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Porn Valley- The other week I had a chat with Elektra, a new girl to the DK, stable. Elektra who’s spelling her name like the character in the movie got into the business largely through Taryn Thomas, a buddy of hers. At the time I spoke to her, Elektra hadn’t shot anything as yet [a condition which I’m sure has changed] and she had just arrived in town from Texas. The only other time Elektra had been in L.A. was to go to Six Flags and Venice Beach, she tells me.

Dancing’s not in her resume, and Elektra features black hair and light green eyes on her 5′ 5″ frame. She’s good friends with Thomas. “She thought I’d be really good at it [porn] and I enjoy having sex so I figured why not,” says Elektra who lived for a time in Arizona where Thomas hails from.

“I grew up in Texas until I was about 15 and then I moved to Arizona for seven years. About a month ago I moved back to Texas. But we were good friends through an office job we had together.” Asked if Thomas had told her any horror stories about the business, Elektra said it’s been all good. “That’s why I’m here. We’ll see how it goes.”

Elektra’s pretty honest about liking the sex on screen-for-money angle. “Why do it all the time for free.”

She grew up a tomboy and played soccer for about six years. “That was from the time I was ten. Then I started having sex and my soccer career went down the drain.” The first time was with a guy she went to high school with. “We were together for almost a year then we had sex.” I asked Elektra what were the magical words that spread her soccer legs. “We always messed around to the fullest extent, then one night we both couldn’t take it any more.”

I asked her to define messing around. “I sucked his dick all the time,” she replied.

“So basically you were an eighth grade cock sucker,” I mention to Elektra. She giggles. “I was 13 then waited until I was at least 14 to have sex.” Thank God for restraint. I asked where she learned to suck cock.

“It’s something I like to do,” she said. “In fact it’s my favorite thing to do. It comes from my mom, actually. Because my mom is kind of kinky.”

“Did you ever catch your mom sucking cock?” I ask innocently. Elektra said no and I asked how she knew her mom was kinky, then. “She tells me all about her sex life,” says Elektra. I speculate that her mom could get into porn with that kind of attitude. Elektra says she’s Forty as if to say forget about it. But as you might expect from the comments, Elektra’s parents weren’t strict with her. “As long as I told them what I was doing.”

Elektra, who does anal, found it uncomfortable at first. “After that I enjoyed it.” The lucky guy was someone she was seeing from school. “And I was cheating on my boyfriend with this guy,” she explains. “I’d come over to talk to him and we’d have sex. One day we were out by the pool having sex. And he just put it in. We were outside the pool. It was night time.”

“Did he tell you what he was going to do or did he take you by surprise?” I asked.

“He just kind of did it and I kind of went with it,” she answers. “Ever since then I’ve got to have it now and then. Sometimes I can’t get off without it.” But before she does it in front of the camera, Elektra says she wants to sort things out a little. “Eventually I’ll probably do it.”

A few weeks ago Elektra tried something she never did before- having sex with a guy in a club, people around.

“He was sitting on a chair and he told me to sit on his lap,” she relates. “There were like tables all around us. We started kissing and then he pulled down my pants and he pulled down his pants.” Elektra explains that it was an after hours club. “It’s normally a strip club but from four in the morning until eight at night it’s a bar.”

Elektra swears there was a whole bunch of people milling about while the guy was banging her.

“They were looking at us. People were sitting three feet away. I started laughing. He started laughing. I was, like, everybody’s seeing us. He said who cares. It was pretty obvious because I was bouncing on his lap. I was, like, everybody’s staring. I can’t do this. Then we went out to the truck. But you could see us in there, too.”


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