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Conversation with Heather Hamptons-update

Porn Valley- We spoke to Heather Hamptons this weekend and got a little more insight into the big tit scam that she as well as men sending in donations were a victim of

Hamptons notes that the website, is down. “They’re completely gone,” she says. I wondered how many people have gotten scammed in this breast-thing. Hamptons says there’s really no way of telling. “I’d say a good 60 people or more up still updated on that site until they got shut down,” she answers. “The ones updating are the ones getting donations. The higher up you are on the list, the more people see you.” Hamptons says there’s at least 10 girls she’s aware of that have similar issues with the website.

Gene: Just as an outsider, I’m looking at this whole thing and I think to myself it stinks to high heaven. It almost struck me as an obvious scheme.

HH: I guess because there’s so many girls that want this. it’s a proven thing. That’s the most common thing that women dislike about themselves. Of course they’re going to buy into it. They want to believe it. Here’s my chance to do it. So we go in wanting to believe it whether it’s right or not. Being that there’s a big user agreement, you think okay it’s worth a shot. What do I have to lose? Apparently a lot more than we bargained for.

Gene: Let’s talk about the origin of Heather Hamptons and how it all began in a 5,000 watt station in Des Moines. What kind of kid were you like growing up?

HH: I was a tomboy. The kid next door that everyone hung out with. I had a lot of friends, went into a lot of sports- gymnastics, softball, etc. I guess my thing was I wanted more attention than what I got. Now I love it. I think it’s great. I started regular modeling as an infant four months old. But it gets boring.

Gene: At four months I would have to say so. The inclination is to hang out at pool halls.

HH: LOL. It was quite boring. It was the same thing. No fun.

Gene: You say regular modeling. This was for catalogues and things?

HH: Right. It started as catalogues. And back then it was okay to be 5’3″ to do runway when you’re 13. It just went from there. As soon as I turned 18 I thought I have to try something a little bit more risque. It went further and further. I enjoy this a lot better. There’s a lot of freedom involved.

Gene: At the age of 18, you’re, like, boom. Now I have this compelling need to take my clothes off. I’m sure there has to be a step in between.

HH: No. It’s just something I thought about doing for awhile. Finally when I was legal to do it I thought why the hell not. I tried it.

Gene: What was your first venture.

HH: It started small. There were a couple of local photographers that wanted to do some pictures and submit them to magazines. I started that way. And being accepted to magazines- even though they were not the biggest known magazines- was a foot in the door. It was a stepping stone to the next level. I did the exotic dancing and got my website, going. It was little by little and it all added up.

Gene: What was the first time like taking your clothes off in front of a camera.

HH: It wasn’t anything too extreme. It was just me and a friend. I didn’t want to go by myself. She did it with me so I felt more comfortable. We were in some guy’s studio. Some small time amateur photographer. We did a couple of pictures. We got to look at them a couple of days later and I really, really enjoyed it.

Gene: You were posing naked…

HH: Yeah, there was no interaction. It was all just posing.

Gene: Growing up you were a tomboy but when did the guys first start noticing you?

HH: I don’t know. Do they even now?

Gene: How could they help. I’ve seen pictures of you.

HH: I never had a boyfriend until I was 15. And I ended up marrying him because he was the only guy that paid attention to me. Needless to say that idn’t work out. Thank God.

Gene: This has the smatterings of hicktown romance.

HH: LOL. It was horrible!

Gene: You married the first guy who gave you a tumble and it turned out to be a disaster in what particular ways.

HH: He lies; he cheats. He used to try and hit me until you can only take so much and you hit back. It was a big nightmare.

Gene: He abused you.

HH: Basically.

Gene: How long did you stick it out?

HH: We were together two years after we were married. Since then I have been trying to get a divorce. But it’s not legal. Because I can’t track him down. It’s been a nightmare with this guy. That should be a warning to females. Do not marry anybody until you’re 30. LOL

Gene: And by the time you reach 30 you don’t feel like it anyway. So it don’t matter.

HH: That’s what I hear! LOL

Gene: You’re in Virginia.

HH: Charlotsville, now.

Gene: Sounds like you’ve been a small town girl.

HH: No, not really. I was born and raised in Miami.

Gene: I was trying to establish a hicktown romance scenario and you’ve gone and spolied it.

HH: Hicktown? You’re making it sound like I was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Gene: Makes for a good story.

HH: Come on!

Gene: What about Miami.

HH: I was born there and lived there a couple of years till I moved to Ft. Lauderdale. I haven’t been back there for a long time so I can’t tell you what it’s like, now.

Gene: There’s sex maniacs in Ft. Lauderdale.

HH: There’s some beautiful girls there. Can’t way to go back! I moved to the Virginia Beach are when I was about 13.

Gene: That was another one of my favorite stomping grounds.

HH: I hate it there!

Gene: Then I would assume it’s changes since I’ve last been there.

HH: It’s changed alright for the worst.

Gene: You’ve got Pat Robertson and his group smackdab right in the middle of things.

HH: There’s actually laws there. They catch you swearing on the ocean front, you get a fine.

Gene: The it’s changed.

HH: Remember when the thong song was popular? There was a girl in a bar we were at. Obviously you’re in a bar- 21 and over to get in there. A cop literally threw her out of the bar when she started the song. He said this is a family environment. What family goes to a bar? It’s gotten so bad. No one goes there any more.

Gene: That place used to be pick-up alley.

HH: it’s not any more. But I’m happier here now. It’s a bigger place. There’s a lot of colleges and good-looking girls. I’m near UVA. It’s a lot nicer here.

Gene: When was the first time you had sex?

HH: Male or female.

Gene: If it was female first let’s start with that.

HH: I met her when I was 14. That’s how I met my to-be ex husband. We were both in high school and ninth gade. We both ended up in the principal’s office. Waiting to talk to the principal we ended up talking about how we were both from Florida in the same area. We started hanging out. We started dating from there and were together for about a year. It went from there. She was a good girl. I wish I could have kept in touch with her. I don’t know what happened to her. She was my first. The first time was awkward. You don’t know what to do. You’re trying things out. But it was nice. It wasn’t how you see things nowadays. We had an established friendship. We knew things about each other.

Gene: The guy you had sex with was the guy you married? That’s always a good start.

HH: No it wasn’t! I was 15. We were together four months before that.

Gene: The first time was a disaster?

HH: It’s never the way you plan it or imagine it to be. It never works out like that.

Gene: How would you have planned it and how did it actually take place?

HH: I would have planned it with somebody else! Totally different. I would have planned romantic.

Gene: So what prompted you to marry the guy? The attention?

HH: I felt like I couldn’t do any better. He was the only one who ever paid attention to me. I felt like this is what I’m stuck with. That’s how it happened.

Gene: Along the line you became a stripper of sorts. How did that happen?

HH: That was a lot of fun. I started with the pictures and people told me there was gpood money in the stripping business. Here there’s no nude dancing. The same thing on the ocean front. I figured I’d try it. You’re not naked or anything. I gave it a shot. Unfortunately when you dance on a stage in a club you don’t make as much. You’re on your fet all night long in these hideous high heel shoes making like $50 a night fter you tip out the bartender and doorman. Then you have to worry about stalkers, people who chase you home. It got better once I got into private dancing like the bachelor parties. That was a lot better. At least I could bring security with me.

Gene: Did any of those evolve into drama?

HH: Ugh, yeah. There’s been a couple of times. Usually the people that you’re around, they’re goo natured and not out to hurt you. They’re just there for entertainment. But there have been a couple of times. I brought a new girl in who wanted to get started. She and I did a party together and everyone is wasted and having a good ol’ time. When it came time for us to leave, some more guys showed up. They missed the show and came in and got all pissed off because they mised everything and wasted their money. The bachelor’s running around in a towel. He had a good time. They cornered me and her. If I give you twenty bucks will you stay another hour? Seriously, twenty bucks. They got us in a corner. Luckily I have a thing on my cell phone. I press the button it automatically beeps on my security. He knows to come in. We got out of there pretty quick but it was a nightmare. I wasn’t scared because I knew stuff like that happened but the other girl didn’t. It happens. You got to expect this stuff to happen once in awhile.

Gene: When did your website get started.

HH: About 2 1/2 years ago. It started small as a regular site. I had all these pictures and I wanted to do something with them. I went ahead and started a members area. It took some time to build up.

Gene: How did you get the word out on yourself?

HH: There’s so many different ways. Like business cards. If you ever go to a populated place, drop some of your business cards in an elevator. You’ll see how many people would pick them up. I have friends who would do that. Making friends with a lot of other Playmates or Penthouse pets is another way. It all helps. Because it’s like a big circle. In conversation you bring up someone’s name and it goes back and forth. Word gets out from there.

Gene: Do you go to trade shows.

HH: I haven’t. I was scheduled to go to one that as out here in Virginia Beach. I think it was last year.

Gene: That one got cancelled.

HH: Everyone lost their money and they’re still trying to get it back. It was a nightmare. Everybody was so set to go. I believe there’ a lawsuit involved in that. I’m not sure about the details on that. There wasn’t going to be any live sex shows. It was a trade show. People were going to go there and have fun, get autographs, learn about products. Nothing different than an auto show where girls run around half-naked. But back to the Pat Robertson-thing. Everything is illegal here. Whenever I do videos or pictures I have to travel. I can’t do anything here. It’s completely illegal to produce any kind of pornographic material- magazines, pictyures or anything.

Gene: Welcome to family values.

HH: Yeah! But I don’t want them to push their values on me.

Gene: How is your website doing.

HH: It’s doing great! Obviously you always want it to do better, but I can’t complain. It’s kicked off really wee. I’ve gotten a lot of traffic and a lot of offers. I’ve spoken with Wicked. They wanted me to come out but I haven’t found the time to do that. So that’s a good start. The only thing about working with a big company is if people can go to them to get your image or videos, why would they come to you? That’s the thing I like about my website. I can keep everything exclusive. They have to come to me for it. That’s why I haven’t worked with the companies yet. That’s a last resort, I guess. But I’ve been thinking about it. Though it doesn’t appeal to me with things going the way they are right now.

Gene: You shoot your own stuff?

HH: Everything is exclusive to my website. I have my own stuff, my own production and directing. I also do a lot of special order stuff as well.

Gene: Customs?

HH: Yeah

Gene: R-rated?

HH: No. It’s the same thing- solo; boy-girl; girl-girl. If somebody wants something they come to me. We discuss what they’re interested in.

Gene: Who do you work with for boy-girl scenes?

HH: I have one guy that I work with. That’s it. I don’t like going from guy to guy. He’s a really good friend of mine and we live real close to each other. But he never shows his face so you’ll never know who he is.

Gene: Sexually what are your turn-ons?

HH: There’s so many. I like to be pampered- if I’m with a guy and he takes care of my needs, not just sexually but emotionally. Talking and cuddling- basically the girly crap that guys don’t like. That’s what makes me more turned on and in the mood. Other than that, nude sunbathing. There’s nothing like the feeling of laying out there naked with the oil all over you and the sun beating down on you. And knowing that people can see you. I’m an exhibitionist. Very much so.

Gene: Where would you do this?

HH: Right in my backyard.

Gene: Your neighbors must be happy.

HH: I don’t know. I’m not going to ask but I’ve seen some people looking. I like that. It makes me feel good.

Gene: What are your turnoffs?

HH: That’s a hard question. I’m not into the nasty stuff. I’m not into water sports. Disgusting. I’m not into gangbangs. I can watch it but not be part of it.

Gene: How about anal?

HH: I’m totally into it. I love it. It’s great and so much better than the other way!

Gene: A beautiful woman who loves anal is even a bigger turn-on.

HH: I was scared the first time as anybody is. But it was an adrnalin rush. It’s a great feeling. I recommend it to every woman.

Gene: With all the problems you had with investinmy breast, how did you find these guys?

HH: Last year in August I had surgery for cervical cancer. I had been saving money to get the surgery done. It cost $7,000. I didn’t have insurance at the time because I’m still going through the divorce-thing. I figured maybe I can get a little help. The people who I thought were friends, I asked for help- they downed me. But one of them mentioned the investinmybreast site. I checked it out. Everything seemed okay. That was about six months ago. I put my pictures on and my information. Little by little people were donating. It was working good.

Gene: So they put your picture on a website and guys would say she looks cutel I’ll invest in her. That’s how it worked?

HH: Yeah.

Gene: How did this all work?

HH:It’s supposed to work like this. You post some public pictures for visitors. Let’s say you came across me- I’ll help her out. I’ll thown in a hundred bucks. You go in there and you donate. As an added bonus you get to see all my “private” pictures. I had over 500 there. It was nice chunk. Once you reach your goal which you set yourself, they’re supposed to release a check to a board certified surgeon of your choice. The site was like a savings account. They hold the money until you reach your goal and release it. You could set your goal on anything. My goal was only two grand because I had the other part of it. I had already paid the surgeon the rest of it. If you had 3 dollars in there and decided that was your goal, there was no reason why you shouldn’t get it. They’re supposed to take the money out of the account they’re holding for you and write a check in your name to the plastic surgeon of your choice. It didn’t work that way. It was a nightmare.

Gene: You’re going to get the breast enhancement?

HH: On the 21st of this month. A friend of mine loaned the money to me.

Gene: So the tit story has happy endings.

HH: For me it does. But a lot of these other girls that I tried to warn and didn’t want to listen, no. They got ripped a new one too. Which is funny. My e-mails are filled from these girls wanting my help. I’m a nice person. I tried to help them before but they’re on their own, now. They didn’t want to listen.

Gene: The fact is the investment on your part was turning all these pictures over? The money was coming from guys.

HH: Right.

Gene: You’re being ripped off is the fact that you’re giving this site all thse photos.

HH: Right. They’re taking my pictures and exploiting them basically. They’re allowing people to see them. Now what’s happening is they’re giving these guys their money back. So, basically they saw my naked butt for free. I have my own website that’s dedicated to that. They have to go there to pay. Why should this be any different? And to let girls down like this- this is something that a lot of girls I know want so badly. They want to believe and for someone to rip that away is horrible and totally immoral.


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