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Conversations with Tai Ellis; There’s a Vince Neil SexTape Out There Somewhere

Porn Valley- Tai Ellis is a strawberry blond MILF-type who apparently had some cause to fornicate with Vince Neil.

Evidently there’s a tape of it, and that’s pretty much all Ellis would say on that subject. I spoke to Ellis at Star World Modeling this week,

Ellis is a natural strawberry blond.

“And I can prove it,” she smiles. And I must be losing a beat, because I didn’t take Ellis up on her offer. Ellis came into the business the end of 2006.

“I never really had the confidence to do it,” she says. “I always wanted to. And I got to the point where I figured I better do it before I got too old.”

Before that, Ellis says her most recent job was being a deputy with the sheriff’s department in Phoenix.

“I was Sheriff Joe’s bodyguard for three years.” Not being up on my sheriffs, I ask Ellis who is this guy.

“Tent city, pink underwear, chain gangs,” Ellis replies as if that’s enough information to forge the links of an identification or conversation.

“I guess I should be Googling more,” I tell Ellis having no clue of what the fuck she’s talking about.

“I take it Sheriff Joe’s kind of famous in that neck of the woods.”

“He’s pretty well known nationwide,” continues Ellis.

“Unless he’s had a reality show done about him, I never heard of him,” I confess to Ellis.

“He’s had offers,” she says, noting that Sheriff Joe’s gimmick of the tents and making his inmates paint their cells pink has garnered him some notoriety.

“He makes them paint it pink because pink makes men less manly,” says Ellis. “There’s no coffee, no condiments with your food; he makes inmates live in tents out in the desert in 110 degree heat. He says if the military can do it, the inmates can, too.

“Are you a badass as well?” I ask Ellis.

“I’m a marshmallow,” she replies. Asked how she wound up being a sheriff’s deputy, Ellis explains that she started off in nursing school.

“I was working as head of security for American Express at the time,” she explains. “I got myself on a Med flight helicopter, met the guy who flew the helicopter and talked me into going into the academy. I came out of the academy, worked lake patrol- pair of shorts and a jet ski- that was real hard. I never once did any kind of traffic. I was also a decoy for felony warrant searches. Then I picked up the gig with the Sheriff.”

Ellis explains.

“You go into a bad neighborhood- everybody’s outside because it’s quite warm,” she continues. “A lot of times I’d pull up in a real flashy car with a toggle switch that would kill the engine. I’d get out in a tank top and a T-shirt…”

“In other words, you were the hot babe diversion…”

“Everyone would come out and help me fix the car while they’d go in the back door, get who they needed and we’d go. I used to be able to kick doors in in 4-inch stilettos.”

After which Ellis moved to California to get away from her ex husband who was in the music industry.

“I didn’t know if he’d be a stalker or not,” she says. “California has great stalking laws. Then I found out my worries weren’t really warranted. Then I was working in accounting doing some temp jobs. I thought to myself I need to try something really different. So I went through my list of things I haven’t done yet and sat down with my teenage daughter that this [porn] is what I want to do. She said when do I get my iPod? My first movie was for Blue Moon.”

Ellis did some research on the Internet to make the necessary connections and introductions to porn.

“After researching my risks in doing this I said what the heck- I’ll try it at least once,” Ellis continues. “If I didn’t like it at least I did it once.”

“So you were one of these people who made a list of things you’d like to do in your life and did them?”

“Yeah, it was a project as a senior in high school,” Ellis answers. “It was like the movie The Bucket List except I did it when I was 18.”

Along the way, Ellis had a few daredevil occupations.

“I still have a short list of things I haven’t done yet,” she smiles. It’s pointed out to Ellis that beyond porn and taking it in the ass, there’s not a few things more outrageous.

“I’m just starting my music career,” she explains. “I’m working with a few people that are old school musicians that used to play with some bigger name bands. Basically it’s a list of people I met following my ex husband around through the music industry. I have a producer, a promoter, an industry attorney. The funniest thing is I get nervous singing on a stage but I can have sex in front of a roomful of people and a camera. I think that’s because music is more of a personal thing to me.”

“And I just started doing karaoke three nights a week,” she adds. “I have 27 songs that have been written and I’m working on a few things with some people who are putting music to my words. And I’m going to start doing some duet-stuff probably before the middle of March and do some live shows.”

According to Ellis, her first time in front of the camera wasn’t as intimidating as she thought it would be.

“It was a job,” she states. “Yeah, we had our clothes off and were having sex. Then somebody said cut and we were talking normal, water cooler talk and who’s dating who and what we were going to have for lunch. It was made very comfortable. And so the second movie came along. Had it been an uncomfortable situation, it might have been difficult. But I put myself through college as a topless dancer so it wasn’t that big of a stretch.”

Ellis is asked if the topless dancer occupation wouldn’t have come back and bit her in the ass while being a sheriff’s deputy.

“I don’t think it ever really came up,” she says. Putting herself through school, Ellis claims a Ph.D in religious studies with a minor in psychology.

“And I do porn,” she laughs.

“With all due respect, you have one of the most fucked up resumes I’ve ever heard in my life,” I tell Ellis.

“I’ve had people say somebody ought to write the story on my life,” Ellis answers. “I’m mid Sixties era born.”

Ellis was born in Da Nang, Vietnam. Her father was a ballistics expert in the military and her mother was an AP reporter. Ellis was air evacuated in 1972 to Germany and she subsequently moved to Florida, Hawaii and Ft, Leonard Wood “in the middle of nowhere”.

“They call it lost in the woods,” she says.

Ellis is the only girl out of nine children. Her father, she says, was very much into the hippie lifestyle and so sex was never a taboo for her. Still, she didn’t have sex until she was over 18.

“I had a lot of guy friends- it was just something that really wasn’t important,” she says. “I had my own apartment and had been dating the same guy since I was probably a sophomore in high school. I just decided that I had needs and took care of it.”

Although she had been with her boyfriend for a couple of years prior, Ellis says sex had never been a big issue because she was such a tomboy.

“We fixed cars together, we raced cars- it was kind of a farm-type lifestyle.”

Ellis has been doing mostly MILF movies and interracial with a lesbian gangbang thrown in here and there.

“I’ve done a reverse bukkake,” she adds. “I did that one with Michelle Aston and Annie Body. Michelle and I held Annie above our heads and she squirted all over a guy. That got us the name The Wrecking Crew. After that I did a bisexual movie. That was the first time I got to do a guy with a strap-on. That was a lot of fun. It was for Bi Bi American Pie 14.”

In between her porn gigs Ellis went to work for Dr. Susan Block.

“I basically ran the studio and all the administrative-stuff and performed on the shows,” she notes. In June, Ellis slowed down when her daughter went into the hospital for a month.

“Everything’s good- she’s out,” comments Ellis who also attended the AEE convention last week.

“That was my first time and I met a lot of people,” she observes. “There was a lot of walking and my note for next year is that I’m not doing the concrete floor in heels. I am going to wear my Ugs like a lot of the other girls.

“It’s exactly one mile from the first walkway of The Venetian to the convention floor. We did measure that out. Next time I get myself a golf cart or one of those two-wheel things the mailmen ride on now.”

“But I did come home, and it took me about a day to rest and recoup. I woke up and it was like my brain wouldn’t connect. All I could accomplish was laundry and grocery shopping. The day after that I woke up and still had a bit of a cough. But I take my vitamins regularly and exercise regularly. Everything’s back to normal.”

Sexually, Ellis says she’d like to do somebody in the back of a convertible in a grocery store parking lot on a Sunday morning after church.

“But that’s just me!” she laughs.

“Otherwise I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of the things I’ve fantasized about in the movies I have done.”

Ellis is also branching out into fetish.

“I want to do a movie where I get to squish my feet into food,” she says. “I’m a foot hedonist, but I’m not a foot fetishist. I love my feet to be played with. Then, again, I like my whole body massaged. I’m a girl.”

Ellis rarely wears shoes to begin with.

“I like to feel the grass under my feet. And if I can find a mud puddle, there’s nothing like soft, squishy mud between your toes.”


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