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Conversations with Faye Valentine; Valentine: “I naturally migrate to Jerry’s”

Porn Valley- I’m introduced to Faye Valentine, in, of all places, Jerry’s Deli in Woodland Hills. Brian, aka Plus One, makes the introductions.

Valentine, who’s 18, is from Pahrump, Nevada and made the move out here a couple of months ago to be in the industry. Valentine was discovered at a wedding in Pahrump- by a guy who recruits for Dick Nasty’s Absolute Modeling, He gave her his card.

“This guy said you could make a lot of money doing it,” she recalls. “Then I moved out here.”

“That sounds really screwy,” I tell her.

“I know- that’s what everybody says,” she laughs. “At a wedding? I didn’t know the guy. He was friends with the bride and I knew the bride. I asked her is this guy for real? Is he legitimate? So I put it off for awhile thinking I can’t do that. Then my other job [she was a recptionist at a printing company] fell through and I said, yes I can.

“It was a small company,” she continues. “There were cutbacks and they were going bankrupt, basically. So that was the final thing, the last straw. I kept putting my decision off not knowing if I could do it.

“I didn’t even meet or speak with Dick Nasty until I was out in California,” she adds. “Porn is a lot different than I thought it would be. I didn’t know about tests, and it’s so business-like. That’s what convinced me. And then there’s the money I would make.”

So Valentine and her then-boyfriend drove out to California. But the relationship ended quickly.

“Funny thing,” she says. “Everyone said it’s not going to work. I said sure it will. It didn’t. He wanted to go back after the first couple of days that we were out here. He’s, like, now that I know you’re safe, I want to go back. We as a couple planned on getting our own place and move back to Vegas. One day I decided I don’t want to do that. I want to do this and I can’t if I’m back in Vegas. I told him that, and he’s, like, well, I’m not going to leave my life behind so you can do this. He ended up going back but still wanted to be together. I said we can’t have a relationship if we’re in two different states. So this is kind of in the process of fizzling out right now. I told him let’s take a break and he said, no, I’ll come back. I told him don’t come back.”

According to Valentine, they had been together only three or four months, although she’s known him since she was 15.

Growing up, Valentine admits she had little sexual experience. She only lost her virginity last year.

“I must have been a closet nymph,” she laughs. “The problem was guys didn’t approach me. I was like one of the only girls who didn’t go to the prom.”

“So you didn’t get asked to the Pahrump prom?”

“No,” she laughs. “I did not go to the Pahrump prom. I think that’s what drove me into the business!” On her prom night, Valentine worked her job as a receptionist in a restaurant. She was bummed out about it.

“Like all my other co-workers came into the restaurant in their pretty, pretty dresses, with their pretty, pretty hair,” she described. “And I was in my work clothes.”

“You’ll have the last laugh because you’re going to make the kind of money they’re never going to see,” Valentine’s told.

“This is true,” she says. “But a lot of them are self-righteous. You do PORN? Yeah, I do porn. They don’t see it as I do.”

Her folks also know about her career.

“That was the hardest thing for me,” she said. “When I started doing it, I decided I liked it. It was fun but it was hard because I had to lie to my parents about why I was out here. I told them, oh, it was my boyfriend’s band and stuff. Then rumors started going around through my high school that I was doing porn. It’s a small town. My parents would be, like, you’re living in the notorious porn capital? And I would be, like, no, mom, of course not. Never! Then one day my mother asked are you doing it? I said, yes, I am. And I’m happy doing it. At first she freaked out and cried. She’s, like, what did I ever do to have you do this? But I gave them some time to cool off, and now they’re completely fine with it.”

According to Valentine, she only got laid the first time just to have sex and get it over with.

“I was ready and he was the first guy,” she states. “He was the first guy to show interest. Okay, I’m ready. It didn’t turn out great. It was in his house which was being remodeled and we were laying on plywood. It wasn’t good at all.”

“Sex is never good laying on plywood.”

“I’ve come to notice that,” she replies. “I try to stay away from plywood, now.”

valentine’s first scene in front of the camera was a b-b-g with Talon and Sascha.

“I loved my first scene so much,” she says. “I did it for Anabolic. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve always wanted to be with two guys. I didn’t know who they were before the scene. It was, like, hello guys. The scene was crazy but fun, though. I had to be blindfolded for awhile, too, which was a little tricky. But they were really nice. Except I said I don’t want to do anal- and I don’t do it- but there was an anal accident. It slipped in. It was Talon. It was completely and totally an accident. He was standing up and holding me. And we were just really sweaty. He’s bouncing me up and them back down and it hit that spot.

“But I loved my first scene,” she continues. “I loved working with those guys.”

No anal, yet, she adds. “At least not on camera- I’ve done it off camera and it’s hurt every single time. But since I’ve come into this business I’ve been told you’re not supposed to just shove it in there.”

Asked how she got to meet Brian, Valentine said it was at Jerry’s.

“It’s an amazing place,” she says. “We were just sitting and ended up talking. One of his friends started talking to a friend of mine and we all started talking and the business of being in porn came about.”

“Jerry’s is the true porn capital of the world,” I tell Valentine. “I run into more people from the business over there than anywhere.”

“That’s perfect,” said Valentine. “Because I naturally migrate to Jerry’s. I wake up in the morning and I’m just thinking about it.”


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