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Chef Jeff: Teen Meat Series Maybe Too Authentic

Interesting week last week for EvolutionErotica. Paola Banana began his new series for the company tentatively titled The Adventures of Paolo Banana. Then we were blown away by Guy Capo’s magnificent Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll- a porno movie that basically defies you to deploy the fast-forward button. Then Chef Jeff did a review of some of the company product.

Jeff on his KSEX show last week reviewed a bunch of EvolutionErotica movies and came away with the opinion that the company was putting out some pretty good stuff. Jeff noted that when Tom Byron and Co. were at the KSEX studios recently to shoot Alana Evans, they left some movies behind. “Which is not a good thing to do when I’m in the studio because I will snatch ’em up.” Jeff looked at a total of 6 movies. Selena Silver who was a guest on the show noted that she was in one of them, Sodomy Sandwiches.

Jeff said d.p.s were not among his turn-ons. “I do like watching two girls and a guy. I like watching girls gangbang a couple of guys, three guys, four guys, but the actual d.p. I’m not turned on. I don’t honestly think there are very many girls, especially in a porno movie that are enjoying the d.p. I think that they are most of the time doing the d.p. because it’s called for; they’re getting paid for it.” Jeff couldn’t see where girls would enjoy that position.

Silver, on the other hand, touted it as her favorite activity. Other than that, Jeff said he was very impressed by EvolutionErotica. “One, I’m impressed by the packaging- how many times do you notice the box your videos come in. Most people don’t. They just want to watch the porno movie and jerk off to it. But the packaging here is so nice; it’s so classy. They’ve got beautiful photography on the front and back boxcover. Inside they’ve got the DVD. And they’ve got an extra DVD with all the bonus features. So every time you buy an Evolution DVD you get 2 DVDs- one with the movie and one with the extra feature which is way cool. And the packaging is fucking cool.”

Jeff said he also looked at Teen Meat 1 & 2. “I love EvolutionErotica. It’s shot very well; it has great scenes but I’m not really turned on by teen-stuff and I’ll tell you why. This was too authentic. They had girls like in cheerleader outfits. They really looked like real, underaged girls.” Pason, another guest on the show, who, like Silver, appeared in Guy Capo’s Sex, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll for Evolution, reminded Jeff that there was a big market for that material. Jeff said while he would find it a turn on if a girlfriend dressed up that way and talked dirty, the girls really look underage in the Teen Meat series. “I felt just so wrong to be watching it.” Silver noted that a lot of guys who watch porn are teenage boys and this would be right up their alley.

On Ass Eaters Unanimous, Jeff said while he likes his ass licked there’s no sex, only blowjobs and ass-licking in the video. “I really would have preferred if they had included some sex in it,” he said. “But I think they’re going for a specific market here of men that strictly want to watch blowjobs and ass licking. It’s pretty good but I wish there were some sex in it.”

Meanwhile on Friday I checked in with Paolo Banana who was shooting a scene with Manuel Ferrara and Vicky Vette for his new “Adventures” series. Banana remembered another time he shot Vette for a video called Give Me Gape, that for Acid Rain.

Banana was also raving about a scene he shot the day previous involving Steve Holmes and Faith Grant, who insiders tell me is capable of crater-sized gapes. Banana was also ecstatic about the scene he shot with Ashley Long and Kurt Lockwood.

Though we only got to see the VHS version, director Guy Capo admits that putting together Sex, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll was not without its drama much of which will be documented in a behind-the-scenes on the DVD. “There’s a half-hour behind the scenes documentary through the director’s eyes and there’s a half-hour documentary through the production assistant’s eyes.” In what must be a stroke of major modesty, Cap said some of the movie had to be “salvaged” to make it what it was. “There was one day that was totally fucked up,” he said.

“Rumor had it that it was going to be The Water World of porn when I first started working on it,” Capo laughs. “At least I quelled that rumor for the time being.” Capo said American Gunk was his twist on gonzo whereas “Sex” was his twist on the feature genre. ‘If this is greeted with kind words, I’ll be happy for the time being.”

Capo particularly gives props to Evolution for backing him on the project. Because as an unknown, Capo says, American Gunk had the attitude, here’s a camera, here’s some tape; here are a couple of chicks, go do what what you can do. “But this one, man, the budget was more liberal. It definitely shows in the cast and locations. It was quite a project and I was a little worried because this one had a storyline and was done shotgun style because I had to keep re-writing it every day.”

Gene: It’s so well-written with so many good lines in there. Being a writer, I listen to movies as much as I watch them and I’m always aware of bad stuff which porn movies are always guilty of. I cringe to hear lines but whatever was put into it, delivered, the cast was good. Really good.

Capo: One of my biggest concerns was you wouldn’t buy into the fact that we were watching a story of a touring rock band because we never hear their name. We never see them play and they never put out a product. But to me, the guys really give you the feel that they have that cohesive bond of rock n’ roll.

Gene: Thanks for pointing that out. I thought I was going crazy because I missed the name of the group. But, otherwise, you automatically buy into it without question. Right from the first frame it’s there.

Cap: Kick ass.




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