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Porn Valley- For beautiful Hannah Harper lookalike Nordic blonds in pigtails getting fucked in the ass, Skeeter Kerkove’s, Sensational Teens 2 is destination viewing. And Saana’s destination is Finland when she’s not over here getting poked in her attractive Finnish butt. Saana has been in the adult business about a year and first came to L.A. in October.

This is her second trip to the states, she tells me. She’ll work in Finland when there is work to be had. “But there’s only two producers there,” Saana notes. She also began stripping at the age of 18. “I met some Finnish porn girls and got interested [in the adult business]. Here I am.”

“Isn’t it a little bit cold to strip in Finland?” I ask her.

“Thank God it’s indoors,” she laughs. Asked what made her decide to do that, Saana said they opened a strip club in her home town. “One of my ex boyfriends went there and he was telling me that all the dancers there were from Russia and Estonia.”

“Refugees from Estonia?” I ask.

“No, no refugees,” Saana replies dead serious. “But quite many of them [strippers] are from Russia and Estonia.”

“Any girls from Chernobyl?” I wanted to know.

“I don’t think so,” said Saana.

“Those are the one-armed girls,” I tell her. “They don’t make that much in tips but have a lot of enthusiasm.” Saana finds this funny. Because she’s been dancing her whole life, Saana figured why not take off her clothes for a living. “I just went there one day. I saw a girl dancing. My God I wanted to do that. She was beautiful.” Saana also has a background in ballet.

“You’ve got to have great legs,” I observe, noting that she was wearing slacks at the moment.

“Not so great any more,” she shrugs. “I hurt my back when I was training. So I haven’t been doing that for a long time.” Saana explains that her program also included gymnastics- floor exercises. “But my spine just couldn’t take it.”

Her first trip to the states was a shock. “Life is so different here,” she says. “[US] Porn is different. It’s much more rough.”

While Saana says she’s not appreciative of having her face smacked she has engaged in some d.p. horseplay, Euro-style. “I did a d.p with two European guys,” she tells me. “And that was rough because they were throwing me around.”

“I know- a d.p. with European guys is like a z.p. with five American guys,” I tell her. The first time Saana did anal on camera was in Sweden last Summer. “It was interesting,” she says, noting that she also does it in her private life. She described that life in Finland as being an ordinary one of home, school and dance lessons. “Just a normal life,” she says indicating that her mother raised her alone. Saana was 16 the first time she had sex.

“It was good but the dick was so big,” she winces. “Aaaaaah.” The guy was 25. Because it sounded like a crass seduction to me, I asked her for details. “It just happened,” she says, indicating that she met the guy in a grocery store and he was an exchange student from New York. According to Saana’s story they didn’t have sex until about a month later.

“You were doing lessons together in the mean time,” I suspected. Yeah, that was it, says Saana who described their turn in the sack as a mutually arrived upon decision. The first time was so good that it inspired her to continue with others. I wondered if there were other exchange students involved. “That was the only way,” she says. “But he was fucking everything that would walk. I caught him in bed with another girl and that was it. I was so heart broken.”

“You got to watch out for those New York exchange students- they’re slippery.” I’m saying this for the benefit of Otto Bauer who happens to hear some of the conversation. Bauer was something of a New York exchange student when he met up with Audrey Hollander.

Saana’s first scene in the states was for Britney Foster. “It was a girl-girl scene.” Though she can’t member the performer she worked with. Saana was 17 the first time she had a girl. “We had this home party. We were just talking and started kissing and doing stuff.”

Saana also describes the AEE convention as an overwhelming experience for her. But no drama. She tells me she avoids trouble like the plague. One night she went to the Hard Rock Cafe. “I’m so lucky I got in,” she says. “I’m only 20. And they were carding everybody except me. But it was great.”

Figuring that Finland has those really long summer nights, I ask Saana about some of the crazier places she might have had sex. I didn’t bargain for her one answer. “On top of the Eiffel Tower,” she replies. “It was with my ex-boyfriend. It was really nice.” And dark, too, she adds.


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