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Porn Valley- I had a great chat with Kinzie Kenner,, Tuesday night. Kenner, who’s Chef Jeff’s main squeeze, talks about coming back into the business after a year’s hiatus. Today she works with Mr. Pete for New Sensations. And, besides that, Kinzie had some very interesting things to talk about including a father that I began calling Tony Soprano…

Gene: I understand you’re doing your first scene in over a year.

KK: Yeah, for New Sensations and Mr. Pete. I think it’s for one of Mr. Pete’s Finally Unleashed movies. It’s pretty exciting. It’s pretty cool.

Gene: What have you been doing in the year that you weren’t working. And what brought you back in.

KK: I kind of took a break for awhile and was basically working on a website I used to have called I took some time to work on that but it didn’t work out the way I planned. I had the whole webmaster screw over that happens to a lot of the girls. I had to deal with that. I was shooting basically solo and girl-girl stuff because I had a regular job on the side where I did makeup. And I’ve been professionally dancing my whole life- go-go dancing. I’ve been doing things like that to keep busy and keep a steady paycheck. I love to perform in front of the camera and put on a show, so it was, like, time for me to start doing boy-girl again. I’m ready to do it. Before I didn’t do it the right way. I didn’t have the right agent and it was the wrong time for things. But now I think I’m ready.Gene: How did this gig work out for Mr. Pete.

KK: My agent Joey [Serio] asked me for a list of people that I would be interested working with. I gave him my list and I’ve worked with Mr. Pete before. And so I was comfortable with him. The last time I worked with him was fun. I was surprised because he’s young and most of the male talent is older. He’s young and hip looking. He was one of my first scenes ever. I was still pretty fresh. It was for Young As They Cum #2 which was Red Light District. He was fun to work with. That’s why I put him on my list again.

Gene: You mentioned having some past problems with agents.

KK: My old agent James- I was with him when I first got into the industry. He was pretty much hiring me out to anybody in the industry. It was the whole scenario where you show up to a shoot and don’t know what’s going on. You’re told one thing and they expect something else. The whole thing’s hectic, and I didn’t like being deceived so I thought I’d take a break from that. I had only been working about two weeks, so, all in all, I’ve only done about ten boy-girl scenes. I’m fairly new, still, so people are treating me like brand new talent which is cool. Actually I got into the industry February of last year. But I’ll take breaks because I don’t want to shoot myself out. I want to be around for awhile. I don’t want to get in for the money and just shoot, shoot, shoot. I want to build a career out of it.

Gene: How did you and Chef Jeff meet?

KK: I was on his show a year and a half ago when I first started. But not with my first agent- my second agent which was Tim from Naughty Modeling.

Gene: You go through a lot of agents.

KK: I’ve had three. Joey’s the best one. I found this out. I work in the office with him so I trust him.

Gene: Okay so Tim the leprechaun was your agent at the time you were on the show.

KK: The Lucky Charms guy! I met Jeff through the show and I’ve been on his show a couple of times after that. He just called me up one night to go out to dinner. It was supposed to be with him and one of his other friends as well. But his friend cancelled. So it was me and him. From there we started dating, now I live with him.

Gene: What was the selling point where you finally decided I’m going to live with this guy.

KK: He doesn’t seem like the typical porn male out there.

Gene: What’s the typical porno male in your opinion?

KK: I don’t know. People that think you’re just a dumb porno chick and don’t have any brains basically. He saw that I have education and I’ve been places and I’ve been on my own since I was 16. He appreciated that. He could look past the whole, I walk around in g-strings all day.

Gene: Did you guys hit it off after the first time out together.

KK: Yeah. Every time I was out there were were chatting. I liked his personality and wanted to get to know him better. We got along really well and always laughed and had a good time and we were kind of dorks together. So that worked out, good.

Gene: Have you experienced much drama in this industry.

KK: So far it’s been pretty good. I’ve had some problems with my old webmasters because I did a site for them. I was very loyal to them and never got paid. A lot of people have experienced that. The only real drama I’ve had was with my first agent. I’m a very observant person so I sit back and I watch how things unfold so I know the things not to do and who not to associate myself with and things like that. I think I’ve played it safe so far and hope to keep doing that.

Gene: What prompted you leaving the house at the age of 16.

KK: I wasn’t a bad kid or anything like that. It was my dad. He had a gambling problem. He’s a chronic gambler and I’m Italian so it runs in the blood. My mom decided to leave him one day. I was, like, it was the best thing for her and I wasn’t really mad. Most kids are really affected by it, but I was, like, this is the best thing for my family. It’s ironic, but after that, my family grew closer. Not my mom and my dad but I finally got closer to my mom and spent time with my sister. It was the best thing to happen. I’ve moved probably 15 times in two years. I’ve been on my own since 16 and I’ve always worked really hard. I’ve worked for everything that I have.

Gene: It sounds like you don’t stay in any one place.

KK: Not by choice! Usually, it’s like something will happen and I’ll have to move. But it’s always been in California. I’ve only moved out of California one time and that was for six months. I’m California born and raised.

Gene: This is no army brat-thing I take.

KK: No. Just pretty much Italian-Mafia family type of thing.

Gene: Are you kidding with that or is that for real.

KK: No, it’s true.

Gene: So you’re in The Sopranos here.

KK: Not that extensive. LOL. But we’ve definitely moved in the past due to some issues. We’ve cleared town because of my dad getting into some trouble or what not, owing people money- the typical things.

Gene: But if he’s with the mob, people should be owing HIM.

KK: He was like the bad mobster. The one that everyone was after. The sleazy one. The shady one behind peoples’ back. People came after him.

Gene: Did you find yourself getting drawn into the drama, or were you kept aloof as the princess.

KK: Not really a princess. It was kind of weird. My sister and my brother- they’re Jeff’s age. They’re older than me by 12 years so I was kind of like the only child because they moved out early. I was always in a dance class. That’s how I found my release. I was always going to dance class finding some way to stay in class to not be around the family and do my own thing. That’s where I found my out so I was not really around all of it. I saw some of it so I kind of secluded myself. But I knew that wasn’t the place to be.

Gene: Is your older brother in the mob?

KK: No, actually he’s an interesting one. He used to do a lot of drugs. He’s recovered and has been clean for a long time and is really good now. He had a bad childhood because he included himself in what my dad was doing. It affected him in a bad way. Unfortunately he didn’t get out like I did.

Gene: I’ve had a bit of experience knowing a few people from S. Philly and Trenton.

KK: My dad’s from Cleveland.

Gene: Maybe he knew a lot of he porn guys from Cleveland.

KK: He probably did. He’s always had collections. My first nudie magazines I ever saw were my dad’s pornos under the sink in the bathroom. It’s weird because I’ve always been super sexual in that way. I got caught making out with girls when I was in second grade.

Gene: Good for you.

KK: I kind of fell into this industry in a good way. Who knows what kind of trouble I would get into if I weren’t. LOL.

Gene: Did you have clue what what you were doing at that age.

KK: It was really weird because the first time I ever had sex with a girl was between second and fourth grades.

Gene: Was this getting naked sex?

KK: Full on. I went down on her and everything. I didn’t know how I knew what to do. I don’t think we got off. I don’t know why I did it. It was instinct. I just wanted to do it. So we did it.

Gene: Were you always instinctively drawn to girls.

KK: Yeah. I didn’t have a boyfriend until seventh grade. I’d play with my girlfriends. Play doctor or dress up.

Gene: By that time did it seem unnatural that you were going with a guy?

KK: I don’t know. I like the definition of raving bisexual. I love both. Like some days I really like girls and some days I like guys. I’m totally up in the air with that. You never know where I’m going to land with that.

Gene: What was your first time like with a guy?

KK: I dated him for three months. I lost my virginity in a Jacuzzi which was pretty interesting. Because it was five minutes long and he was a virgin, too. It was kind of hurry up and put it in for a couple of minutes so my dad doesn’t see. It kind of felt awkward, it didn’t feel good. It was kind of, whoa, a giant tampon.

Gene: Did you feel sleazy because it was your father’s Jacuzzi?

KK: No, I really didn’t care. It was actually in a condominium complex where I used to live. We were outside in public. But my dad could see from a balcony and we were hiding behind a bush all huddled down. But it was pretty interesting. After that I didn’t do it for a long time and it just opened up another can of worms that probably shouldn’t have been opened up because now I do porn and I can’t do enough of it.

Gene: What was the circumstance that took you into the porn vibe.

KK: My old best friend- I went to junior high school with her. That was Fallon Summers. She was in the industry when I was living in Colorado. When I left she went crazy and to herself into porn. She calls me. How have you been? I hadn’t talked to her for a long time. She was, I’ve got something to tell you. What’s that? You can tell me anything. We’re like sisters. First she said I’m doing adult modeling. I’m like, okay. I don’t judge you. Do whatever you want. Then she’s like I really miss you. I want you to come back out here. I came back out here for two weeks with a duffel bag, three pairs of shoes and that was pretty much it. She’s like I can get you a job. What kind of job? Modeling. I say what kind of modeling. She says lingerie. So I did a lingerie modeling shoot and it paid $200. Making $200 for three hours is a lot of money when you’re not used to it. I did that shoot and three days later she’s like I can get you a job making more money and I think you’ll like it a little bit better. She was actually my first girlfriend and knows that I like girls, too. So the next day she told me I could work with her in a video. Ever since then I’ve been in porn.

Gene: What is she doing now.

KK: I don’t talk to her any more because we had our differences.

Gene: Such as.

KK: I just found out that she was lying to me about a lot of things. We were roommates for awhile. And I didn’t want to be around the kind of people she was hanging out with, any more.

Gene: But you’re used to that. You’re the Mafia princess.

KK: Yeah, but I’ve always tried to keep myself away from that. I don’t want to be in he mix. I try to keep myself outside the loop when it comes to things like that. So I said this is not going to work out especially when you’re lying to me about things. I don’t want to be around those people. I want people in my life who are true to themselves and know what they want.

Gene: What kind of things turn you on sexually.

KK: I love to be teased. That’s my big thing. And I love dark hair. I like personalities. So if somebody has a really good personality and they’re really calm and collected and kind of know what they want and where they are going, that’s a big turn on to me. I like that a lot. And I have a hand fetish. I really like hands. If somebody’s got nice hands, it’s really weird. I really like nice hands. You want them to touch you and you imagine it so it kind of turns you on.

Gene: How about anal.

KK: I’ve never done it. I’ve had a finger, but…

Gene: Haven’t we all.

KK: Yeah. I don’t know about it. I don’t think I’ll do it on camera any time soon. But we’ll have to see.

Gene: But never personally.

KK: No.

Gene: But I’m sure some guy has tried talking you into it.

KK: Everybody who I’ve ever met has tried to talk me into it, trust me. Gene: What’s he thing in your head that stops you: I don’t want to go there.

KK: It’s kind of funny. You know how some girls save their virginity for marriage?

Gene: So you’re saving your asshole.

KK: Yeah. I’m not going to give my ass up until I know I want to be with the person. I think that’s a nice gift- stick a bow on my ass and go, here you go, baby. I know you’ve been wanting it for a long time. Take a crack at it.

Gene: I can’t think of a gift that gives more than that.

KK: I thought it was a good idea, too.

Gene: But you’ve never experienced the sensation so you wouldn’t know if you’d like it or not.

KK: I kind of have doubts that I’ll like it. It doesn’t make me hot thinking about it. For the person I’ll love eventually, I’m just going to do it because I know they want it.

Gene: Women go one of two ways- they’re either anal maniacs, or it’s exit only.

KK: That’s how I’ve been for awhile, but, finally, I’m like okay you can stick a finger in there once in awhile; but don’t get too crazy. I also have a fear of gaping buttholes. When I see those pictures it freaks me out. I don’t ever want to have to wear a diaper when I have to crap. Mind over matter, probably. But I just have to get over it.

Gene: Does your father know what you do.

KK: I haven’t talked to him. That’s another interesting story. He’s a mobster, so he naturally steals things. He stole my car- my V 28 400 Horsepower Camaro and took a $1,000 radio in it.

Gene: And you know he stole it?

KK: Yeah. But I got it back a couple of weeks before my birthday this year. He got away with it. He crashed it and left it somewhere and got away with it. But he stole it because he had the keys. He claims he was going to go fix it for me but it was a he never came back type of thing. The police called me and said we found your car. We towed it from a residence where he left it there. I was, was he staying there? The people didn’t know him. He just left the car there.

Gene: After he crashed it.

KK: Yeah. So I went to the impound and my car was totaled. He stole the stereo system out of it. It was ridiculous. My car was my baby. I love Chevys. I haven’t talked to my dad for quite some time.

Gene: But why would he do that?

KK: It’s not even a gambling problem. It’s an honest to god sickness. It’s taken over his life and it’s always affected him since the day I was born. He won’t get help. And he’s a compulsive liar, too. It’s not a good thing. It’s a good thing that he’s not in my life any more.

Gene: Ever think that this runs in your gene pool?

KK: I thought that. But my mom and my sister are the two sweetest people you’ll ever meet in your life. They’ll never hurt a fly. They’re like the most honest people, caring people. And, luckily, people are always comparing me to them. I think I have the good side.

Gene: Have you ever discovered a bipolar tendency?

KK: The only thing I’ve ever compared myself to my father, is, I’m on the Cancer-Leo cusp.

Gene: Oh Jesus.

KK: He’s a Leo.

Gene: Wait, wait, wait. A Leo and an Italian. You’ve got Tony Soprano.

KK: Exactly. You don’t even know. He’s totally schizo, too. One second he’s like happy and the next second he’s I’m gonna kill this person. Whoa. But I haven’t discovered I’m like that. I just understand that, sometimes, I’m kind of fiery because I have the Leo cusp in me. And sometimes I’ll be, like, I’m reminding myself of my dad because of the attitude. Like sometimes I can cop a mean attitude. But you really have to try and get that attitude out of me because it’s hard to dig out.

Gene: The Leo is also an exhibitionist. Are you?

KK: Sometimes I can be. Depends on the day.

Gene: Ever get turned on about the idea of sex in public places?

KK: Yeah. I’ve done that before. I’ve had sex in a parking structure before and got caught. Things like that. My boyfriend had his pants down and we were doing it with the door open. It was a pick up truck. And the security guard came over and said you can’t park here today. It’s a holiday. My boyfriend was pretty much in his underwear and his socks. I’m only wearing a dress with no underwear.

Gene: That’s not too bad. But getting arrested, arrested…

KK: I haven’t been arrested yet which is a good thing. I’m trying to keep my record clean for the sake of the family. I’ll be the one who hasn’t got arrested yet.

Gene: Obviously you like the business.

KK: My mom found out what I do and is supportive of it. Surprisingly.

Gene: Or was the first reaction she wanted to kill you.

KK: No my mom has been through more than most people times three. My brother found out. He saw a boxcover of me at the local porno shop. He took it home to my mother and said, oh my god, this is my little sister. My mom left me a message on my cell phone: I need to talk to you about something. I kind of knew right away because my Hustler issue just came out and I was on the cover of the DVD it came with. I’m like, oh crap, everyone’s going to see it. I called her back. And she was, I’m not mad at you. I just want to know why. If you needed money or something I just wish you had come and talked to me or asked me for help. Well, mom, it’s not even that. You know I’ve been getting caught doing stuff my whole life with girls. It’s kind of a given. She said I understand that. She likes to see the pretty pictures of me and the acting. But once the video starts to play she puts it on pause.

Gene: How’s life under one roof with Chef Jeff?

KK: It’s been interesting. Everything changes when you move in with somebody. We’ve had our ups and downs- just like any normal couple. But I think we both care about each other and are going to try and work it for the better. We like living together. We have two little puppies that are our babies.

Gene: I’m sure you’ve heard his shows. So I guess you’ve been clued into some of his past drama.

KK: Yeah. At first some people were, like, I can’t believe you’re seeing him. He’s done this, yadda, yadda. Like I’ve heard weird stories. It was kind of interesting. I never judge people right away. I always give somebody the benefit of the doubt and learn for myself. I did that.

Gene: Do you ever think about the fact that your personal life might wind up on KSEX?

KK: Yeah, all the time but I got over that. People have seen every inch of my body, naked more than once. People out there have seen my cervix.

Gene: Once that happens, it’s all over.

KK: You get into this industry, you have to expect some gossip or drama to follow along with it so I’m not surprised.



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