Conversations with Jocelyn Pink

We had the opportunity of chatting Tuesday with the lovely Jocelyn Pink on the set of Filthy Old Farts. Pink is with and has been in the business about four months.

Gene: How’d you get into the business

JP: My content provider said I liked it way too much and that I ought to go to L.A. So here I am. I was doing still photos and moved into amateur video. But they weren’t released because I asked my Internet provider not to when I decided to come down here so I could get all the first stuff out here. I like it.

Gene: Know anyone to make contact here?

JP: No, I didn’t.

Gene: So you just took a chance

JP: Yeah.

Gene: How’d you hook up with Dick Nasty.

JP: I was with another agent and I met him on a set. I let him know that I was having problem with my other agent.

Gene: I find that so surprising especially in this business.

JP: He gave me his card. We went out to dinner that night and next day he had me working it was great.

Gene: Working a lot?

JP: Yeah, he gets me a lot of work.

Gene: Why’d you decide to do this?

JP: I like it!

Gene: Dance?

JP: About four months altogether. But what I didn’t like about it was the hustling men-part. Sex is more fun.

Gene: What made you decide and try that.

JP: I was an office manager and I had a girlfriend that danced. I don’t know. Office managing was pretty boring. And I’m kind of an exhibitionist. So l I went to the club and got hired.

Gene: Did you have to audition?

JP: At this club they take you in the back and have you strip down. They look you over. They tell you you’re hired or not. So even if you can’t dance you got to learn really quick!

Gene: You had to have been terrified the first time.

JP: Oh, yeah. It was a disaster. I fell on my face. I fell off the pole.

Gene: Guys don’t give a shit.

JP: As long as she’s naked.

Gene: Office manager by day, stripper by night. Anyone in the office find out.

JP: No one cared.

Gene: What were you like growing up.

JP: I was pretty wild.

Gene: Obnoxious?

JP: Maybe. LOL I was popular in high school but as I started junior high I was very unpopular. But it got better.

Gene: Was it because you became more sexual.

JP: I wasn’t very sexual then. My first time was around 14, 15.

Gene: Well, that’s pretty sexual. A boyfriend at the time?

JP: Yeah, and I ended up with him for six years so that was okay. We did it in a barn, rolling around in the hay.

Gene: That’s the first barn story I’ve heard. With all the smells and everything.

JP: Well, I had hay up my ass!

Gene: That was going to be my next question.

JP: It felt great!

Gene: You mean hay up the ass?

JP: No, not really.

Gene: How about anal.

JP: I just started doing anal.

Gene: Talked into it?

JP: No, I’ve done it in my personal life. I enjoy it.

Gene: What was it like the first time. This wasn’t the barn was it?

JP: No. It kind of hurt at first then I kind of liked it a lot.

Gene: Was this the same guy.

JP: No, this was a different guy.

Gene: You mean the other guy spent six years and didn’t get in your ass.

JP: No, he did eventually. Actually last year.

Gene: I root for the people who hang in there.

JP: He was pretty large so I was scared of it for awhile.

Gene: You say you’ve been doing this for four months. Were you nervous the first time in front of a camera.

JP: Nervous for about two minutes. Then I got into it. I didn’t even know what a reverse cowgirl was.

Gene: Many critics don’t know either, but that’s okay.

JP: I’m sure it’s going to be funny watching that.

Gene: You haven’t seen it.

JP: I haven’t. I was working with Ed Powers.

Gene: What’s your favorite position.

JP: Doggie. If I do anal, it’s also doggie.

Gene: You do girls?

JP: Yes.

Gene: How about your first time.

JP: I was probably about 16. It was my best girl friend. I took her on a first date with me with a guy I liked.

Gene: It was a threeway.

JP: Yeah! LOL.

Gene: You had this in your mind that you were going to try it.

JP: No, actually it was all spontaneous.

Gene: How did this develop.

JP: He went to tinkle. I looked at her and I said I think he thinks he’s going to get something from both of us. She said I think so to and said let’s give him something to look at. And it went from there.

Gene: More guys have lost girls that way by going to take a piss.

JP: He came back and jumped in the mix.

Gene: It started with you and her and became a threeway.

JP: Yes. It was fun.

Gene: Did you continue to see her.

JP: She’s my best friend. And we still are.

Gene: How about friends, family. Do they know you’re in the business?

JP: Yup. Friends do, family doesn’t.

Gene: How were you raised.

JP: My family was good. They were lenient yet strict- a happy medium.

Gene: How do you like the business so far.

JP: I like it a lot! It’s fun on set.

Gene: Some girls start exploring themselves when they’re like five. How about you.

JP: Oh, gosh, no. Maybe when I was 12 and started going through puberty.


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