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Florida- I spoke with Filthy Frank this afternoon. Frank, best known for Lord Perious Ent. and the Filthy Frank porn series and having done time in a Club Fed on a tax rap, is now in a halfway house. He awaits release in January. Everything’s fabulous with Frank who likes it so much in Florida now that he doesn’t he want to consider going back to Chicago where he’s from. Frank got released last month from the federal prison at the Maxwell Airforce Base, in Montgomery, Alabama.

I asked if there was a going away party. He laughed. As a matter of fact, yes, he said. “They dumped a bucket of ice water on my head, fixed up some burritos and tuna fish sandwiches- stuff we could cook out of our lockers. They had a going away party and I got the fuck out of there. I went down to Ft. Myers and settled into a halfway house.”

Comparing prison to the halfway hpouse, Frank says he’ll take prison. “I don’t know why I didn’t stay in prison,” he says. This is a Salvation Army halfway house. We’re mixed in with everybody. We got the homeless; we got the retarded; we got the handicapped. We got all kinds of shit.” I suggested with that type of mixed populace, Frank could start his own adult industry. “I’ve already given it the eye figuring what type of movie I could make out of it,” he says. “I’m just trying to figure out a name. But this is a fun experience, let me tell ya.” Frank says he’s in till January 8th. “After I get out I’m hoping to get back into the fuckin’ business and get things rolling. I meeting with some people coming up this weekend. I’m hoping that I’m going to start going a few Filthy Frank things down here before January. Maybe get something to hit the streets by January.”

As it is, Frank says he has a pretty decent probation officer. “He’s a decent guy but I don’t know how liberal he’s going to be to let me travel. But I’m going to see if I can’t be at AVN in January. We’ll see what happens with that. The deal is you’ve got to kiss these guys asses and let them feel that you’re trustworthy and aren’t going to take off and leave the country. Once you do that you’re good to go and they’re pretty liberal about letting you travel. So I’m hoping that I can starting to hit the road again.”

I asked Frank about the rumor which I heard that he might sell Lord Perious to Victoria Givens. “I’m not sure what happened to be honest with you,” he comments. “Before I went away I made arrangements with my partner [J.P. Marchetti] at the time to handle the Lord Perious company and take care of its affairs. Whatever it is he worked out with Bill and Victoria I’m not sure. That’s one of the things I’m trying to get caught up with. The Lord Perious-thing, in my opinion, was never the thing that turned me on, anyways. J.P.’s forte and entire line of interest was in the feature movies. Although I ran the company, it wasn’t what I thought was the best market for us. The thing that sold the most for us and did the best for us was the Filthy Frank stuff. Whatever happens with Lord Perious is something I wash my hands of.”

But Frank is very definite about reactivating the Filthy Frank line again and start recruiting amateur girls. He’ll remain based out of Florida. “There’s a lot of young, innocent girls that are in search of a good career, and I can give them an opportunity to have a nice career path,” he chuckles.

Franks has done a total of 22 months. “But it was split up- I did part of it, then I got out for a little while,” he continues. “And I was making movies for a little while, then I had to go back in again.” it’s suggested that that’s a very strange set up. “The whole thing was very strange,” he roars. “It was an extemely unusual situation but I ended up doing 22 months.” From what I had heard, I tell Frank that it sounded like a very complicated set of affairs involving taxes and his failure to pay them. “It had to do with insurance,” he explains. “It had to do with financial institutions and there were a lot of political figures that were involved with it,” he adds. “And so the outcome was a lot of people getting indicted, me being one of them. It had to do with contracts and the way the contracts were written and various public entities and that’s what I got hung up for. It was a situation where I wrote contracts for those people and did it in a way that was favorable to me and my business associates. Except my business associates looked at it, like, holy shit, this is a faucet and the money’s running out the faucet. So they got a little carried away- myself included and that’s when they got me for tax evasion. That was really all they could get me on.”

Frank said when he wrote contracts he left them extremely vague on purpose. “It was difficult for them to prove anything about any kind of illegal activities associated with the contracts. However, the end result was that a lot of money came out of there.” Frank laughs at the notion of creative financing. “It was extremely creative,” he agrees. “There’s always a way to find an interesting approach to doing business no matter what kind it is, especially in the insurance business when it’s the insurance peoples’ goal in life to confuse the shit out of the buyer and keep them confused.”

Frank said he was doing just that. “It was a creative way of putting together some contracts to keep people interested in the possibility of saving a lot of money,” says Frank. “But in the long run it was intended for me to make a lot of money!”


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