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From the Gene Files 6/4]02- A former John Wayne Bobbitt girlfriend who happened to walk away without a concussion, Brooke April will be in town this weekend for Erotica L.A. She tells us that based on an interview we did with her on this site back in January, a mainstream radio talk show host got in contact with her. “They sent me to a couple of different radio stations; they’ve been following me around.” The fact that Bobbitt also punched the lights out of his current wife made April’s story obviously even more intriguing. Brooke says she’s also wrapping up school and talked about that first.

Brooke: I’m continuously in school; that’s nothing new with me. I’m taking advanced neurodynamics. Brain function. I have a scholarship from the University in Hawaii called American Pacific. If I do well in certain levels on my thesis, I’ve already gotten approval for grant money to go on with research. I’m going to try and get my doctorate in psychology. What’s interesting is that they’re cutting out the masters’ program. In seven years it’s going to be completely eliminated from colleges and universities. No masters program. You’re going to go straight from a bachelors to a doctorate.

Gene: How do you do your course work.

Brooke: I do it in the time that they give me and then I have to take all the tests with professors that have been listed in their program or who have taught there. Just so that they know you’re the one that’s doing it, I turn in my papers and my thesis to them.

Gene: This is handled locally. It’s not like you have to fly to Hawaii.

Brooke: Yeah it’s done locally but it’s not what you call home schooling. You have deadlines. The average person takes a full load, anywhere between six to eight courses. I’m taking ten courses right now. I’m putting in a lot. I’m mostly doing school.

Gene: Now what’s this about Bobbitt.

Brooke: He came back in town and was supposed to do this celebrity fight.

Gene: But had another one instead with his current wife.

Brooke: I had all of his ex-wives and girlfriends fly out to be at the fight. And John ends up beating his wife in Vegas. They have an 8 year-old daughter that’s blind. He said he wanted to go to the pool hall; she [Bobbitt’s wife] said she wanted to go to the pool. He was going to go out and she didn’t want him to. So he turned around and ended up breaking her tailbone. He threw her down a flight of stairs and beat her up pretty good. So she called the police. Next thing I know he’s on the radio saying it was all my fault.

Gene: In what way.

Brooke: That he’s in jail because I made him look bad to women. He gets bailed out. But his probation officer isn’t told that. So he goes to L.A. Well, you’re not supposed to leave the state. So he leaves the state, comes to L.A. and spends the entire night promoting the fact that he’s in L.A. to do the fight. Then he goes to the studios downtown off of Sunset and they arrest him. They drag him back to Vegas and he goes, ‘I never left the area.’ John, you idiot. They picked you up on the lot. That’s where they arrested you.

Gene: What was he doing at the TV station.

Brooke: Promotion for the celebrity fight.

Gene: That was on Fox.

Brooke: I went there along with his ex wives. They were all there.

Gene: How many does he have in the ex category.

Brooke: He has a few girls that were fiancees. They took him to court but didn’t get any convictions. He had another one- a woman who lived in Woodland Hills. None of these women have been able to convict him of anything. I guess I’m the only one who’s been able to get him convicted. He’s been in court eight times and has only been convicted once.

Gene: This is basically for physical assault.

Brooke: Yes. So I get them all there and we started hanging around with Joey Buttafuoco. I don’t know if you watched it or night.

Gene: He wound up boxing Chyna.

Brooke: Yeah, they wouldn’t let her in. For three hours. She was at the front gate. They wouldn’t let her in because she hadn’t worked out and she lost a lot of muscle.

Gene: She didn’t look like herself.

Brooke: Yeah, she had blond hair- pigtails. And when she showed up at the gate she had a lot of makeup on. It was amazing. And she had even lost her manly voice and they were, like, lady, go away. They wouldn’t let her in; even her trainer. So they let her in about fifteen minutes before the fight. Next thing I know John is out and on the radio talking about how it’s all my fault that he couldn’t be in the fight because he’s still on probation from when I got him convicted. The reason he tells them he couldn’t go is because when he hit me I got him for two years probation in New York and five years in Nevada. So he couldn’t leave Nevada. Except he had special circumstances to leave and messed that up by hitting his wife. But he was all over the air trashing me for two days. And then went on air with some lady reporter out of Colorado where he was asking me to go out with him again because he made such a big mistake. He goes, ‘I really messed up; she was such a good porn star.’ I was like, what? He was like promoting Erotica L.A. and how he wants to be there. Like ever since then I’ve had nothing but phone calls from radio people. And that all started when that radio lady saw your write-up.



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