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Chef Jeff’s Mexican Standoff

Chef Jeff’s been getting more mileage out of his busted relationship with Sassy than a four cylinder Honda Accord EX. Though he again refused to mention her by name on his KSEX show Thursday night, Jeff had another Sassy story to relate. This one involved a chair of sentimental value which Sassy apparently left behind when she cleaned out the Chef Jeff homestead recently. Co-ho Daisy asked him if he ever masturbated with the chair which Jeff brought on the show.

Jeff said no and wasn’t going to mention the name of the person the chair belongs to. “But this person owes me money. And I’m not mailing this chair to the person. The agreement was this person would pay the money they owe me and I would mail the chair.” Jeff was told, no, no, no. You mail the chair first then he would be sent the money. Jeff agreed to call Sassy with the tracking number and that she would, in turn, Western Union him the money.

Jeff said he’s owed a total of $915. “Which I can live without. The money I don’t care about. I’m fine without the money. I own a home. I’m not going to go anywhere.” But Jeff noted that the chair has tremendous sentimental value attached to it in that it was made for her by her father when she was a little girl. “It’s a beautiful chair. I want her to have the chair. But I’m not sending the chair packing until I get the money which is owed to me and I have no reason to trust this person.”

According to Jeff, there was no way Sassy was going to send him money until she got a tracking number. But Jeff’s insistent, money first, brought the matter to an impasse. As a compromise, he mailed a package which contained a two-sentence letter that if she held up her end of the bargain and sent the money, there would be another package forthcoming with the chair.

“I have no intention of screwing her over. I’m going to mail the fucking chair,” he insisted. Jeff said he got a call from Sassy claiming there was a couple of problems, that she was going to send a money-gram but the place wouldn’t take a credit card and she only had $80 on her, that she was going to send that. Which she did.

But Jeff called a Western Union which told him they take credit cards. He told Sassy to go to a Western Union and that he would wait. She told him that she was going out of town to Florida and didn’t have time. Jeff said he’s been waiting a follow-up call from Sassy which he has yet to receive. Jeff’s of the belief that he shouldn’t hold his breath for the rest of the money. “She has no fucking intentions of paying me- that little fucking whore. I didn’t do anything to that girl for her to do that. If she didn’t like the arrangements, if she was using me, fine. Pay me the fucking money you owe me.”

Another thing galling Chef is the fact that Sassy also walked out with a $500 Chihuahua for which he forked over $210. “Know what she said to me? Can you prove that you gave me $210. There’s no way you can prove it. What a fine little whore.” Jeff said Sassy lies to everybody and knows for a fact that her parents in Chicago don’t know that “she’s taking black cock up her ass for a living. They don’t know that she’s sucking dick.” Jeff told Sassy that he would call her parents and mail them some of her best work if it came down to that.

Sassy asked if he was threatening her. “That’s illegal.” Jeff told her he can call whoever he wants, that she has her head up her ass. Sassy told him she was recording the conversation. “That’s fabulous,” Jeff told her. “Everyone will know you owe me $835.”

Sassy then allegedly told him, “You don’t know how fuckin’ far I’m going to take this.” Jeff said there were also allegations that Sassy was seen snorting at the KSEX studios which put a dent in the relationship. “She denied it; I gave her the benefit of the doubt. But after that I didn’t trust her.”


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