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A Chat with Cynthia Damage About Tiffany Mynx’s Son Performing: His Name Going to be Eddy Puss?

Already candidate for mom of the year, Tiffany Mynx brings her 18 year-old son Nate into the adult industry and is pimping for him.

Nate’s first scene was re-scheduled Saturday with Alana Evans for her website. I had a chat with Cynthia Damage [pictured] who gave me a heads up on the fact. Cynthia, a very bright woman, is married to Van Damage who was Mynx’s old boyfriend, way back in the day.

“Shame on me for writing that,” laughs Cynthia concerning the e-mail she sent me regarding all this.

“This is really disgusting. Van was horrified because this child has lived with him.”

“And to think I directed one of her first scenes,” I tell Damage. “I feel like I’ve been defiled.”

Damage says the Mynx news has been “dripping” from her walls.

“I don’t consider myself a moral authority because I don’t do pornography,” she adds.

“We’ve been together for a year and got legally married. I met Van by accident. I didn’t know who the hell he was.”

“So you’re kind of like a civilian.”

“More than kind of like,” she laughs. “I’m a financial planner.”

Damage chuckles also in the way she got “trotted out” at the AVN show in January.

“I thought it was a sociological experiment if I could infiltrate this little world,” she goes on to say.

“At first it was interesting and it is fun. The people who aren’t morons I get along really well with. But when this news came to us at first we jaw-dropped and stared at each other. I thought, wow. This is awful and so awful because she keeps breeding. She’s a got a one year-old. The second father had the smarts to remove the child from her and she keeps breeding.

“Now she’s out in Vegas. But this is not funny. This is disgusting. She’s not even a woman anymore. She’s like a bacterial virus. And somebody should do a two-time intervention.”

“And, frankly, as a woman, I’m appalled,” Damage continues.

“It makes me sick as an outsider because people treat my husband as it is like a circus animal because of what he does. And I don’t like the way people treat my girlfriends in the industry, because they’re not filthy whores. They do what they do because they have a good right to do it as per our laws and our Constitution.”

“But this kind of person [Mynx] is not indicative of the climate of the porn industry,” Damage goes on to say. “And I am truly shocked.”

I’m telling Damage that with Mynx bringing in her kid to fuck women Van has fucked this is probably getting into Old Testament genealogy.

”Then maybe he [Nate] can impregnate someone quick enough that Tiffany Mynx can grandfather in,” Damage muses.

“I don’t know Alana Evans, and I guess she has some breaking ‘em in website. You think she wouldn’t want to be there for this but Tiffany’s words were where’s my cut? She wanted to know what percentage she was getting of the shoot fee. If this is what she wants to do with her life, I’d love for everyone else to know about this and get it out of my house.”
rom the way it sounds, Mynx’s son was going to be repped by LA Direct.

“All I know was he was supposed to have a power strategy meeting with Derek,” says Damage.

“All I knew was the whole crew was waiting for this to happen Friday. Then the last thing I heard they postponed. People went out to pick up this kid at the airport and he missed the plane. So right now Tiffany Mynx is staying at the shoot house. She’s been there for a couple of days. And the son, unfortunately, has had a few major run-ins with the law. It’s so sad.

“I’ve seen pictures of this kid when he was younger. I guess some bad things have happened. I don’t know the woman and anyone who’s been married knows there’s two sides to every story. I don’t know her. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person, but as far as this goes, wow.”

“What’s his porn name going to be? Eddy Puss? This is just wrong. A mother bringing her son in is taboo.”

[But who could forget Dave Hardman’s mother, Davina, doing scenes?]

I asked Cynthia how she deals with the fact that her husband is a performer.

“It’s not easy,” she replies. “I think at first when I thought every thing out and tried to hide from him, he was such an angel and diligently pursued me. I really fell in love with him, and I am in love with him. I’m proud to be his wife. I don’t look down at what he does. But I had no way to know what I’d be in for.

“Until you’re backed up against the wall by some girl in the bathroom who goes, ‘I totally wanted to meet you. I worked with your husband today…’ You know you just told me my husband fucked you up the ass today? And you’re smiling at me and so happy to meet me. You develop a thick skin.”

“It sounds like you’ve been hanging out at Sardos,” I tell Cynthia.

“I get along really, really well with Seymour,” she replies. “I’ve been there probably five times total.”

“I think the last time I was there they had the dead body in the parking lot,” I tell Cynthia.

“I heard about that!” she roars. “And here’s where it becomes sunrise, sunset on that. Because last week they rolled the red carpet out. You got to wonder if there’s chalk underneath it!”


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