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Conversations with Scarlett Fay, former Casino Group Tour Guide

Porn Valley- James Bartholet of Galaxy Publicity puts Scarlett Fay on the line, describing her as a mix of Lindsay Lohan and Audrey Hepburn. Of course, the last time Bartholet extolled the attributes of one of his clients- which was August- he got the Internet equivalent of a custard pie in the face from

I tell Bartholet welcome to the adult business, because it doesn’t become official until someone in the business calls you a scumbag or jack off, or the reasonable equivalent.

“I wasn’t happy about that,” says Bartholet. “He was calling me an asshole and calling August a whore and a bitch. And I’m very protective of these girls. I could care less what he says about me because it’s water on a duck’s back.

“Like that redheaded sonofabitch down in San Diego who was writing shit about me on xxxportalk when you announced that I was going to start performing. But the fact that my girl [August] was attacked- there was nothing I lied about in that press release. August is one of the top stars. She’s big.

“I’ve got very talented girls and rising stars as well,” Bartholet continues. “That’s the job of a publicist- to put a spin. That’s how publicists write- with an up spin. And then the guy wrote something about how I had an AOL e-mail account? What the fuck has that got to do with anything? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”

Perhaps a rising star in her own right, Fay’s been in the business about seven months and just finished a Wicked movie titled The Wicked.

“It has a lot to do with vampires and things of that nature,” she explains.

“I didn’t have a major role, but I’m the first person you see in the beginning of that movie. Me and a boyfriend are having sex in the desert. It’s cold and dark outside. And you know what happens when you have sex- you die. So I get killed in the opening scene. But Michael Raven said the next movie that he makes he’ll let me have a name this time instead of ‘young girl.’”

According to Fay, it’s been slow lately for her and she didn’t understand why. I gave her a quick sentence or two about the current state of the adult industry economy.

Other than that, Fay’s been shooting for Playboy and Danni’s Hard Drive but the Raven movie is her most recent appearance. Fay was discovered on MySpace.

“How does that work- someone e-mail you and say, ah-ha, I’ve discovered you?”

“My agent found me on MySpace,” explains Fay.

“She liked the fact that I was wearing a school girl uniform. Because it was Halloween. She said I had a great look and very girl next door, very natural. She wanted me to come in for an interview. Two weeks later I was on my way to Chatsworth. I liked what she had to say. I was like okay this is an adventure and we’ll see how it goes. If I don’t like it or it’s really not my thing, I don’t have to be here. But it turned out that it was something I really did enjoy and did have fun with. I just kept going after that.”

Fay’s first adult movie was for Vivid Video’s Brand New Faces.

“I guess most girls get nervous and who wouldn’t,” says Fay. “But I actually fell right into the scene and felt completely comfortable with everybody. Voodoo was my male talent and was extremely nice. He kind of showed me the ropes. We had a good time. It was a great scene and I left feeling good about myself and how everything was going. And I couldn’t wait until my next booking.”

Fay was scheduled to work next for New Sensations but scheduling boondoggles kept putting it off.

“Every scene we had planned for me seemed to get cancelled,” notes Fay.

“So finally I went with Digital Playground and shot with them a couple of times. Since then, I’ve worked for New Sensations a handful of times and I love working with them.”

“So far so good- I don’t have any horror stories to tell you,” laughs Fay.

“I’m enjoying it. I’m young and where else are you going to find this kind of life or make this kind of money? I figure if you enjoy it and make the best of it, there’s a lot of opportunity that can be brought from this if you do it the right away and go about it the right way.”

Before she got into porn, Fay worked as a Casino tour group guide in San Diego county.

“What kind of tour do you give people? Oh, this is the crap table, this is the roulette wheel…”

“Basically, something like that, when you help them off the tour bus,” says Fay.

“So this is Senior Citizens?”

“There was a lot of them,” says Fay. “But mostly Asians. It was pretty interesting.”

With this mix I figured Fay would to have been in some guaranteed kind of drama. She remembers this one instance.

“We had two Asian women who were fighting over chips or something like that,” recalls Fay. “They got into a major fight out in front of the buses. They were calling each other horrible names in Korean or whatever. The cops had to be called and escorted them off the property.”

Even if she hadn’t been approached about getting into adult, Fay thinks she would have been off doing something else by now.

“At the time I was floating around from job to job because I get bored real easily,” she says.

“I had been with the casino for about eight months and enjoyed what I did. I was outside most of the day. I worked with a great group of people that kept it interesting. Would I still be there now? The chances are probably no. I’m all about the next best thing, what can I do to make more money and what can I do to be happier and more established? And just as I was starting to feel that itch, boom, here comes the porn industry with an open door.”

Even her willingness to take that kind of shot surprised her, says Fay.

“I have never thought about being in porn. It never crossed my mind. If you had told me a year ago that I was going to be in porn I probably would have laughed at you.”

“I’ve always been known as kind of like the plain Jane girl,” Fay continues.

“She’s pretty, she’s cute but she’s plain. And I just kind of thought we’ll see how this goes. And it’s definitely something out of the ordinary for me. When I told my friends and family they were, like, oh my gosh. We never pictured you doing this.”

Fay swears her family is alright with her choice.

“They were very supportive of it,” she states.

“Usually a mother or father are putting a gun to their head wondering where they went wrong,” I tell Fay.

“My family trusts me,” she insists. “I’m good people.”

After seeing some of her pics, I find Fay’s plain Jane description of herself really taking the art of self-deprecation to the next level. I asked her what kind of action she got in school.

“I didn’t find out until after high school that all these guys wanted my ass,” she chuckles.

“I didn’t realize that until three or four years after graduation when I started bumping into these guys who told me, oh man, I wanted you so bad in high school. High school was kind of a joke to me. I made good grades and I always had a book in my face. I was always the nerdy girl and didn’t really dress up a whole lot. I wore my track uniform a lot. As far as a lot of action, I probably had a lot of boyfriends but didn’t take any of them very seriously. I didn’t even like sex until I turned 21.”

The first time Fay had sex was the age of 14.

“It wasn’t that great,” she says.

“And all the others after that weren’t that great, either. The guy was a couple of years older than I was. He was very persuasive and I felt like hot shit because I was a freshman in high school and this older guy wanted to date me. Little did I know he was dating everybody else at school, too.”

Fay’s first sexual experience occurred at the mall.

“It was the movie theater,” she adds.

“How did you work sex into the movie going, multiplex experience?” she’s asked.

“Very carefully,” she says.

“I kind of blanked out because I was so taken aback by, oh my God, there’s a penis inside me. The theater was fairly full. It was when American Beauty had just come out. And there was a decent crowd there. We were sitting all the way at the top. And I wasn’t much of a boisterous person then. I think about it now and I’m, like, oh my God. If someone had caught us…”

That would have to be near to the top of the list in the sex in unusual places file, I tell Fay, who seems to have a lot of entries in said file.

“I’ve had sex in a park, in trucks, on the school track during school colors,” she says nonchalantly.

One would assume that Fay might be bored with the conventional norms when it comes to mating.

Maybe a little,” she agrees. “But I’m always happy to get a bed.”

“Porn must seem like a dull after thought,” I suggest.

And if the subject of a contract ever came up, Fay thinks she wouldn’t be that enthusiastic to grab it.

“I figure that freelance girls end up getting paid more than contract girls,” she says.

Fay signed up with Bartholet’s P.R. agency after she had attended a recent actor’s workshop which Bartholet conducted.

“One of my friends on MySpace saw an advertisement for it [the workshop] and sent it to me,” says Fay. “I was interested in coming down. That’s how he and I formed a friendship. Now he’s my publicist.”

Now that she’s been in the business awhile, Fay’s formed some good relationships.

“I’ve worked with Evan Stone and really enjoy working with him,” she says. “He’s really good. I enjoy working with Ramon Nomar. He’s intense and very good. Lately the person I’ve been working with the most has been Aaron Wilcox. People would probably think we were dating if they watched us. We work together quite a bit. That and Rocco Reed is pretty good, too. And Lee Stone and Voodoo, of course.”

Fay notes that all of her movies are just now hitting the shelves.

“Toe Service by Redlight just came out,” she says. “Fresh Out of High School 9 really works. That’s a scene with Steve Holmes. We just had a blast. That was for New Sensations/Digital Sin as well as Four-Finger Club 26 for them. That features me and Jaylin Fox. That was a lot of fun and a really good scene.”

Fay mentions that she’s just been approached to be on the TV show Millionaire Matchmaker.

“I’m not sure if it’s going to happen or not but I go in for my interview on Friday,” she says. “This woman puts millionaires on different dates with different girls. I haven’t seen the show myself but it’s on TLC I believe. It’s been on for a good while and a lot of people have heard about it.”


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