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Heather Hamptons: Investinmybreast a “Scam”

Heather Hamptoms claims she was victimized by a site called which urges men to submit money so that girls can have breast enhancements. Once any specific goal is reached this site is then supposed to issue a check directly to a board certified physician and the girl gets her new boobies! Hamptons allegedly hit her goal when it came time for The invest in the breast people to cough up a check, Heather claims she got the run-around.

AdultFYI: How long have you been listed on this website, and when did you first realize that things might not be on the up and up.

Heather: Im not sure of an exact time frame, but I would guess roughly around 6 months ago was when I first listed myself on there. It wasnt until Jun 30th 2004, that I realized the whole thing was just a was to scam beautiful girls out of money, while exploited them at the same time. I should have known, but even the best of us want so much to believe there are actually good hearted people left in the world.

AdultFYI: Is there a fee accociated with joining? If so, how much was it?

Heather: No not exactly. Basically you just add pictures and info about yourself. Over time, people who saw the website would donate to you to help you reach your goal…..breast augmentation. Invest takes a large cut though. They take 30% of every transaction plus $.35 as well. That is how they make their money. I realized from the start that it was a bit steep, but I felt I had nothing to lose. How simple right? You post pics and info and generous people donate to your cause. It was worth a shot.

AdultFYI: I see that there is a section labeled “Private Photos.” Does this mean that the people who donate get to see “the goods?”

Heather: LOL yes in a way. As the name says, those pics are “private.” Only those who donate are allowed to view those pics. They are an added bonus. A thank you of sorts, to those who are kind enough to contribute.

AdultFYI: After a girl reaches her goal, what is supposed to happen? Do they issue you a check?

Heather: Once you reach your goal (which you yourself set) you email them and inform them. That is exactly what I did. I emailed them and told them I reached my goal, and gave them the name, address, and phone number for the board certified surgeon that wil be doing the surgery for me. They were then supposed to release the money in the form of a check, directly to my surgeon. Unfortunatly, that isn’t what happened at all. The wouldnt respond to my emails until 6 days later. (The day before the money was due to my surgeon). When they responded, all they had to say was “We are investigating fradulent activity. You’ll have to wait.” I immediatly wrote back and asked to see proof of this “fradulent activity” that they claim is happening. I knew it was a bunch of crap since the 2 men who donated to me are friends of mine, and I have seen their bank statements. Invest in my breast was already paid and it was a smooth transaction. How can someone who has been paid, claim it was fraud?

AdultFYI: Did they ever show you proof or give you a reason as to why the believe they were duped?

Heather: No, they never showed me proof. They simply said that no other girls get large donations so they have to assume that the ones I received were fradulent. (We all know what happens when you assume)

AdultFYI: Have you tried calling them to dispute this over the phone?

Heather: Yes actually I did. One of the guys who donated to me, gave me the number for Invest, that showed on his credit card statement. As soon as I hung up the phone with him, I tried calling Invest. This is what I got “the number you have dialed is no longer in service or has been disconnected.” Imagine that! Their business number didn’t work. I came to my computer and AGAIN emailed Invest. I told them I tried calling them and their number isnt valid. I asked for a way to reach them to dispute this. Since they didn’t repond and it had been days, I had no choice but to start reporting them. I spend several days and nights, calling and emailing every possible place that handles fraud. I contacted the BBB, FTC, IFCC, NCCC, FBI, Ca attorney General, the Commonwealth Attorney, the VA Attorney General, Class Action America, (their host), (who they bought the domain name from), my own Attorney, and the list goes on and on.

AdultFYI: Has there been any contact since you reported them?

Heather: Yes there has been. I finally got an email from them stating that they want me to call everything off. They said they were being bombarded by complaint emails, the website was going downhill, and these goverment agencies have been trying to reach him too. He never responded to my other emails, yet he has time to ask me to make everyone stop emailing him. Of course I wrote back refusing to do so. Why would I call everything off? He still has my money and now, he’s also taken me off of his website as well.

AdultFYI: So where do you stand now with

Heather: Since then he called me twice (in the same day) begging me to call it off. He said he was “ready to sell the damn site” because this is becoming to much to handle. Apparently he didn’t realize he actually had to pay the girl who reached their goal. Go figure! He then said he will go ahead and refund the money to the people who donated. That’s great for them but what about me? These people were allowed access to my very provocative images and are now being reimbursed. So not only did I lose out on the $2600 that was donated ($1975 after Invest takes their cut) but these donators also has free access to my nude pictures as well. I have a website dedicated to that. People have to pay to view those images on there, so why should this be any different? He didn’t seem to care. He said that was easier for him. I tried telling him that he will have to compensate me for my loss, but he had no response. I had no choice, but to call my attorney and draw up papers. I am taking him to court here in VA as well as in Ca.

AdultFYI: That sounds serious. Can you do this alone?

Heather: Yes, this is VERY serious. To make matters worse, I found out that Invest In My Breast isnt a company at all. It is run by a single, 27 year old guy,named Jami R. Luenenburg. He runs this illegal website from his home in Arroyo Grande California. He has no business license and no insurance to cover him incase something like this happened. Sucks to be him. Forynately, I have the support of several other girls from his website. The stand behind me 100%. There is a downside though. There are still several girls on that website who are being ripped off as well. Some are aware and don’t seem to care, and others don’t even know. This is why I need your help to get the word out. He is preying on the young women who wish to enhance themselves. Being that this is something most women want, it’s easy for him to do. LADIES..STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE. IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM AND YOU WILL NEVER GET THE MONEY!!

AdultFYI: Im sorry this happened to you Heather. You seem strong and very capable. I have no doubt that you will make sure justice is served. Id like to thank you for filling us in on this situation and end this interview with one final question that may lighten the mood. Is there anything new at that you would like to share with us?

Heather: LOL, there is always something new at For starters, my website has been revamped. The new look and feel has brought in many new members and fans. I have also been updating with a variety of new content. I am always getting requests for different types of pictures and videos, and since I aim to please, I try to accomodate them all. What this means is, my members area is filled with great content. everything from glamour to hardcore with some fetish in between. If you haven’t seen the all new version 2, then you’re missing out!



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