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Condom Girls Might Work Twice a Month

Porn Valley- Replacing Michele Raven who is moving out of the area, Michelle Lay, debuted as Wankus’ new porn co-ho this week- the same night that Nicole Sheridan and husband, Voodoo, came on as guests.

Lay’s website offers galleries, video clips and Lay also does live cam shows one day a week- free- for her members. Lay said she also offers fresh video footage direct from her own camera. “I might be drunked up in some of them,” she said. “But I’m fucking- that’s all that matters.” Lay also has a new title out called Lipstick Erotica from Infinity Pictures which is owned by her husband. Sheridan also appears along with Ashley Long. Lay will also be appearing at Adultcon May 16th.

With the industry slowdown, Sheridan, said she and Voodoo have been working for some companies that will still shoot married couples. Sheridan’s also doing fetish work and shooting for her website. “We’re taking advantage of the time off.”

Voodoo, who’s been doing pretty-boy stuff, lent a shout out to Skye Blue and Playgirl TV during the crisis.

“They’ve been out there shooting stuff which focuses a lot on the guy.” Sheridan said she’s also been shooting for Playgirl.

“There’s certain things I’ve kind of learned- that pose is really gay and that pose is not. I’ll watch him [Voodoo] doing his stills on the day that I’m not shooting. Okay that’s the pose that I told another guy is kind of gay! But I think it’s hard for the guys to know what to do because they’ve been in this business for so long and they’re just, like, props. I think what the guys try and do- they try to take the poses that we do as girls and try to adapt them as guy poses. I’m sorry but this is not a guy pose.”

Wankus then encouraged Voodoo to strike a Jason Curious pose to give fans something to jerk off to. Sheridan said she was going to start going Voodoo, Zoolander.

Sheridan said Playgirl has been finding ways to keep the talent busy by shooting masturbation-stuff and voyeur cam material. “Ways to keep performers safe but still keep the money in our pocket- and crew, too.”

Wankus agreed and said you’d also have to have sympathy for some movie companies who would probably go out of business because of the HIV situation.

Voodoo said he and Sheridan were prepared for such contingencies.

“We’ve spent our money the last couple of years on a house so if we got into trouble we could re-fi and take some equity,” he said. “We’re doing a lot of the smart stuff that most performers in this industry should do. It shouldn’t just be all parties, games, spend all your money at Sardos every Tuesday night.”

Wankus said that Sardos has become a funny example which he’s been seeing in the trades. “Everyone’s bitching about how they’re broke right now but I still have a $150 bar tab at Porn Star Karaoke. It’s so funny how KSEX doesn’t get the credit for that.”

Regarding her website Sheridan said she now has over 13,000 pictures on it. According to Voodoo, Sheridan’s fans have been requesting lots of catfight-stuff. “That’s starting to get big again.”

Sheridan said she had just done a custom video for a guy in Germany who wanted her and Taylor St. Clair beating the shit out of each other.

That said, Wankus predicted that companies would probably go to special effects soon.

“I think guys like to see chicks going at it. We’re going to have her slapped in the face and blood squirts out. Then OSHA will really come in!”

Asked about their plans for starting a production company, Voodoo said they were going in that direction.

“Nicole’s working on a portfolio package that she wants to hand out to three companies in particular- Adam & Eve, Vivid and Wicked,” he said. “Kind of feeling them out as far as a contract situation goes because of this incident. You haven’t heard any of these big companies really complain. They’ve listened to the moratorium. They’ve stopped shooting and stuff like that, but they’re kind of in a league of their own because they’re condom mandatory anyway.”

With the mention of Adam & Eve, Wankus also put in a plug for the KSEX DVDs which will start coming out the end of May or June.

According to Voodoo, Sheridan has been approached to do some directing as well. For her part, Sheridan said she hasn’t felt comfortable with the offers so far. “It’s people that I didn’t feel their motives were in the right place.”

“Okay, you turned down Wanker Wang, who else?” Wankus laughed. Sheridan joked about having to do “private” videos.

“I’m in room 6 at the Sepulveda Motel,” Wankus mentioned. Sheridan said there was one company in particular that had a whole bunch of female contract directors.

“They’re certainly not using the girls because they think they have any sort of directing skills,” Sheridan said. “They’re using the girls because they like to use their names and want to capitalize on it. I’m sure you can figure out who I’m talking about. It rhymes with hetero.”

Sheridan said she didn’t want to direct just using her name to sell the product.

“I wanted to be one of those girls where the company I was directing for actually believed in my skills.” Sheridan said, noting that she has been approached by some companies who actually believe that she has some talent to lend.Wankus said what he particularly likes about Sheridan is the fact that she’s not a “cunt.”

“You’re a sweetheart and I’ve always had good experiences with you. In my opinion you’re a step up from the average porn star. You’ve been in it for awhile and the stuff you do is quality. You’re a big star. But what happens is you meet big stars and sometimes they’re just fucking cunts. I hate cunts and that’s why people don’t come on my show- no names mentioned, Devon- but because I tell them their cunts.”

Sheridan said Voodoo tends to give her shit at times because she’s too nice.

“I’m definitely a believer that- these girls who are cunts- maybe in the short run it’s going to pay off for them but I’m one of these people that believes the long run is more important. I’d rather kind of move up through the ranks slowly and have staying power than skyrocket and two years later be, who is that? Who is she? And be gone and forgotten. This is something that we’ve chosen to make our career. It’s not just something that we do for fun or quick cash.”

Voodoo believes that he and Sheridan are people who can talk to the mainstream media and convince them that porn is good. Wankus agreed, noting that they have a respectable presentation.

On the HIV situation, Voodoo sees it as a no-win situation for porn performers.

“There’s so many different viewpoints on it,” he states. “Some people feel that condom is the only way to go. Some people say that the second you start putting regulations like that it’s what’s next? Are you going to start regulating everything? Talent should be responsible for themselves. You’re an adult. You come into this business. You want to have sex for a living. You want to get paid this huge amount of money that you can’t get paid anywhere else- especially not flipping burgers at your local fucking burger joint. You’ve got to be responsible for your own health. You’ve got to make decisions. No one’s putting a gun to these peoples heads and saying, hey, do a double anal for so and so, whatever.”

Sheridan thinks a lot of companies aren’t supporting the talent.

“When a new girl comes into the industry and she says I’m going to work condom-only she might get two scenes a month,” Sheridan speculates. “Where if she said I’m going to work without condoms, she’d be working 20 days a month and that’s the problem. In an ideal world, it would be up to talent, you could do what you wanted to do and the companies would support you.”


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