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Porn Valley- By the looks of it, Utah Sweet,, may be the last woman in America to own a pair of black pumps. But the Sports Swami didn’t get around to asking Sweet about that hot topic this past Friday.

“She’s a beautiful, muscular woman who beats up men in her spare time besides being a fitness model and TV celebrity,” he said in his introduction of Sweet wondering how many times she gets mistaken for the state of Utah on Yahoo searches. Sweet, who seems to think that happens quite often, said the name Utah comes from a friend of hers. “I met this girl at a nude beach. We became friends- buddies at the nude beach. I thought it was such a cool name. And I was always jealous of her name.”

Sweet said when she became a dancer and needed a stage name, she appropriated it. It was noted that Sweet, back in the day, had been a flight attendant and married. Swami wanted to know what happened to the happy relationship and how she got involved in porn. Sweet laughed by saying that she waited too long and should have got involved with it a long time ago.

“I was going through a divorce,” she explained. “I got out of flying. I always worked out- I always loved being fit. I was teaching a lot of classes at a gym and training. I decided to do a bodybuilding contest.” Sweet said her trainer who was getting her ready for the contest was also training a stripper. “He suggested that you can make a lot of money stripping. I was going through a divorce and I needed money. I thought this was not a bad idea. But me taking my clothes off? No way.”

Sweet, nevertheless gave it a shot. “The stripping led to a freedom about my body and there I was doing pornography.”

Sweet was asked about her daily regimen and whether training was a tough grind to keep up. “It’s a totally important part of my life,” Sweet stated. “And it is my life sometimes.” Sweet said she gets up early- around 6:30. “My dogs wake me up,” she laughs. “I have my green tea; I take my vitamins and amino acids; I head out the door and do my power walking.” Sweet says she does that about an hour. “Big boobs flying along and everything.” In addition, Sweet says she watched her diet, has a lot of protein and lives clean. “I’m all natural- except in my boobs of course.” Besides that, Sweet spends about an hour and a half a day working out with weights in the gym. “Working my abs, stretching, going on the elliptical trainer- this is hard shit!”

Swami asked Sweet if her image works to her detriment. “Most guys want a woman they can dominate- here you can probably beat up most men.” Sweet says she wrestles quite a few men. “I’m strong-looking, and most men can kick my ass. I’ve got a lot of muscle tone. I’m in very good shape. But when it comes to one-on-one with getting down on a mat with a guy- no. I’m surprised at myself. I’ve wrestled some guys who look like little wimps and they still beat me.”

Sweet says he enjoys wrestling men [known in the trade as schmoes]. “It’s fun. I have a good time. I like the fantasy wrestling. I really enjoy it, win or lose.” Noting that Sweet participates in wrestling vids wondered how much of it was for real. “Or is this a bit staged and acting?” Sweet explains that the vids are stage acted, of course and that people find her on the Internet. “People know where to look. People know what they’re looking for and sometimes I happen to be it,” she says. “Because I do have a sexy physique and I’m very feminine. I’m not overly developed. I can do a lot of different roles. I can play the sexy blond, big-busted, strong-looking woman.”

Hence, Sweet says she gets approached by different kinds of websites. “It’s fun and I like to do it. It’s playful.” Sweet said she just did a vid for “It’s a really awesome website,” she says. “The guy who runs it is very cool. He’s very good to the guys and girls that he works with.” Sweet explained the scenario of the vid, that she’s working in an office. “It’s a very hot day and the air conditioning is acting up. I call the company and they send over this wimpy guy. He’s shorter than I and I probably outweighed him, too. He comes over to try and repair my airconditioning system. He decides that he’s going to rip me off.” Sweet says she overhears the phone conversation, gets the guy in a headlock and throws him over her shoulder and sits on his face. “I make him kiss and lick my ass. Basically he’s there to be my slave and please me.”

Swami suspected that it was probably a typical day in John Kerry’s life. “I haven’t done any videos with John Kerry- trust me,” Sweet laughed. “I don’t know what his days are like.” Swami said maybe it was Ted Kennedy he was thinking of. Swami asked if there was a special guy in Sweet’s life and inferred that Mike Tyson is tryuing to shack up with her. Sweet said she hasn’t heard any of those rumors but encouraged their spread. “They sound like they’re more exciting than my life.” Sweet said she has a lot of special men in her life. “I know that sounds kind of vague but I do,” she insists. “I’m open, basically. I don’t just have one. I don’t. I’m a free agent. And it’s kind of difficult some time doing what I do to find someone who’s accepting of that, too. But I’m a really sweet person. If there’s anyone out there who’s interested, shoot me an e-mail.”

Sweet was asked how much input she has in her website. “I run the website,” she said. “It’s an amateur site. It’s not run by any big companies. It’s me and it’s from my computer.” Sweet said she has all the input into that site that she so chooses. “I’ve really worked hard on that website,” she says. “I’ve really put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it.” Sweet said it’s a lot of fun to do and prides herself on keeping her information current and up to date. “And I do answer all my e-mails,” she added. “I know a lot of other girls say that and, probably, a lot of them do, too. To keep your membership base happy, you have to have it updated currently.” To accomplish that, Sweet laughs about making herself sound more exciting than she actually is. “It’s important to me to have members that keep coming back and sign up again month after month. I love it. It’s opened up a whole different world for me, having that website.”

“Thank God I’m still not dancing and stripping climbing up that pole and sliding down every night,” she goes on to say.

In addition, Sweet explains that she also does fetish and adult phone calls. “Sometimes I meet people over the phone and they want to be beat up,” says Sweet. “They want fantasy wrestling over the phone which is unusual to do. But I do it.” Sweet says she’ll try to be on call forur or five hours a day unless she’s shooting a video or working out.

Sweet says she’s even done those types of calls from the gym during a workout. “I have done phone sex while getting my nails done,” she adds. “I’ve had phone sex in the grocery store line. I do it on my cell phone so I can’t always be lying in my bed in tiny black bra and panty set. You got to do what you can.”

Sweet suspects that because of all the different types of people she meets, by the time it comes to writing her book, it’ll be a bestseller.

Sweet also mentioned the fact that she’ll be on Pamela Peaks’ cooking show, August 4. “Pam Peaks is absolutely cool as hell and she’s so funny,” says Sweet. “Her personality is hilarious- she’s a great girl.” Sweet explains that it’s a cooking show in the buff.

“I’ve done a segment with her already – it’s shot in a kitchen and we cook and get naked. And we usually have a porn guy on there with us. It’s so hilarious. I’ve never laughed so much in my whole life as when I did this last show with her. I swear to God. She’s going to be big with this show. It kicks ass. It makes any reality show look as dull as can be which most of them are, anyway. This show is hot.”

Sweet was asked the basic family question and how they deal with her being in the business. “They love me, they love what I do,” she answered. “They accept me. And I’m always there to help my friends and to help people.”


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