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Reina Leone’s one of those women who doesn’t need make up to look spectacular. We caught up with her this morning prior to shooting a scene for EvolutionErotica. And not just an ordinary one, mind you. She was going to be doing her first on-camera anal scene with Kurt Lockwood. Another interesting footnote to Leone’s career is the fact that she got her start by being a lookie-lou at last year’s AEE convention. This year she’s scheduled to be signing for Jimmy Mofo of

Gene: I think there’s a few Leone’s in the business.

RL: Like Sunny but no relation.

Gene: She’s like a Penthouse Pet.

RL: But she’s hot.

Gene: But this is all about you, baby. So when did you first get into the business?

RL: At AVN this year in January. That’s how it all started. Belladonna kind of discovered me you could say. She put me in Bella’s Perversions 3. She was signing at Evil Angel and I kept stalking her because I think she’s hot. I came around and said I’d do a girl-girl with you for free. She told me she was doing series and would love to shoot me. I got contact info and that’s how it all began.

Gene: So you were just a fan walking around at Vegas.

RL: Yes.

Gene: Was this long time planning on your part figuring you were going to the show to be discovered?

RL: I never really thought I was pretty enough. Because you see all these glamorous Vivid girls. But I had no idea I would be getting into the business. A lot of the companies were, like, you’re not n actress? You should be. I thought it was something I could try out and see if I liked it.

Gene: But you always wanted to do this.

RL: I’ve always had the fantasy.

Gene: A porn fan going way back?

RL: You could say that. It started of course with the magazines. I have quite a library at home! LOL.

Gene: Female fans are a rarity in this business.

RL: Yeah. Most of my friends are grossed out by porn but they know if they have any questions or need to borrow something they know exactly where to go!

Gene: As a fan did you develop favorites among the performers.

RL: I liked mostly the women. Like Tera Patrick, Belladonna, most of the Vivid girls, Nacho’s pretty cool; Rocco, those guys are pretty cool.

Gene: Did you get to work with any of them?

RL: I’m pretty new. My first scene with Bella was in March. I took this summer off. But I’m starting to pick up trying to get work.

Gene: What were you a lifeguard?

RL: LOL. I try to be at the beach, sunning myself.

Gene: A beach bunny.

RL: I love the beach.

Gene: What were you like growing up.

RL: Catholic school 12 years.

Gene: That explains a lot.

RL: I was the one the nuns didn’t like. I was the rebel they thought would turn out bad.

Gene: You were a troublemaker?

RL: Exactly.

Gene: Still have your Catholic school girl outfit?

RL: Somewhere. Tucked away. It was an all girls high school by the way.

Gene: Hold on to that uniform. You can make a few bucks with that. When did you lose your virginity.

RL: I was a junior in high school. I waited a little bit. But I was always freak because most of my friends were like sex once every three months with their boyfriends. I’m like, what are you talking about? A couple of times a day. What’s wrong with you.

Gene: Was this guy a boyfriend.

RL: He was in a band. I was into the rock kind of thing, the big hair bands back in the ’80’s. That kind of thing. The bad boy image.

Gene: So in that environment did you ever grab situations by having sex in unusual places and getting caught?

RL: When I was in college. I did it with my boyfriend on the running track, right on the stairs. Then we did it in a parking lot in the front seat with untinted windows. There were like people walking their dogs. I’m surprised no one called the cops on us.

Gene: I always like the stories where the cops catch you naked and frisk you.

RL: That happened once at one of these lookout points. The cops were pretty funny. They just shined their spotlight in the car: hey, get a room, get outta here! Luckily then didn’t bring us out of the car.

Gene: In high school did you have priests or nuns?

RL: 300 pound nuns that were pretty scary looking.

Gene: What were you taking up in college?

RL: Criminology, pre-law Go figure, huh? It was something that interested me, but too political for me. I’m not too much of a conformist.

Gene: Criminology would be a very good asset for you in this business. Sooner or later you’d wind up defending a lot of people that you work with.

RL: Either that, or put on one of those cute cop uniforms and handcuff somebody.

Gene: Have you given dancing a shot.

RL: I’m not that coordinated. I have very bad rhythm. But I’d do it, take lessons so I could get really good at it. I like to go to strip clubs, but what I really hate is sitting there and the girl doesn’t know how to work the pole, let alone dance- basically she’s dancing in a circle. I like the girls who can go all the way up the pole and slide down backwards.

Gene: What was going through your mind the first time in front of a camera?

RL: My first sex scene was girl-girl, Belladonna. Basically it was here’s the camera and we just went at it. She’s hot. The camera was there and we just went at it. I forgot that the camera’s were there.

Gene: Was this your first time with a girl?

RL: Of course not.

Gene: So what was that first time like.

RL: I think I was 20 and it was my best friend at the time. It was like a weekend thing. Like one day we were at a bowling alley and she was, like, come into the bathroom with me because I don’t want to be by myself.

Gene: So this was a weekend in a bathroom in a bowling alley?

RL: No, it started there! We went to the bathroom together and she was, like, I don’t want to be in the stall all by myself.

Gene: Boy, I know that feeling.

RL: LOL. I was, like, okay, whatever. She just kind of grabbed me and we started making out in the bathroom.

Gene: Did you sense this was where it was going?

RL: Not at all. It kind of grabbed me by surprise. She was a little hottie.

Gene: Were you shocked or did you jump right into it?

RL: I jumped right into it. We didn’t really care. After the fact, after we left the bathroom we heard that security was called in but they kind of left us alone. I think they enjoyed it.

Gene: How did this develop into a weekender?

RL: From there we went to her boyfriend’s house and her boyfriend didn’t know what to do with himself. So he went to the store and we went at it. Then we went to her house the next day and went at it again.

Gene: Were there implements involved?

RL: Just fingers and tongues.

Gene: No weapons of mass destruction like giant dildos.

RL: I don’t think she had any. It was just one of those things.

Gene: So it was kissy, fingery…

RL: Tongue-y. Lots of fingers.

Gene: Did this open doors for you where you had to try other women?

RL: From there it kind of just stopped but I’ve always had an appreciation for beautiful women. I love strip clubs. I love the girls who dance there. I just love beautiful women.

Gene: What do you consider your best asset.

RL: Probably my boobs, my titties.

Gene: Natural?

RL: Enhanced but they look very natural.

Gene: Someone talk you into it?

RL: No. I’ve always wanted them done but I didn’t want the cantaloupe-y Pam Anderson look. I just said make me look natural like I was born with them and my doctor did.

Gene: What are some of your turn-ons?

RL: I’m your basic sort of girl. I like all the foreplay, kissing, all that; fingering all that.

Gene: Unfortunately in the movies you don’t get to indulge a lot of that.

RL: I know.

Gene: So what is your favorite position. Mine is steady employment.

RL: Doggie style. Then you get to have the hair pulling and grab ass kind of thing and just get pummeled.

Gene: Do you like it rough and tumble?

RL: Oh yeah. I like to be dominated.

Gene: There’s scenes with spitting and slapping, would you go for that?

RL: I haven’t tried that, but I’ll try anything once pretty much. Sometimes you get really caught up in the moment, it happens and it feels good.

Gene: What kind of cockwoman are you? Big cocks, medium cocks…

RL: Medium cocks, not big. I’m more into like how you use it.

Gene: Who’s like the biggest dick you’ve had so far.

RL: Joe Friday. Very nice cock.

Gene: Back from the Dragnet hiatus.

RL: I’ve only really started boy-girl so the only other person I’ve really worked with is Kurt Lockwood. he was my first boy-girl. Joe Friday and I started in together and now we’re branching out trying to start a dynasty. LOL.

Gene: The IPO is next. So what kind of plans do you have for this business?

RL: I’m more into it, not so much for the money but for the notoriety. It’s kind of a turn-on when you have guys coming up to you telling you I watched this with my old lady and really pounded her. It’s a turn on where people recognize you. And for the girls…

Gene: How about anal?

RL: Today’s my first anal. It’s with Kurt Lockwood. He was my first boy-girl and he’s my first anal.

Gene: I can see a sense of nostalgia already creeping into this scene. Will you shed a tear on that behalf?

RL: No, I’ll pretty much get to the business end of fucking. Anal’s anal. What can you say about it?

Gene: What was the first time like?

RL: A little nerve-wracking, actually. Because everyone says it hurts. But with the right person it felt good.

Gene: And with the right pharmaceuticals it can happen.

RL: Exactly.

Gene: So what was it like the first time? Everything it was cracked up to be?

RL: It was lovey-dovey. We started out slow and just started getting into it.

Gene: So you had a positive experience?

RL: Yes. I was lucky. I like anal. It’s a different orgasm.

Gene: So you’re going to be signing in Vegas this year.

RL: Hopefully. I’m repping Mofo Wear. I’m one of his new Mofo girls.

Gene: How did that happen?

RL: Bella. Bella and my old publicist knew them. And she hooked us up at the adultcon that was in June. We hit it off. I’m looking forward to signing. It’s going to be fun.

Gene: I guess you get free shirts and all that.

RL: That’s a perk. He’s really cool.

Gene: I know him from porn star karaoke.

RL: Aaaaaaaaaaah, I don’t have a singing voice.

Gene: You don’t need a singing voice. All you have to have is a drinking throat. How do you like the business so far.

RL: It’s good. It’s what you make of it. You hear bad stories and all that. There’s good people and there’s bad people. Just like in every other business. But for me it’s been pretty good so far.



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