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Kinzie Kenner’s First Anal

Porn Valley- I have a chat with Kinzie Kenner, who’ s attending the KSEX games

Kenner had just done her first anal scene a few weeks ago for Elegant Angel and we start the conversation on that topic as well as her newly acquired boobs. Kenner got her boobs done about three weeks ago and can’t wait until they settle in. Implanted boobs go on sabbatical and have a settling in period where they start looking and feeling more natural. That’s where Kenner’s tits are right now- on hiatus.

“I can’t wait until they’re nice and ready to be shown off on camera,” she laughs. “You let things drop, you let things heal a little bit. You get yourself back into shape. Then I’ll be ready to go again. I can’t wait.”

Knowing that there is an anti-boob sentiment in porn, I ask Kenner why she decided to do this.

“It was mostly for myself,” she answers. “I take a lot of pride in going to the gym and making myself look as best as I can. My butt stayed there but my boobs disappeared. I never really had big boobs so I decided to even myself out and decided to go through with it. I had a great doctor. It was something I’ve always liked, the voluptuous, womanly look. I think it’s a good decision for me.”

Kenner did her first anal in an Elegant Angel project called Kinzie’s Anal Adventure.

“It was a lot of fun and I got to work with great people- Kat, Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears- awesome people were in the movie and I can’t wait for everyone to see it and tell me what they think.” Exactly who penetrates Kenner’s anus is a field call. St. Croix penetrated her butt for about two seconds at the end of a scene.

“It was great and left me wanting more,” says Kenner. “It left me being an anal fiend where I was like today’s the day! Then I got fully penetrated by Randy Spears. It was kind of like let her have a test [with St. Croix]. The official one was Randy Spears. It felt great and was everything I expected it to be. It was a lot of fun- he’s truly a veteran and knows what he’s doing.”

Kenner shot her second anal with Manuel Ferrara.

“We don’t know the title of the movie yet,” she says. “It was probably the most intense scene I’ve ever shot. We went straight to the anal. There was no vaginal. It was insane. I was left in awe after the scene so I think everyone will like that one.” Kenner’s pretty sure the movie’s coming out from Platinum X.

Going back to how Kenner and Chef Jeff met, it was on his former KSEX radio show.

“I was still 18 and I came on with my then-girlfriend,” Kenner recalls. “I was chit chatting with him for awhile. I thought he was cute. We kind of became friends. I was on his show a little more after that. Finally, one time he asked me out to go to dinner. But it wasn’t a date. It was with me and one of his friends. She ended up canceling and so we went on a little date and had been dating since then. Now we’re engaged and everything’s great.”

Asked what the attraction was, Kenner said she wasn’t looking for someone who was trying too hard to impress her.

“He was kind of himself and I’ve always admired people like that,” she says. “He was funny and always had a smile on his face and was fun to be around. I liked being able to talk to somebody and say whatever was on my mind. He understood that and laughed at my jokes. It was a lot of fun to be around him while we were first started dating and it’s still fun. That’s why we’re still together.”

One of the more talked about shows on KSEX last year was the night Chef Jeff, going to bat for Kenner, confronted Nick Manning about a controversial scene he and Kenner had.

Kenner said the controversy stemmed more over mixed communication than anything else.

“It was me having a bad day and talking to the one I love about it,” says Kenner. “I wasn’t saying that I hated Nick Manning or anything like that. It was basically I was having a bad day and saying I don’t think I’ll work with him again. It was no bashing or anything like that. Nick was having a bad day, also. So I think we were at each other’s throats and it turned into something more escalated. But I actually worked with Nick a couple of months ago and we got along fine. We worked together for Playgirl and we kind of talked about it. Granted they shoot less rough stuff, but everything was fine. We both came to terms that it was miscommunication. At first I didn’t know I was going to work with him and then some stuff got switched around and they said I was going to work with him. We were in the same room together taking pictures. We were fine. We were talking and he’s, like, let’s not talk about what happened the last time. It went along great. We were iffy with each other at first. But then he’s I’m not being too rough with you am I? I’m you’re fine and it went great. I figured one day this would happen but I wasn’t sure of how I would talk to him again. I don’t want bad blood between anybody I have to work with.”

I asked Kenner how she prepared for her first anal scene and did she go through any special sphincter training.

“I had lot of toys from Doc Johnson at home,” she laughs. “I had lots of practice with my fiance. You never really know how it’s going to be on camera because things are different on camera than they are in your real life. I didn’t know what to expect but I kept calm and took my time with it. Now it’s something I do regularly, basically.”

Kenner’s original plans were to save her anal virginity for her wedding night.

“I wanted something kind of traditional and kind of kookie to do on my wedding night,” she notes. “But I ended up having anal sex for the first time with Jeff on our one year anniversary. It was in Mexico. There were a lot of Pina Coladas involved and lots of anal fun.”

So basically the deed was accomplished in a Mexican hotel room.

“Getting rammed up the anus,” Kenner agrees. “I loved it.” Asked if there were mariachis accompanying the thrusts, Kenner thinks probably in the distance.

“But it was actually romantic- candle light, and ocean waves. It was great.”

Kenner first got into the business with one of her friends who was already in the industry.

“She said you want to try it out? I decided to do it. I took my time with it. I didn’t do b/g for about a year. Then I started doing it.” At the time Kenner was a drama magnet but has since stepped back from claiming her name in the news.

“You have to distance yourself completely from certain things and certain people,” she reasons. “Once you do that it’s a lot better for yourself.”

If here’s anything she’d like, Kenner said it would be a contract some day.

“I love to make feature movies and I love the whole atmosphere- spending a day on a set doesn’t bother me. I love putting in that kind of effort and seeing what the end product can be because it’s a lot of fun and you get to become a certain character. It’s great. But if I talk to anyone about a contract it would be to Wicked or Digital Playground. Or somebody like that.”

Kenner’s going to be on a TV show on the Playboy Channel, competing for the next Club Jenna contract.

“It’ll be interesting to see what that is,” she says. Once her boobs heal, Kenner will do the Club Jenna project.

“And I’ll be shooting a lot of stuff for my website and for Elegant Angel.”


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