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Conversations with Vicki Richter-final

Porn Valley- On the set of Goodfellas Production’s Up Close and Virtual with Vicki Richter, Richter [pictured right] pauses for a chat. Richter’s been in the adult business since 2001 and was named AVN’s Transsexual Performer of the Year, 2005. Richter was going to do a “bonus” scene with her close friend Danielle Foxxx [pictured left] but this isn’t the first time they’ve worked together.

“When she became interested in making movies she sent me an e-mail,” recalls Richter. “She asked me for some contacts. For a lot of TS’s that contact me like that I’m usually reluctant to give them peoples’ names and stuff. But she was totally beautiful and I knew she’d be big star so I gave her every single person I knew. That’s how we kind of started. Then we had a chance to work together and the rest is history.”

At the time she was ready to make the transition to adult movies, Richter began e-mailing some directors off the Internet.

“I remembered calling Evil Angel,” she says. “I said, hey, I saw you guys make movies. I’m interested, and they said send a picture. I sent a bunch of pictures and Joey Silvera contacted me

Another company that Richter worked for was Androgyny.

“I did my first scene with Androgyny,” she says. “But what jump started my career was when I worked for Joey Silvera. I think I’ve been in eight Evil Angel titles. I really would have to give them all the thanks for my career being where it is today. Joey is awesome. He’s a great guy, fun; he’s very professional. He’s a very demanding director but he’s a little eccentric and we love him for that.”

Richter says she was a pretty normal kid for the most part.

“As a child I had a normal middle class upbringing- nothing strange or what not,” states Richter. “I know a lot of people that are in the industry might think that someone who’s a transsexual porn star might have had problems as a kid. I had a pretty normal upbringing. I did cross-dress a bit as a child. I think the first time in my recollection was at seven and a lot more at 10 and 11 years old. Not blatantly, but it was something I started then. I guess I started using toys on myself at around 14 or 15 years old. That’s when I started fingering myself and getting to know my body better. But I think at that point I had no clue- I wouldn’t even know what a transsexual was at that time.”

Richter says she’s attracted to both guys and girls but gravitated to girls, first.

“I don’t want to say it was natural at first but kind of what everyone else did,” she continues. “So that’s what I did. I had sex with a girl for the first time at 15. I guess it was okay. Like, anybody, I didn’t know what I was doing or anything like that. But I guess it felt good. I have no idea but I was probably horrible for her. But my first sex with guys was at 17. It’s kind of a long story but the gist of it was I responded to a personals ad where someone was looking for an effeminate guy to fuck his wife, so I responded to this ad. The guy answered the phone and I described myself- I had long hair, long nails, about 130 pounds. I was really petite then. So I responded to the ad but there was no wife there. It was just two guys there and I guess you could call it a rape but it was my first experience with guys. That was the first time that I took cum in my ass and swallowed it. It was a lot more than I bargained for. I was scared at the time. I didn’t want what happened to me, happen. Up to that point I never had sex with men.”

Richter says it had nothing to do with money and it wasn’t an escort ad.

“The woman sounded great in the ad and I had only been with girls at the time,” she explains. “I played with my ass and stuff- with toys and fingers- but it sounded like what I thought would be a cool experience. An older woman and that’s why I responded to the ad.”

By the time Richter decided on a gender switch she had a lot of other experiences leading up that.

“I guess it’s a decision you make,” she says. “It’s something I was drawn to and feel more comfortable as a woman. Obviously I like the attention and I get a lot of positive attention as a woman and feel more natural this way. I feel like it’s always what I’ve been, maybe not always as attractive.”

Before Richter got into the industry, she was a student and has an Associates Degree, a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree.

“I was in school a very long time,” she says. “I was almost a mini-professional student. I have an MBA in technology- I guess in some respects I approach my career more business-like because of it. There’s my website, and I make pretty good money off that and doing movies now and again. We don’t work as often as female performers but we tend to get paid a little better. But that doesn’t make up for it.”

Richter has a lot of hobbies that include salt water fish to computers.

“And taking care of my house- those types of things,” she adds. “I’m trying to learn to be a better housewife, though I’m not a wife yet. But I can dream, right? I would love to. That’s my aspiration for sure.”

Richter describes her surgeries and said the whole process went pretty well for her.

“Because I did things correctly,” she says. “I started off with a lot of surgery right off the bat. My preliminary surgeries were, I had my forehead shaved, my hairline brought down further for a more feminine hairline, a more feminine forehead. I had my first nose job. I had my first chin surgery and my first breast implants. I had that all done together. I already had long, pretty hair and stuff like that. So my transition to a woman was pretty good. Prior to a lot of things I did laser to remove my hair on the face and all those kind of things, and I had been on hormones for about a year leading up to this. Those types of things really change you significantly for the better if you’re going in that direction. So the transition for me was very natural. I remember in Thailand, after my surgeries, when I started walking around, the Thai men would walk by and say, ‘Beautiful.’ That for me was reinforcement right there. The second reinforcement I got was from the customs guy in Los Angeles. He was flirting with me pretty seriously until he opened my passport then he got kind of a shock.”

According to Richter, the whole deal cost her $10,000.

“Over here it would probably have been like $35,000 or more,” she notes. “The $10,000 was with my airfare, my hotel the whole three weeks that I stayed there. It was very cost effective to do it that way. Their doctors aren’t the best but they’re competent enough to do what they need to do.”

“Earlier you said you had done it correctly- what happens when you do it incorrectly? You must have known some people like that?” Richter is asked.

“I have thoughts on this,” she replies. “But there’s a lot of transsexuals who’ll wake up one morning and say, okay, this is the day I’m going to transition. They haven’t done anything up until that point to prepare themselves and they just put on a wig and some makeup and they say, okay, I’m a girl now. Treat me like a girl but they look like a guy with a makeup; a guy with a wig. They look like a guy in a dress. I believe strongly in cosmetic surgery unless someone starts out at a very young age. That’s the only way you can successfully live as the opposite gender.”

Richter is asked about the inevitable situation- she meets a guy and he wants to nail her.

“There’s all kinds of things,” she says. “I make out with a lot of guys at clubs and stuff and that’s probably a bad thing.” To which Richter answers the question that she’d probably be a slut if she had a pussy. Nonetheless Richter says she’s very attracted to Steve Volponi who directed her shoot.

“He’s so hot,” she sighs. “He’s got a big cock, big calves.” Asked how she knew about the cock, Richter says they talk about it all the time.

“So you’re at a nite club making out with guys,” says I getting back to the subject. “Somebody reaches down…”

“That hasn’t happened yet at a club,” says Richter. “Honestly, some times guys will try to like- they’ll be hands on the thighs moving up and it’s not too hard to just move away a little bit. Now if it’s actually going back to someone’s place…I’ve blown guys at clubs or outside of clubs.

“What fuckin club is that?” Volponi cuts in wanting to know. “I’m hanging out at the wrong clubs.”

Richter remembers one experience where she’s in a friend’s bed with some guy.

“She had hooked up with some guy- all my friends are females, I predominantly hang out with girls,” Richter continues. “She was doing her guy on a couch and I was in the back bedroom with the other guy. He kept trying to go down there and I was, like, I’m on my period, baby.”

“I’ll say – that’s four periods and over time,” I tell Richter.

“But honestly it’s very dangerous for transsexuals to do what I had done,” Richter admits. “But the way I kind of look at it is, I don’t go up to a guy and start macking on him. Guys come up to me. A guy kisses me, I feel like I’m okay. If a guy is going to take his cock out and want me to suck it, hey, what am I supposed to do? I don’t make a habit of doing that, but, mostly, it’s easier to meet guys on the Internet because, obviously, you can tell them what’s up first, that type of thing. You know if it’s going to be okay.”

I tell Richter barring the fact that you meet a Ted Bundy.

“That’s true,” she concedes. “It could happen.”

I wonder if Richter is a one-piece or two-piece bathing suit kind of girl.

“Definitely a two-piece,” she answers, noting that the trick to hiding the package is called tucking.

“I put my testicles inside of my body and I push the thing back,” she says. “First it’s like getting kicked in the thing. But not any more. It feels totally normal.”

And Richter ejaculates and jacks off.

“What do you imagine to get yourself aroused?” she’s asked.

“I like dominant, assertive men,” she replies. “That’s what my preference is. Sometimes I think back to scenarios like what happened to me when I was 17. It could be anything like that. It’s something where I like big dicks, nasty sex and those are the types of things I think about.”

We talk about when she takes it anally.

“What happens sometimes- the sensation is different,” she says. “Stuff will come out of me. Earlier when he [Billy in the movie] was hand fucking me, stuff was coming out of my thing. It’s a different feeling. It’s hard to have an anal orgasm but it can happen. But most of my scenes that I won Transsexual Performer of the Year for were with girls. I worked with a lot of porn girls- more than other transsexual.”

Among her favorites to work with are Belladonna, Ariana Jollee, Ava Devine, Julie Night and Christie Lee.

“I know Christie’s semi-retired or something,” she says. “But those are some of the nastier girls who can put a great scene together. And it’s like real for them. They’re not just pretending. They’re really into the sex and that’s what’s important for me. If I’m going to work with a girl I want her to be into it, not just going through the emotions.”

Richter said she was very happy when she got the Performer of the Year nod.

“I was signing for Evil Angel that year,” she remembers. “I was a cool experience. You win, you get your award and then the euphoria dies down. What do you do after that? I kind of lost motivation to work in movies after that for quite awhile. I started thinking in my head I should be worth more than a lot of other girls. I don’t want to use the word prima donna but it was a matter of what was next? I wasn’t going to repeat like year after year so what was I working for at that point? Because that’s what I really wanted. Throughout 2005, I only did, maybe, two scenes and they were both for Evil Angel. Maybe three scenes. I did The Fetish Fantastic Four with Belladonna that didn’t get released until this year. That was fine. Then I did a couple of other Rogue Adventures with Evil Angel. But I didn’t work for any other companies. I kind of re-started to work for companies like Devil’s and other video companies as of late.”


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