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On the Set with Vicki Richter- update

Porn Valley- On the Richter scale, Vicki Richter was a 10 for the ability to exchange wisecracks, spar and trade body blows with the crew of Up Close and Virtual with Vicki Richter. Richter drove into town from Arizona to star in this title for Goodfellas Productions, the same company that brought the world Up Close and Virtual with Danielle Foxxx, another interactive feature distributed by Devil’s Film,

Foxxx and Richter happen to be friends, and in a jail house scene, Foxxx is going to nail Richter in the butt. Or, as Richter calls it, her trangina. Richter, a cock and balls tranny with a pretty face and healthy ass, was named the Tranny performer of the Year in 2005. But pedigree doesn’t prohibit social indelicacies on the set.

“It smells like ass in here!” laughs Steve Volponi as he takes a spot behind the monitor at the Van Nuys Studios. Looking in Richter’s direction, Volponi adds, “Did you wash today? I saw a fly go by.”

Richter politely tells Volponi to go fuck himself and informs him that she’s cleaner than his wife’s cooter. Richter then asks Volponi how he likes working for Devil’s Film. Volponi tells her the best call he ever got is when former owner Mike Rubenstein’s number came up on his cell phone. Then when Rubenstein sold to the present owners, he did the right thing by the work force, according to Volponi. Richter is full of conversational odds and ends.

“I take credit for the word ‘she-cock’,” Richter also informs Volponi.

“Danielle said she did,” Volponi replies.

“She lies,” Richter answers back.

Volponi wants Richter to engage in a gauntlet of sexual interactivity, from having her feet rubbed to her tits squeezed roughly to her asshole being fingered. As needs be, a male performer named Billy provides the hand accomplishing all of this on behalf of the audience. It’s similar to when Thing pops out of a box in an Addams family episode, and Billy has to position the rest of his body discreetly out of frame for all this to work.

“Is this your first time working with a transsexual?” Richter asks Billy. Volponi thinks the way she phrases the question is hilarious. Billy tells her, no, that he’s worked with some in Argentina who put out their cigarette butts in plants. Billy’s remark follows the fact that Richter has tossed a candy bar wrapper on the floor.

“You do that in your house?” Volponi challenges her in an attempt to start a riot. Richter gives him another fuck you look.

“Do you want me hard?” Richter then asks Volponi.

“Do you need a lawn jockey?” Volponi shoots back in the same frame of sarcasm. Richter’s pointing to Shane Sawitz.

“He’s getting a woody,” she announces. “There’s so much sexual tension here because of me.”

Volponi tells Billy he’s got his permission to take it out on Richter for the sassy remark. Billy says he’ll punch her in the Medulla and remembers a time when he worked with Mika Tan and she had him eating chili out of a dog bowl.

“I’ll fuck a two by four with a hole in it,” Billy, otherwise, states.

“Can I say before we get started that I can’t stand to have my feet rubbed,” Richter’s announcing. She can’t stop cracking up in an attempt to be serious, and Volponi’s dying to see the outtakes.

“This is total torture,” Richter states as she grits her teeth. In one sequence, Billy takes a firm grip of Richter’s balls which are playing harmony to her pleasure.

“I want your cock so bad- I want your cock inside of me,” Richter’s moaning to the camera. “Right between my ass cheeks, in and out.” Richter tells me later in an interview, yeah, she jacks off like your normal guy. She generally fantasizes about hunky, dominating studs and lets it rip. Sometime during this two-day shoot Richter has referred to herself as “a dirty, filthy tranny whore”, so she gets hung with that tag.

Volponi’s talking about this great scene he shot with Richter the day before in which he put her in an alley way for a strip tease with steam coming out of a pipe. You look at both Richter and Foxxx and say to yourself, these are trannies that you can take home to mom. Richter leans more towards sultry whereas Foxxx has these adorable girl-next-door dimples. When she wants, Foxxx slips into this basso voice but never does it on camera. When you see either Foxxx or Richter on the street, though, the last thing that comes to your mind is balls and baritones.

“They’re easier to deal with than the regular porn girls,” Volponi thinks. Earlier, Volponi’s on the phone with a friend and is heard to say in a moment of great clarity, “Everybody in a transsexual movie has a dick.”

Someone asks the question if there’s a tranny MILF series which is an impossibility if you think about it. Richter tells me she had all her work done in Thailand for about a third of what it would cost you elsewhere.

From the looks of things, Richter got a pretty good deal.


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