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Nicole London hasn’t worked before the cameras in about three years. But that hasn’t stopped her from actively pursuing the business end of the business. Consequently, London has started her own company, Outback Productions, Inc. and has been shooting movies since the beginning of January. This afternoon we had a lengthy chat with Nicole whose current hair color is somewhere between blond and red. And, yes, we were also dying to ask her a couple of questions about her ex, Anthony Crane, whose currently residing in a state penitentiary for making terroristic threats. London said she got an Australian investor and is in partnership with him.

NL: We just started shooting in January and are going into our sixth production now. We’re doing all high end features. And we’re going to go into the gonzo market but we’ll probably start that in about two months. Marc Bruder is distributing my broadcast and my foreign for me. And one of them just went to Playboy and that deal will be finalized so. And I’ve made some sales overseas. I’m doing all my own boxes and duplicating. I’m going back and forth with American distribution right now because I haven’t found a deal that I’m really comfortable with yet. But I’m sure we’ll lock one in, in the next week or so. I’ve also got a contract director. His name is Robert Huntingdon. He hasn’t directed anything before in this business. And he has a really good visual eye. He’s amazing. He’s kind of like on the line of Andrew Blake’s style.

Gene: How did you meet.

NL: I’ve known him for awhile as a friend. I say why don’t you do this for me. He did and he awed me. I was like okay you can’t work for anyone else- let’s sign. And he did. I’m also directing my first one this month. It’s called Sacred Love: The Feeding. It’s a vampire movie. And I wrote the script.

Gene: When I was talking to Kim Chambers she said she was doing something with you.

NL: I shot her last month. She was one of the leads in my last production and boxcover. And she’s in my vampire movie, too. I love her. I think she’s wonderful. A great person.

Gene: You’ve be in and out, in and out, in and out.

NL: Right. I only really left once. When I did finally leave I went to Japan and San Francisco. Then I decided to come back to L.A. I thought the industry had really changed and I thought I’ll go back to work behind the camera. I got into way heavy producing. I produced for Bob Chinn, Ultimate; I was with JKP for awhile. I also produced stuff for VCA, Wicked and then I finally thought, I have to have my own company. I figured I keep coming back here. There must be a reason for it. I love the industry. I really do.

Gene: You were a performer and there was a point where you left.

NL: Yeah. My oldest daughter was born and I’d say she was close to a year-old when I left for Japan. I taught English there. It was great.

Gene: That I had never heard.

NL: I was over there for about a year.

Gene: How did that happen.

NL: When I lived in San Francisco, I picked up Japanese.

Gene: A lot of ’em from what I heard.

NL: [laughing]: I needed to get away. I was in a bad relationship and I needed to leave. So I did. The opportunity arose and I took it. Then I came back to the U.S., lived in San Francisco then came back to L.A.

Gene: How was it in Japan.

NL: I love it. If I could retire there I would. I lived about an hour south of Osaka. And it’s beautiful. The people are amazing.

Gene: But they all look alike, right?

NL: I stood out.

Gene: I would imagine.

NL: Actually it was pretty funny because I was blond at the time; and I’d go shopping and cars would stop in the middle of the street. Little kids would run after me it was fun.

Gene: Blondes are becoming more of a common commodity over there, now. You said you were blonde at the time. What are you now?

NL: Actually kind of purple and blonde and red.

Gene: You were a blonde and then a strawberry blonde.

NL: I couldn’t make up my mind.

Gene: Are you still performing.

NL: Not at all. I haven’t been in front of the camera- I guess my last time was a little over three years ago.

Gene: Why did I get the impression you might have.

NL: I think because there’s been a few releases that came out probably six months, a year ago. The only thing I’ve done is non-sex for Bob Chinn and a few other people. But as far as performing, I’m done.

Gene: What led you to that decision.

NL: When you come down to it, I’ve seen way too many girls- and there are a few who can still do it- unfortunately I’m 33 years old now.

Gene: Man, you’re at your hottest age. Early thirties, mid-thirties…

NL: I have two daughters and it was time to move on. My oldest is 7 and my other one is 19 months.

Gene: Do you have a website?

NL: We just got the domain- and the site’s being put up. Someone is working on it for me. We’ll do streaming, selling our videos, DVDS; I’m not sure if I’m going to have a chat room or not. But I’m going to do weekly updates and so on and so on. I thought about calling it Outback but unfortunately I don’t think the restaurant would approve.

Gene: So how did you get into the business to begin with.

NL: I started out in dancing and met Trinity Loren. We became really good friends and before I started doing movies we toured together on the dance circuit. I came to L.A. with her and next thing you know I’m in front of a camera. I wasn’t afraid to get nude. I did a lot of magazine layouts with Warren Tang, High Society and Hustler, and so on. Then with us going around dancing I thought this would be another way for me to promote my name. Here I am 12 years later.

Gene: Can you remember your first scene and who it was with?

NL: Oh, was with Rick Savage.

Gene: Was this in New York.

NL: Yes it was- a long time ago.

Gene: Rick was shooting a lot for a company called Video-X-Pix. We got to be talking late Eighties, early Nineties.

NL: I think it was 1990. I also did stuff with Candida Royalle and Femme. I also worked for Neville in New York. Then I came out here and I believe my first production was with Fred Lincoln.

Gene: Back then in New York you could do a tour because there was a significant number of studios.

NL: Right.

Gene: It’s not that way anymore unless you’re shooting bondage.

NL: Which is pretty funny because I did a lot of bondage, so when I was living out here, I would fly back to New York constantly to shoot for Bizarre.

Gene: I have to ask the question. Anthony Crane got sent to jail.

NL: He almost went to jail quite a few years earlier. I don’t know if you remember, with Alexis DeVille. He was on probation. He and I had already been separated. We didn’t even live together. My oldest daughter is his daughter. We actually lived on property where I lived in the front house and he lived in the back house. Everything was going really, really good. It worked out great for my daughter. She could go back and forth between us. There was no problem. He was clean and sober for awhile then he started abusing again. Unfortunately there are people who can handle it and there are people who can’t. And he’s one that can’t. It would wind up being a situation where he was calling me and threatening me. And he was walking around in the back yard with a loaded rifle. I said okay I’m not dealing with this. So I made a call and he was arrested. They charged him with terroristic threats. I told the D.A. when he’s sober and he’s Artie, he’s a great guy and a wonderful father. When he’s the guy on the alcohol and the drugs he’s an evil sonofabitch. And I still talk to him once a week. He calls me from prison to talk to my daughter. I think he’s going to do a minimum of four years and eight months. Unfortunately it wasn’t his first offense and he was already on probation and that didn’t help him any.

Gene: I recall him telling me in an interview that he was a cop at one time.

NL: He was park ranger. He went through the police academy and he carried but he worked for the park system.

Gene: How did you two meet.

NL: We met in New Jersey many, many years ago. I was like 17. I had worked for a company and he came in and applied for a job. My mother was the manager there, and before I had ever met him he told my mother that he was going to marry me one day. Next thing I knew we were dating and getting married. That was that.

Gene: What broke you up?

NL: His drinking and drugs.

Gene: At least you got out from that. Some women never do.

NL: I don’t take shit.

Gene: Well you’re a Jersey girl.

NL: Yeah.

Gene: That says it all.


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