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Final: Conversations with Friday; No Longer Doing Anal Because Gina Lynn Destroyed Her Ass

Porn Valley- I don’t even remember what it was about, but something like four years ago, I left a message for Friday.

This was about the time Friday left the business because of the HIV scare.

“I was on the road, living in Florida and I feature danced for two years,” she explains.

“So that took me away from film time. I figured a year or two to let everybody’s blood filter through and see what’s what.”

So Friday finally returns my call this morning. It was for reasons entirely different, but Friday apologizes for not getting back at that time.

The fact that she even remembers any of this is remarkable enough.

“I didn’t think I was ready to talk about what I was going through,” she explains.

There was a period when Friday wasn’t returning a lot of calls. A period when she wasn’t showing up on sets. Hence, Friday got labeled a flake. But now it all makes sense. That’s because Friday probably spent the better part of her last ten years in and out of judge’s chambers in a bitterly fought child custody suit.

And that’s all behind her now.

“It’s over now and I finally won,” she announces cheerfully. “When they had the notion I had to be in court, I had to stop whatever I was doing. I went in a porn star, guns ablazing and as a stripper and won full custody. I can’t even tell you. Just don’t get married. Skip it.”

Mud-slinging and name-calling were only a small part of it,” she says.

“Let’s talk about thievery, break-ins, stalking,” she laughs.

“Let’s talk about car theft. You name it. And child kidnapping as well. Last year was the worst it had ever gotten. He kidnapped my child twice.”

Friday says her ex wreaked this havoc all by himself. And the issue was finally resolved when she went back to Oregon in February.

“They took me back to court for this emergency issue,” she continues.

“Then I finally sued for court costs and lawyer fees. It was getting expensive and ridiculous. I had to pay and take time off to handle these things. Finally the judge ruled in my favor. I sued for court fees and in return if he ever wants to take me back to court, my husband has to pay for it.”

Friday now has full custody of her child.

“There’s been times when I’ve had to disappear from the business and no one knew why,” she says.

“And you took the brunt of it,” I tell her. “People would say you were on drugs. But when I talked to you, you always struck me as someone who was pretty intelligent and not a goofball. There were always these stories.

“Stories!” Friday whispers, laughing, explaining about the time she did come on set hungover.

“I will admit that- My third husband [she’s now divorced from him, too] and I went out with a child star and his wife. My husband didn’t want to leave because he was star struck. I remember being so hung over the next day. It was a scene with Lexington Steele. By the time I was ready, after makeup, it was already past noon and I hadn’t had anything to eat. I didn’t feel too good. But I will admit that one.”

In the mean time, Friday had a clothing store on Melrose.

“The lease was up in January,” she says. “I’ll never do that crap again. It’s not easy. I did it by myself. And I found out that a lot of people in this business would rather talk shit than help, I’ll tell you that much.”

Friday got into the clothing business in a way because of the custody issue.

“I didn’t think I could go in as an adult entertainer so I dumped a bunch of money into this business- which was interesting. In the end I didn’t make any money. I didn’t lose any money. I came out completely zero. But I don’t have any loans. I don’t owe any money and I didn’t forfeit on my lease or anything.”

Friday recalls that, just as the lease was up, she ran a fashion show at the Rum Jungle in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

“E! filmed that and that was a lot of fun,” she says. “I did that a lot on Melrose where we had fashion shows every month and we’d have art shows for the local artists. I’d see all the hippies on Melrose.”

“But I really couldn’t afford the advertising,” she admits. “It was word of mouth. Those who knew, knew.”

Friday also mentions the time when her place got robbed.

“I got robbed twice come to think of it,” she says.

The custody case also had a lot to do with Friday’s getting into the adult business in the first place.

“I tried being a good girl- I went to beauty school. I had a nail tech license in Florida. I went to Oregon back to beauty school…Beauty School dropout…” Friday begins singing the song from Grease.

“I was going to school and trying to do the best I could. I had four lawyers during this thing and was fighting with family. It was a nightmare. I was trying to do the right thing and it wasn’t cutting the mustard. The judge couldn’t stand me and it didn’t matter what I said or did. It just didn’t matter. I lost full custody in 2000.

“I’m not going to lie. The first year I was real drunk. I got real shitty. That’s all I could think about. Where’s my bottle? That wasn’t going to work.”

Friday also hastens to point out that she never brought those alcohol issues to the set.

“I’ve always showed up sober. Except for that one time I was hungover. But that never happened again. And I don’t get high. I’m allergic to pot. It affects my sinuses and my chest!”

Friday then met an Oregon farmer who had never been off the farm.

“He taught me how to drive a combine and a tractor,” she laughs.

“He wanted to do porn. So I said let’s do it. I thought that wasn’t a bad idea because I could do feature movies and maybe get into feature dancing. We did the first 15 films together [he worked under the name Hitman] then I drove him home to his parents house. He wasn’t cutting it. He said call me. I said why, and I peeled out.”

Friday never called him.

“And I’m single!” she declares. “I’ve dated some wonderful people. Oh gosh there was this one guy who took me to Vegas to break up with me.

“He gives me a hundred dollar bill and a plane ticket. He said get in the taxi line and make sure you get on that plane and get home. Whoa, I’m in Vegas with a hundred dollars. Yahoo. This guy flew me to Vegas to break up with me! But he was in trouble with his business and he was being indicted for millions. It was a hard day and he wanted to break up with me. I figured if I could survive in Tijuana on $5 dollars, I can survive in Vegas on $100.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way but it sounds like your relationships with men don’t always work out positively,” I tell her.

“I don’t date a whole lot,” she says. “I just find ones who have a whole lot of stuff going on and can’t make complete, total commitments.”

“How about a guy who’s committed to a mental institution- would that count?” she’s asked.

“Whatever works, baby, as long as he can meet me on Tuesdays,” she replies. “I only need to meet once a week. I’m not asking for much.”

Friday’s done a lot of wacky scenes in her career and she’s asked what stands out in her mind.

“I’m in the Malibu Hills in the back of a pick up truck,” she recalls.

“This kid enters my backdoor, and even the camera man thought I was such a champ because I didn’t need lube and was ready to go. So I’m hootin’ and hollerin’ in the back of this pick up truck. And a bunch of coyotes join in and you can hear them in the background.”

In a loss that will obviously make the world a sadder place, Friday no longer does anal and explains why.

“I did a scene with Gina Lynn and her husband for Jules Jordan,” she continues.

“They had never done an anal scene before. So I was offering it up my ass and he was trying to shove it in there. I said how about you guys play with it. So she hocks a loogie on my asshole and shoves her finger in with a long fake fingernail.”

“That’s like putting a knife in.”

“Yeah,” Friday agrees. “She literally cut my ass. She’s grinnin’ and thinking it’s fuckin’ funny. But it’s not. She cut me profusely and I bled profusely. And I still finished the scene. But we had to stop between takes and apply pressure on my anus with paper towels to stop the bleeding so he could shove his cock in there for two pops before I was bleeding again. It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I’ll never do it again.”

“The world has lost a beautiful ass as a result,” I tell her.

“I cannot do anal,” continues Friday. “And I’ve seen her since then. And I said I want to thank you because I can’t do that any more. She’s like, well, it’s a good thing in a way. I wanted to hit her. I really did. And it was her and I on another set years later. I told her what she had done. I said I suggest you get out of my face before I hit you. It took me a long time to heal. I talked to the editor of that film and he said they had a heckuva time with that one.”

As a kid growing up, Friday describes those years as happy ones.

“I was a good little kid and moved around a lot. I was pretty normal.” Her first time having sex was her 18th birthday.

“It was in Tijuana,” she claims.

“Does this have anything to do with a donkey?” I ask her.

“If you see Mario tell him I got his $5 and I can pay him back!” she roars. “He was a good sport. I love Tijuana. Woo, woo!”

I ask Friday if she thinks I’m some hick farmer from Oregon to believe that story.

Now that she’s won her case, Friday says she can at least proceed now, knowing that what money she makes is hers and not some lawyers.

“It’s like a whole new beginning,” she reflects.

“Now that I’ve got total freedom, maybe I’ll just stay single and have five boyfriends,” she muses.


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