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Porn Valley- In an interview that was an unmitigated technical disaster for truly rotten audio, the Sports Swami had Hungarian porn actress Cynthia Pendragon on as a guest this past Friday.

Pendragon’s with L.A. Direct Models, and Swami elected to interview her from a hotel room with a tape recorder that may have been submerged in the toilet tank from the sounds of it [together with Pendragon’s European accent, we can offer only soundbites]. Swami led off with the invariable question why she went with L.A. Direct.

Pendragon said when she decided to enter the industry she was looking for an agent who would be very efficient and reliable with the resources to get her work. Pendragon said she talked to a number of people including L.A. Direct. Pendragon said L.A. Direct knew what they were doing, and in one instance she came into town for a weekend whereupon they found her four jobs. “Ever since then we’ve been working together.”

Swami asked if it helped that Hannah Harper and Ben English knew the “plight” of Europeans. “There’s a skepticism in coming to America with all the bad relations sometimes.” Pendragon said it took awhile before she met Harper and thinks she’s very sweet and compassionate. The thing about English, Pendragon said was his personality. “I trusted him and thought he was very efficient.”

Pendragon describes her working in porn as a way to release her inner demons and said it’s her way of portraying the archetypal whore. “That’s a part that I always found in real life that is hard to do because it tends to scare away most men,” she said. “It’s something to fantasize about, but, in real life, it’s hard to handle. I think I found that part of me that was very strong. That part of myself I can experience through sex movies.”

Swami points out that Pendragon has a degree in psychology. “You also went to film school in Hungary.” Pendragon corrected him saying that she went to drama school in Hungary and got her degree here. With a resume that bordered on almost normal, Swami asked Pendrago why she chose the porn industry.

“I have talent for acting in a way,” says Pendragon who conceded that there are limits to what she can do. “But I’m sexually shameless so it’s not difficult for me to step in front of the camera and act the part of myself that’s just wild and sexy and a slut. Otherwise I don’ t think I’m a very good actress.” That being the case, said Pendraon, the choice was obvious that she’d do sex movies. “Also I don’t have ambitions really to be an actor. I love directing. If anything I do want to direct one day mainstream movies but I have no ambitions to be a mainstream actor, if you wish.”

Pendragon explained that she came to America because she wants to go to film school. “I was already here when I decided to enter this [the porn] industry. I did one scene for Kris Kramski in Hungary but that was the only thing I did in terms of porn for a long, long time.” Pendragon said, being the fact that she had no intentions of returning there having entered a doctorate program, her mind was pretty much made up for her. It’s also Pendragon’s belief that the industry is dominated for the most part by the American market. Pendragon also views the Hungarians as, sexually, on the average. “In terms of the industry I think it’s better to work here than to work in Europe.”

Pendragon explained her choice of name. “I’m pretty sure it comes from the King Arthur legend,” she says. But her real reason she said is the fact that there’s a Hungarian author who wrote a book called The Pendragon Legend. “One of the characters- her name is Cynthia Pendragon. And I think I liked that name and it’s one of my favorite books.”

Swami described Pendragon as an inspiration to full-figured women. “Most girls [in porn] are teeny, tiny and pinched in the waist. You are a beautiful, busty yet healthy woman. Is that a comfort that people look up to you in that sense?”

Pendragon said she was an athlete when she was a teenager. “But I have muscles.” Pendragon mentioned that she also made the cover of a California fitness magazine, noting, however, that she wouldn’t call herself full-figured by any measure.

“If I didn’t have my boobs you would call me athletic. But because of my boobs- I’ve always been a D- everybody’s always asking what’s the deal with your boobs? They seem so natural and too good to be true.” Pendragon admits to having had medical surgery. “They had to replace parts of my breast. One of my breasts was natural; the other one isn’t, now they’re both the same.

“I don’t like skinny,” Pendragon continued, describing her tastes as it also pertains to men. “I would like to feel that the man is substantial. If he’s skinnier than me than how would I think that you’d protect me?” Pendragon’s also of the opinion that has a woman grows out of her teens it doesn’t appear natural for her to be skinny. “Beyond being a teenager it doesn’t look natural.” For that reason Pendragon said she’s very happy with her body.

Swami threw out his romance rumor linking Pendragon to some Rumanian boxer. Pendragon laughed, saying she’s entertained some serious proposals but not the one the Swami tossed into the salad. Pendragon said she has a boyfriend who’s older than her. “He’s the best lover that I’ve ever had. There’s a way in which he really needs me in every way. He understands the child in me; and intellectually he’s totally up to my challenges. He’s a great lover. He’s a trial lawyer.” Pendragon said he’s American.

Asked about her future in porn, Pendragon said she’d like to have a baby. “It’s one thing to be a starving lingerie model/student. But it’s another to do that when you have a baby,” she said. “I think I’ll work in this industry not for very long. Then I will have a baby. Then, when I get my doctorate degree, I can earn money through so-called normal means. Then I will look into directing. If I do I’ll know what paths to take for that.”

Asked if she had problems adjusting to “American,” Pendragon said she didn’t speak English until she came to this country. “I’ve been speaking it for five years or so.” Pendragon admitted it’s hard to make an adjustment. But, easier, she said, to learn curse words in English. “If I said them in my own language I would probably blush. But in English I can say whatever because I don’t have attachments to any sort of mental connections to curse words. It’s much easier to talk dirty.”


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