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Chloe Jones Sails Out on the Sloop John B

Porn Valley- I always know when John Bowen’s in town. I spend more time in restaurants than out of them. Over breakfast this morning Bowen was talking about some of the projects he’s shot in Brazil. I feel there’s going to be a mighty big story coming out in porn the end of the year relative to at least one of them but, for now, can’t utter a word.

On the subject of food, however, Chloe Jones’ comes up with Bowen telling me about a shoot he hired Jones for in Brazil where all she did was puke her guts out. Bowen tells me he met Jones indirectly through Jeff Mullen, yadda, yadda, yadda. Got some pictures, and, from the pictures which were of a Penthouse-type centerfold, Bowen gathered that Jones was quite the looker. And so Bowen made a deal sight unseen on the phone and had Jones come down to Brazil to shoot for him.

“It was a nightmare, ” Bowen tells me, being only the wiser now in hindsight he feels. Nonetheless, Bowen went through with the project and shot Jones for a couple of movies titled, Chloe Jones: You Don’t Know Me 1 & 2 for New Sensations. Aptly named because Bowen figured from the looks of things he was getting Jones’ mother instead.

Bowen seems to think he got a hold of some pictures of Jones that were ten years-old. Another thing Bowen discovered was the fact that Jones is epileptic and is prone to seizures. “What was that movie, The Exorcist?” he asks. “Chloe was puking, screaming and yelling obscenities.” Bowen even claims he has loads of footage of Jones passed out to back up the story and supposedly a bunch of it is on the DVD version of Chloe Jones 1.

“Chloe puked in some of the most beautiful cities in Brazil,” Bowen says dryly and compared working with Jones to being on a Janis Joplin tour. “Americans don’t travel well,” Bowen states categorically.

The first night Jones was in town, she overdosed on her epileptic medicine, according to Bowen. She was rushed to the hospital but was able to shoot later. Jones, while in Brazil, also had a thing going on with one of the local talent named Bad Boy. Their off camera romance so consumed Jones that she was never in the mood to actually fuck on camera. Neither did she seem to be in the mood for dining out. Bowen recalled one instance where he took Jones to one of the country’s premier seafood joints only for Jones to turn her nose up at a $700 meal and request a hamburger.

“Americans don’t travel well,” Bowen repeats. “They wind up in fetal positions overseas because they’re only used to things they can find in the states.”

But what really added texture to Jones’ visit to Brazil was a scandal that involved her and Brazil’s equivalent of Sylvester Stallone, Alexandre Frota. According to Bowen, there was a big buzz over the fact that Frota was going to appear in a porn movie-Chloe Jones 2. Bowen tells me the movie was so successful that the competition down there put rumors out that Frota got HIV and had given it to Jones who was now dying. According to Bowen, the rumor eventually died of natural causes but didn’t alleviate the fact that Jones nearly threw up on every cock she sucked.

And if he didn’t get the point across that Americans don’t travel well, Bowen said there was another instance of it involving Samantha Sterlyng who came down to Brazil to shoot for him. According to Bowen, Sterlyng was the one who wound up in the fetal position over a McDonald’s run in which she claims the burgers and fries “tasted different.” Bowen claims Sterlyng also left him with a $650 telephone bill and little else because she never wound up doing a scene.

“She was five minutes into a girl-girl when she claimed the other girl bit her clit,” Bowen says. “Other than that she did some dialogue.” Bowen said he’d rather push red hot needles through his eyeballs than be faced with a prospect of everworking with Sterlyng again.


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