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Mike South and Houston Don Exchange Love on XPT; Don Loves Mike’s Educated Style of Writing

> Mike South posts on yup you read it right. is mine LOL

i dunnno what exactly to do with it yet but it should provide me with some entertainment…damn he is a dumb motherfucker…8 bucks to own his domain and he doesnt….

anyways dumbass don heres yer chance you want yer questions answered …Im game…send em to me via email and I will answer em on my site…if you got the stones for it…

> Houston Don replies: Considering the questions have already been posted in thread “Mike South A Danger To The Porn Industry” (#228290 below) even a brain surgeon like you should be able to figure it out once you fix your road kill meal of the day or whatever it is you eat up there.

As far as the domain name is concerned, you apparently haven’t figured it out yet (like that’s a big surprise); I’m not in it for the money, have no delusions of setting up my own website, and couldn’t care less that a hillbilly who has repeatedly proven himself a danger to the industry such as yourself has seen fit to “cyber squat”. In fact, for all your claims that poor little old Don “doesn’t matter”, “isn’t a threat to anyone”, and “doesn’t warrant a response” on many an occasion; it looks like you can’t let go (as I told a few people would happen; predictions 2-4 about what else you’ll do are looking even brighter by the way-prove me right once again).

Oh, and have fun with Bone and Fattorosi. I look forward to the XPT legal analysis team getting a crack at all your personal information (and I’m not talking about your real name, which you’ve posted on your own website in the past, so much as all your dealings that’ll come out in the depositions). Otherwise, I look forward to your answers; I truly hope you have the “stones” to surprise me with candid answers that provide at least some passing semblance to reality and not your usual spin.

> South reponds: jesus dude you really are a dumb mother fucker

technically whats posted here is xpts not mine…so technically I aint gonna cut and paste it besides you want an answer really you know what to do otherwise well, fugeddaboudit

and lastly my personal info is on my sites…right where tbone got it

ya want more go from there…you wont find a whole lot, never even had a dui

and i wouldnt hold my breath on tbone jumping just yet…i know way too much that he prolly dont want aired but if he does…im aite widdit

ok donny shit or get off the pot boy

> Houston Don responds:”Technically”, what was posted by me remains mine so you have my permission to quote it in full and answer the listed questions. If you’re trying to establish a series of hoops to jump through in order to yet again dodge answering the questions, you’ve failed miserably once more. Put up or shut up windbag; the world is watching!

As far as those investigating you, as you have seemingly done to others in the past, I don’t really care who you “claim” to be, what you’ve done with regard to the law, or any of the other things that Bone will gain through any depositions. I know you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed but you are a tool so feel free to answer the questions rather than delay or try another of your little dirty tricks. You don’t have to answer them of course (this is a free country) but given your outspoken, loud-mouthed attitude over the years, I’d think you’d WANT to answer them just to shut me up (as well as all the others that have been picking up on the “story”). I’ll completely understand if you don’t have the balls to answer the questions and I’m sure everyone in porn will forget how you were soundly beaten by an insignificant little guy like me by running away yet again, but the questions will still linger so why not just get them out of the way if you have nothing to hide oh wannabe be mighty leader of porn?

PS: I love the educated style of writing you’re still displaying. Keep up the good work proving Bone’s points…


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