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I met Czech glamour girl Dominica Leoni on the set of Tom Byron’s – – Butt-a-Bang shoot Monday afternoon. I asked Byron what happened to Butt-a-Bing. He said it’s a prequel that has yet to be shot. “I’m shooting out of sequence- like Quentin Tarantino,” says Byron. Byron always being the generous provider of pertinent information, I then asked Dominica about taking it in the butt. She said the first time she ever tried it was on film and wound up doing four anal scenes that day. I asked her what hurt more, her ass or the fact that Czech girls get a day rate no matter how many scenes they shoot. Dominica thinks she got something like $500 to do those four scenes. No ass could hurt as much.

Gene: How long have you been in the business.

Leoni: Five years. I started when I turned 19. I started as a dancer when I was 16.

Gene: Don’t you have to be a certain age to be a dancer.

Leoni: You have to be 18 to take off your top, but you can be 15 to dance on the stage.

Gene: What were you like growing up.

Leoni: I was quiet. But when I got in high school. I was so bad. I skipped school a lot.

Gene: What were you skipping school to do.

Leoni: I went to my doctor to get an excuse to skip school. Then I’d go with my friends- half of my class sometimes- to drink beer.

Gene: Must have been a busy doctor. So when was the first time you had sex.

Leoni: I was 15. With four guys.

Gene: God bless you. How did that happen.

Leoni: At the time I had boyfriend and he wanted to have sex with me. But I was scared to have sex and he broke up with me. And I got pissed, got drunk and had sex with four guys. Then I had sex with his best friend a week later.

Gene: You made sure you did enough guys so they could all tell the story.

Leoni: Yes.

Gene: So that got you started.

Leoni: Yes. After that I started having sex with different guys every day. I did that for two or three months. Then I’d have a boyfriend for a couple of months. Then I’d go back to having sex with different guys every day. I’d have relationships for three or four months.

Gene: How did you actually get into the porn business.

Leoni: I met a photographer while I was stripping. He introduced me to some people. I met this one producer and I started.

Gene: I take it you do a lot of traveling.

Leoni: I’ve been to Germany, France- a lot of countries. Actually I own two travel agencies back home along with an advertising agency And I own a plane.

Gene: Sounds like you do loads of anal scenes.

Leoni: And a lot of d.p.s I can’t be in porn forever, and I don’t want to work.

Gene: When was the first time you were over here.

Leoni: In 1999. The first time I was for 10 days and worked a lot.

Gene: What was it like the first time you tried anal.

Leoni: Actually it was my first day of work. I did four anal scenes.

Gene: In one day?

Leoni: Actually I did it one other time before that but I was drunk and don’t remember too much about it. It was like for a minute or two but that doesn’t count.

Gene: These four scene were with four different guys?

Leoni: Yes. The first scene I was oooooooooooooh. The second one was fine. By the time I got to the fourth I didn’t even feel it! LOL. I think I had a couple of shots of Jack Daniels.

Gene: I never heard that being done.

Leoni: I’m sure a lot of Czech girls will tell you the same story.

Gene: How did you walk after that.

Leoni: It wasn’t difficult. But it was weird. It hurt the next day.

Gene: Who’s your favorite guy to work with?

Leoni: Mario Romano. I know he’s my favorite.

Gene: When was the first time you had a girl?

Leoni: I was 15. She was my girlfriend. Then she got pregnant and got married.

Gene: I take it this was after you two had sex.

Leoni: She didn’t have the baby with me!

Gene: I would imagine. So how did this happen.

Leoni: She made the move. because she had experience with girls before. We started kissing each other on the face. Then one day it just happened. I loved her, though.

Gene: Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex.

Leoni: At a dance club on the stairs outside.

Gene: So you don’t mind doing it in public.

Leoni: In Czech I don’t care. But here I wouldn’t do it.

Gene: Why is that.

Leoni: I don’t want to get deported!



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