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From the Gene Files 6/3/02- Back from a seven-day vacation in Maui, Ruby’s taking some new leases on her lifestyle. Her condom-only policy has gone swiftly by the boards, part of the decision prompted by the end of a ten year relationship with her “suitcase pimp”.

Gene: Back from Maui. This was your first vacation in ten years.

Ruby: I want to retire there.

Gene: It’s an artist colony and right now you look very bohemian artsy- sweatshirt, jeans and sandals.

Ruby: I can’t help it. I’m the anti-porn star. The working man’s porn star.

Gene: Did you get in trouble there.

Ruby: I got Maui Wowie. And I frolicked on a nude beach and went naked boogie boarding. And I went to learn to surf. I haven’t learned yet.

Gene: My fantasy is you surfing naked wearing your glasses.

Ruby: I’m going to get contacts.

Gene: How about that Lasik thing.

Ruby: That’s too Clockwork Orange for me. I don’t want to have any problems. I’d rather just have glasses. And it’s too expensive anyway. Besides I like the idea of taking my glasses off at night and have everything blurry.

Gene: But you’re a porn star. Money shouldn’t be an object. Tabitha Stevens just spent $30,000 on her face.

Ruby: But I was already in the business and spent all my money. I got about five good years left in me before they try to put me out to pasture.

Gene: You’ve loosened some of your sexual restrictions.

Ruby: I was frightened for a long time. I kind of figured I’m single now. A dick without a condom sometimes can be a good thing. We all have our phases, and the way I figure it it whatever I feel comfortable with at the time, I feel comfortable with. So I can change my mind as much as possible. It’s a woman’s prerogative. Plus the business has done a pretty good job at keeping itself pretty clean. And I get my full panel to begin with. If somebody gives me something I know about it pretty quick. I’ll be calling ya. You’ll receive that courtesy call from me.

Gene: You’ve kept a good bill of health.

Ruby: Yes. I’ve been pretty lucky. No problems. No kids, either thank God. I’m thinking about nipping that in the bud. Thinking about having no children.

Gene: Getting your buds nipped.

Ruby: I’m seriously considering it right now. My dad said, ‘don’t do it!’ He should have.

Gene: You did a scene last week with Rod Fontana for Lower Extremities #4.

Ruby: It was an anal scene.

Gene: God bless you.

Ruby: It was a good one, too. Passionate anal scene which you don’t see at Extreme very often. Just kidding.

Gene: That’s right. For us passion goes hand-in-glove with piss.

Ruby: I enjoyed that scene.

Gene: Were your luscious, lovely feet and calves involved.

Ruby: Yes.

Gene: Is this something I’m going to be able to whack off to?

Ruby: Yes. And then I did another anal scene for Extreme with Joey Ray.

Gene: The woman who never did anal but everyone though she did is now doing it.

Ruby: Yeah. That’s funny that everybody thought I did. I would have made a lot more money.

Gene: What else is going on in your life.

Ruby: I’m single! Not much.

Gene: What brought that about.

Ruby: I ended a ten-year relationship. I want to tomcat around for awhile.

Gene: What was the deciding factor.

Ruby: He got another woman pregnant…. Oh I’ll tell it. Let’s get into the shit. It was swinging gone wrong. I had given him permission, because, of course, I was up at the [Bunny] Ranch and getting lots of dick. I figured why not. Let him have some pussy. Well this pussy took advantage of the fact that I wasn’t around all the time. She went through my things. She stole from my house. Not just material things. She purposely got pregnant because she didn’t think he belonged with me. She’s a psycho. She turned off all my utilities because she had gotten my social security number. I just hope she doesn’t see me in a dark alley.

Gene: Is this woman in the business.

Ruby: God no. She’s not that attractive. That’s what I didn’t quite understand. I could if she was stunning. I’m like okay, but…

Gene: I didn’t realize you had been with one person so long.

Ruby: From the time I was 19.

Gene: Is he in the industry.

Ruby. No, but he was always my suitcase pimp. When you get involved in a relationship with a man you don’t realize that if you are working in this industry and he’s not working that’s still what a pimp does. I told him he can’t be my pimp anymore and that ended that. I’m a pimpless ho.

Gene: How did you find out about the pregnancy?

Ruby: She called me and told me. I knew everything before it happened. That’s fucked up, I saw everything that was happening. I kept telling him she’s going to get pregnant. He said, ‘oh no, she’s on the pill, she told me.’ Sure she did. I thought after awhile maybe he could get custody of that child. I was fantasizing about all that stuff but she won’t let me near the child. She’d kidnap that child before she’d let it be near me. I just gave up. It’s not my kid and it’s not my problem anymore. I washed my hands of the whole situation.

Gene: Did this situation have a lot of bearing on your decision not to have kids.

Ruby: Partially because I think women who get pregnant to trap men are despicable.

Gene: That only happens in Seattle from what I gather.

Ruby: It happens everywhere. And I think it’s disgusting and it makes me ashamed to be a woman. And then how can you bring some poor kid into such a fucked up situation on purpose. That’s just twisted and evil and I won’t have any part of evil. I may like anal sex, but evil, no. And she was evil to the bone. And from what I hear she’s wanted for a lot of stuff. The cops will catch up with her.

Gene: Do we know details of the rap sheet.

Ruby: She goes by her dance name, Bianca. She’s a Latina. But she’s a dancer, passably, maybe. She’s already been busted for embezzlement. She’s a con artist from way back.

Gene: Where’s she from.

Ruby: Texas I believe. God only knows. She could be from anywhere. But it was weird having somebody who you don’t even know hate you so viciously and just come in and try to destroy your life. She attacked me on lukeford and everything and she can’t write English well which is why I knew it was her. And she’s not very educated. I’m just a midwestern girl from Ohio. I understand how vicious people can be just from growing up because I’m a strange girl. I understand peoples’ fear of the strange. She’s going to make a decision about my like not knowing me at all. It was just very strange to be attacked in that manner. I had a lot of heartache over this.

Gene: I can imagine it was very difficult to put on a game face.

Ruby: That’s why it was very helpful for me to be up there [the Bunny Ranch].

Gene: Have you plans ever to go back.

Ruby: No, not at all. I’m done with that. I have a disagreement with the way the owner runs the place. That’s all. I love the girls. They’ll always be in my heart.

Gene: Besides now that John Wayne Bobbitt’s new ex-wife is up there, there’s no room for you.

Ruby: Please.

Gene: Other than that what else has been going on.

Ruby: I finished a bunch of VCA movies and a Vivid movie…

Gene: Which will probably have the Hustler label on it.

Ruby: You never know. I just finished The Devinn Lane Show. I did a Rodney Dangerfield Movie, Out Back By Midnight. I’m the boobs of the operation- I got to ricochet off a bunch of stunt people and my top got ripped off.

Gene: They got you for your tits is what you’re saying.

Ruby: Oh yes.

Gene: When’s that coming out.

Ruby: I have no clue. I did the rap party for it but I missed the rap party.

Gene: Are you on screen for just a few seconds.

Ruby: Probably if the scene makes the cut. I got cut out of Orgazmo. Nothing big, but I need to get the DVD. I’ll be in the DVD. It’s a funny movie.

Gene: Any aspirations for the mainstream?

Ruby: Just directing. I really have no interest in being talent for them because their sets are a lot more inefficient than ours.

Gene: Would you like to be a director in this business?

Ruby: Yeah. Although shooting sex is really hard. I need a budget and somebody who believes in my ideas. I have plenty of them.



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