“Celebrity” Sex Tape Offers, Vivid Radio, Mike South and Cuckolds

Not a lot of porn news. Fucking balls.

Nothing on XBIZ. Buncha press releases. Who gives a fuck. Let’s go to AVN. OK, here’s something. Let’s comment on this.

I’m reading two stories. I get it that they’re trying to get publicity, I just don’t know for what. It’s a couple companies offering quasi-celebrities money to do porn movies. It’s just stupid to put it out there. One of them is You Porn offering money to the former first lady of France, Valerie Trierweiler. You Porn’s offering her a half a million dollars.

From the article:

“Brad Burns, the vice-president of YouPorn.com, has written to Trierweiler,” reported mid-day.com, which added, “YouPorn claims the offer is genuine and in the offer to Trierweiler goes on to praise Europe’s liberal attitude towards sex.”

“Trierweiler, 48, a former journalist, was not married to François Hollande, the President of the French Republic, but was his partner until this January, when it was revealed by the French media that he was having an affair with actress Julie Gayet.” 

“Following the revelations,” commented mid-day.com, “Valerie spoke of the heartache she suffered and said hearing about his affair felt like ‘falling from a skyscraper.'”

“No word if the offered “ambassadorship” is of interest, but it’s doubtful, considering news reports that Trierweiler plans to sue Closer magazine over photos published Friday showing the ex on holiday in Mauritius with some friends. Nothing risqué, just some beach photos, so the odds she’ll be into porn are long.”

Cool. So You Porn’s offering her a half mil. Whatever.

The other story is everybody’s favorite loser Mike Kulich. Yeah, Mike Kulich. We talked about that idiot opening a PR company last week www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60292 His big awesome PR company.

Again, Kulich is such a jerk off. This is an example of his great PR skills. He writes a letter to a convicted murderer (Amanda Knox) and wants to let her know that he fully supports her. He fully supports a murderer. He wants to offer her a unique opportunity:

“As you may have read and were most likely well aware of, the general consensus is you are absolutely smoking hot. Since you came back into the headlines, our loyal fan base has been e-mailing us non-stop asking about you.”

“With that said, I would like to offer you the following. We would like you to shoot a movie for us. You will have final say over all terms of productions including what sex acts you would like to perform, talent that you work with, and I am prepared to pay you for $20,000 up front PLUS 25% of all sales including DVD, Web and Broadcast.”

“This is a great opportunity for you to make some money to put towards finishing your education and also future legal costs to help with this unfortunate retrial.”

OK, I get it. He’s being an obnoxious jerk off with such a retarded offer. It just makes the industry and everybody associated with Mike Kulich look even more stupid. If you really want to break it down, the girl is getting upwards to a million dollars for her story, a tell all book about what happened in the Italian prison. Over a million dollars. Plus the fact that Mike Kulich hasn’t got two pennies to rub together and that he’s gonna have to borrow 20 grand from the Mamans or Jerry Estrada and give Amanda Knox 25% of 400 pieces sold.

The funny thing is this is what Mike Kulich started a PR company to do. This is what Mike shows everybody to prove he’s such great PR person. He writes a letter to Amanda Knox and tells her gonna give give her 20 thousand to do a porno and 25% of all sales.

Hey Kulich, why don’t you try to make real product? Why don’t you try to be something in this business other than a fucking bottom feeding nomad? You make this business look like more of a piece of shit than it actually is. Fucking scumbag.

So that’s the other thing in the news. Let’s see what else.

Here’s something about somebody being on Vivid Radio tonight. I didn’t even know they were still around. They’re still on, I guess. You never hear anything about Vivid Radio. Nobody cares about Vivid radio. Who’s on Vivid Radio? Christy Canyon, Monique Alexander… Wow. Nothing interesting, nothing relevant, not breaking any new ground. Steve Hirsch is just burning through that money, man. It’s as if he’s trying to see how fast he can bury Vivid. OK, that’s the Vivid news.

Here’s something that we might talk about later. One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest. Directed by Jordan Septo aka Rob and Regina at Exquisite. It’s a Dreamzone/Frank Koretsky production. It was originally a Tom Byron production. I think they still owe him like a grand for the script. Another thing Adam Hasner fucked him on. What’s funny is there are no rubbers in this movie. It was shot in LA and they can get pinched for this at anytime.

I find it amusing that Adam Hasner, who is Frank Koretsky’s little bitch boy, likes to put Frank Koretsky in these vulnerable positions where he can get jammed up. If it’s not Adam Hasner beating up a guy from Hustler lingerie, it’s Adam Hasner getting Frank and company in trouble with the City of LA and Cal/OSHA. Or threatening employees back at IVD in Jersey. Now he’s flagrantly violating condom ordinances. An amazing piece of shit Adam Hasner is. I could go on all day about Dreamzone and Hasner and Koretsky, but it’s getting late.

Mike South thanks one of his readers for a tip on an HIV positive gay performer named Mike Dozier who was arrested for banging a 14 year old that was posted on AVN a day earlier. He gets a tip on an article already posted. Great, Mike. Nice job.

That’s it for the porn roundup. Bunch of stupid ignorant shit by a bunch of stupid ignorant companies and stupid ignorant bloggers and all points in between. What else can be said?

Just stupid. We’re done here today.

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