “Do you think there’s something missing where you can disassociate yourself from any emotional feeling?” Taylor said she enjoys what she does and has an occasional orgasm on film. “It all depends on the partner.”

Artie made another Flynt joke about Taylor being locked in the trunk of a Buick, and Stern asked if she had ever been in any dangerous situations or hurt. Taylor was at first reluctant to talk. “I’ve had some bad experiences,” she said. Asked if she had ever been kidnapped or in the white slave market, Taylor said no. Stern pressed the issue and Taylor implied that things happen on the set that are not supposed to happen. “But I can’t talk about it any more than that,” she kept saying.

“You weren’t raped were you?” Stern asked. Taylor hesitated so much in responding to the question that everyone assumed that’s what happened. “But other than that I’ve had a lot of fun,” she answered. Stern wanted to know if she’d like to come clean on the issue. “What, some guy do something against your will?”

“Sort of,” said Taylor. “There were other people egging it on as well.” Stern wanted to know who was doing the egging. “It was just a really large guy,” stammered Taylor. Stern assumed that to mean that he was hung too well and Taylor didn’t want to have sex with him. “It wasn’t that,” said Taylor. “He was playing with his fingers on the kinda…” Stern took Taylor’s code-speak to mean anal but was filled in by Gary that Taylor was throat fucked and after the tenth stoke she vomited. Taylor said that was another situation but not the one she was talking about.

Tomas, one of the contestants weighs 432 pounds. He said he’s slept with about 5 different women- regular girls, not prostitutes. Tomas figures he can lose 60 to 80 pounds. “It’s a done deal.” Rob, the other guy goes about 335. At 23, he’s never been laid, according to him. “No self esteem,” was Rob’s guess. By contrast, Taylor weighs about 105 pounds at 5′ 6″.

“These guys will break you,” Stern predicted.



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