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Chat with Stephanie Swift-update

Porn Valley- Introduced as AVN’s 1998 Performer of the Year, Stephanie Swift was a guest of Chef Jeff on his Thursday night KSEX, show last week. With Cytherea being the evening’s co-ho Jeff asked how the two women first met. Swift said Cytherea’s house had been rented out for a shoot she was doing. “Someone introduce me to her [Cytherea],” Swift recalled herself saying. Swift also remembered being on the Internet looking at different websites. “Kind of jacking off.” Swift said she saw a picture of Cytherea and thought that she was one of the prettiest girls she had seen in the business in a long time. “She’s going to be amazing.”

Jeff also brought up the fact that Swift had been a former dental assistant. Swift said she had been working in a dental office since she was 15. “I took my state boards to become a registered dental assistant.” Swift said that included expanded functions. Asked how all that led to a career in porn, Swift said she started dancing in a club at the age of 19. “I quit six months after because I couldn’t stand the cigarette smoke and being in that environment leads to other things.” Swift said she was able to put herself through school by dancing and doing photo shoots.

“I did this thing for the Playboy Channel at 21, two years before I started in the business,” Swift continued. “I got very comfortable- I really liked being around naked girls.” Swift was asked if, growing uo, she was always the wild one to get naked and show her boobs. Swift said she’s not an exhibitionist at all. Jeff said he thought it funny that she’d consider a dancing gig under those circumstances. “It was the girls- the pussy,” Swift explained. “I am a sucker for pussy. I will do almost anything for pussy.” Asked if she and Cytherea have gotten it on yet, Swift said they’ve got little bit into it. “I go over to her house and she holds me. We watch TV together. We fall asleep on the floor.” Jeff suspected that they’re probably so tired from working that they wind up passing out. Swift said not really.

“This is going to sound weird,” she stated. “But when I really like someone it’s had for me to approach them.” Jeff said if Swift were his dental assistant he’d prepare for his exam by eating an entire box of Oreos. Swift said when she worked in a dental office in San Diego, that particular dentist drew a lot of customers because she had been on the Playboy Channel. “That’s what he became famous for.” Swift said she particularly enjoyed that job. “When a girl is laying back in the dental chair you can totally see up her skirt.” Jeff said he’s run some news stories where dentists have sexually advanced on their customers with the use of gas. Swift said she was never first to fondle. “I didn’t fondle first. They fondled me.” Swift said lots of models came through her office. “They would purposely sit with their legs wide open- they wouldn’t wear underwear. A couple of times. It was awesome.”

Swift said she left Wicked for the love of pussy. “I love my Wicked sisters to death,” she explained. “There’s great pussy there but I’m cut off from the rest of the rest of the contract girls in the business and it sucks.” Jeff asked Swift if she was a lesbian. Her answer was no. But she is bisexual. Swift said she’s got a boyfriend. “We have the same problem- we have the same obsession- we’re both obsessed with pussy. When we got together I said, dude, if you can hang with me and not want to give up pussy, then, okay, fine. Even better.” Jeff suspected that the two of them are probably like a pack of wolves encircling their prey.

Swift said she hopes to be doing some projects with Cytherea. “We just became friends, then, all of a sudden, let’s do some work together.” It was noted that both Swift and Cytherea were wearing their glasses on the show. Swift said without them she couldn’t see otherwise. Cytherea joked about getting hers from a gas station. “I put ’em on. Yeah, this looks good enough. I can see.”

Jeff and Cythera had been chatting earlier about her taking a pop shot in the eye and Jeff suggested that she should have been wearing her specs. Swift said she used to do scenes with her glasses. “They’re sexy from time to time,” Jeff said.

Swift said she was 12 when she first realized she liked pussy. “I had a girlfriend at 12. But I never touched it. I pet through the panties. I was scared. I was just a little girls. I didn’t no any better.” But Swift admits that she liked playing with boobs a lot and that she had a girlfriend from the time she was 12 till 18. The same girl. “We had it timed every day at one o’clock- we’d both excuse ourselves from whatever class we were in, meet in the bathroom, kiss, and go back to class.” Swift said she hasn’t talked to the girl in awhile but she’s still in her heart. “She knows it,” says Swift. “When we were little it was like I grow up and marry you and have kids. I was going to be the guy and she was going to be the girl.”

Swift suspects that she had a male vibe in a past life. Jeff attributed it to her maybe having a high level of testosterone. Swift said she also has a very strong maternal instinct, likewise. “I like it when you call me mommy.” Swift said she could see children in her future. “I’m older now so sooner than later.” When the subject of age cropped up, Jeff was guessing Swift to be 26 or thereabouts. Swift ‘fessed to being 32. “I’m older and I like ’em young,” she said. Swift said her boyfriend is 22.

Among Swift’s turnons, according to her, is voyeurism. “I’m very much so a voyeur,” she said. “Especially people I’m with.” To that extent, Swift said she enjoys watching her boyfriend fuck other women. Jeff said he, too, is one but has yet to hook up with a woman who’s an exhibitionist. “I think I’ll be very happy finding someone who accepts my voyeurism as part of my sexuality.” Swift suggested that you have to be subtle about such things. Besides that, Swift said she likes not doing anything while she watches. “For as long as I can and feel myself get wet.”

Swift mentioned that she had “issues” which opened the door to that line of questioning. Swift explained that her pussy doesn’t get as wet unless there’s people around her having sex. Swift said her thing is a threeway with one guy and another girl. “I like to see the pussy and I like people enjoying themselves.”

Swift said she was five when she found her grandfather’s Playboys. “I didn’t look at it as being sexual- I thought that it was pretty.” Not being an exhibitionist, Swift was asked how tough it is for her to do porn. “I probably have a mini-nervous breakdown before every single scene,” she admits. “My heart starts pounding and I start sweating. I get anxious and nervous. But as soon as I get in front of a camera- boom- I’m okay. I don’t know why.” Jeff then asked Swift if she’s ever been in therapy. Swift said yes. “I should go back- I’ve come a long way.” Swift said her father dying and normal life stuff was enough to put her on the couch.

Jeff wondered if there might be sexual issues, besides. “Nothing- no sexual issues,” said Swift who was quick to describe herself as a closet freak. Swift said her fantasy is for her boyfriend to be with someone, with the other girl not aware of Swift’s presence. Which, in her case, sounds like time to buy a one-way mirror.

Swift said she’s been hammering on the sexual issue for four years and maybe her boyfriend will finally get the hint. “Hello, set it up.” When it was suggested that she might pack a videocam along for the trip, Swift said she couldn’t do that without the other person’s knowledge.


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