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Conversations with Xana Star-update

Porn Valley- Xana Star was a guest of the Sports Swami last Friday. Star said she’s been in L.A., working, attempting to get her name out there. “Basically I want to get discovered and express my sexuality through erotic art,” she said. Star is working on her website,

“It’s my main thing,” she says. “We’ve put a lot of work into it. It’s my full time job. Right now we’re trying to get it launched and off the ground. We have a whole style and a lot of goals in mind. It is a lot of work right now but eventually it’s going to pay off.” Swami wanted to know how much Star was involved with project as opposed to having some hairy guy named Frank responding to her fan e-mails.

“We’re trying to avoid that,” Star said. “It’s been a long search to try and find the right web designer. We’re still in the process. We haven’t settled with anyone yet. I think it’s going to be lots of work. We’ve put tons of work into it so far, but this is what we want to do. This is where our hearts are at. We want to promote ourselves the way we want, we believe is right. So it’s a lot of work to find that right person that you can identify with that’s going to be able to epresent you and promote you in that way that you feel is right. This is our dream, our fantasy. We want to make it come true.”

Throughout Star’s interview, she tends to talk in the “we” voice meaning her and her husband. When asked how she got into the industry in the first place, Star said, “We don’t really feel that we do porn. Like I said we express ourselves through the erotic arts. We’re trying to take a different approach a little bit. We want to cater to the women instead of the men which is pretty unusual nowadays, I think, because a lot of the porn and the erotic art that goes out there is directed more towards the men and their fantasies.

“We want to do it a little bit different for the ladies out there,” Star continued. “Basically I think we just try to stay focused and put as much of our heart into it as possible. Again, me and my husband work together. We strictly stay together and go with what we’re turned on by and what makes us hot.”

Star said she and her husband met at a party in New York. “In the beginning I was doing solo and girl-girl. When he came along he was the perfect fit for me. I think both of us are now into it equally, but I was definitely into it first. Then he came along and we work together now.”

Star was asked how tough it was to find a perfect fit given that she works in the adult business. Her answer sounded like she was scouring the Sears Catalogue. “There was a lot of people before but not anyone that was the right part for this type of job,” she said. “I just waited around to find somebody understanding and interested in what I did. If they were scared away by it or intimidated that definitely wasn’t the right person. It just worked out with him. It just clicked. It wasn’t something we had to think about. We just did it.

Swami noted that Star has gone with L.A. Direct Models. “I think they’re very professional and focused,” Star said. “They work really hard for the girls and I think they’re good people to be in contact with for what we do. They can represent us in a way that keeps it into our limits. We don’t have to fall outside our limits. And they work really hard for us, so that’s important. You definitely want someone who’s going to get you the job and do their part as well.

“Doing our part is pretty tough and we’ve got our own responsibilities,” Star continued. “If someone is working for you and taking care of their end of it it just works together in partnership.”

Swami probed a little more about the making movies for women aspect. Star believes that catering to women is a lot more sensual and sexual. “It’s much more erotic and glamorous,” she says. “It has more of your heart into it. It’s a little more slow paced. I guess it has more reality to it instead of this fantasy that men have been portraying all these years. I think it’s a lot more feminine instead of harsh and masculine. It just has a lot more female characteristics about it.”

Swami’s been asking a lot of his interviews of late about the HIV crisis and how it affected them. Star says it didn’t affect her a whole lot. “I only work with my partner so that’s not a scare or threat to us at all,” she said. “We do our own thing. Not only do we do erotic art but we do glam shoots, regular fashion, we do regular modeling and acting. Again it doesn’t affect us because we don’t work with other people. It didn’t slow our work at all. We just kept on doing our thing.”

But Star was quick to admit that the situation was traumatizing. “It does put out a scare a bit to people and it does slow things down a bit. But, again, not for us; not for what we do. It just confirmed that what we do is right for us, being that we don’t share ourselves with other people. I guess it helped us if anything. We work as a couple and I think more people should consider working with couples becaue it’s a little bit safer. You don’t have much to worry about. And, at the end of the day, what you did is what you’d do in your normal life. I think that’s something to be proud of.”

Swami then hypothesized some unrealistic deal from Vivid asking Star if that would be an incentive to work with other partners. Star said her goals for the future are to work strictly with her husband. “If down the road we feel that we want to incorporate someone else into our relationship, we’re definitely going to do it in our personal life,” she said. “If it clicks and it works we might take that to the next level and do it within our career as well. But we definitely want to experience it together. We’re not going to be paid for it. There’s no pressure. It’s not a scene. You don’t have to do it. We want to make sure we’re comfortable with it. We want to make sure it feels good and it’s something we’re into. Because that’s what we’re all about. We want to portary, we want to provide reality love scenes to the world.”

Swami asked how Star’s family handles it and whether they’re more receptive to what she does under the conditions that she works in the industry.

“For us it’s definitely art,” Star keeps insisting. “We’e both artists ourselves. We met in an artful music scene together so I guess as long as we’re doing what we think is right, I don’t think our families or friends would go against our own decisions. My family knows that they raised me right. I’m going to make decisions to do the right things. I’m not going to put my self in a situation where I’m going to be harmed. I think what goes on between us right now is a little more personal Later on into the future we might let people into all of our secrets. We’re adults. We handle everything in the right way and a very mature way. I think our family and friends trust us to do our thing and support us.”

Settling down doesn’t look anywhere near in Star’s future. She said her husband wants to wait 30 years which would make her 56. “I want to do it a little bit sooner but we’ll see,” she said. “I trust that both of us will know the right time for that moment. I just went to fulfill my fantasy until I’m satisfied. At that point some day we’ll find the right point to settle down and quit all of this. Or may be we’ll be the producers or the agents at that point. This is definitely what we want to do for sure. This isn’t just a side job for us.

Swami pointed out that, like Star, Holly Halston and Nicole Sheridan work with their husbands. “Because of that both of them have passed up a lot of opportunities of working with big companies and working as contract starlets.” He asked Star if she’s jealous or frustrated by the fact that opportunities are likely to pass her by because of her choices. Star said she feels confident in her decision and what will happen in the future.

“I feel that there’s not many people that could ride this decision out,” she said, “and go in this direction. A lot of people told me along the way I’m not going to make it doing that. Your limits are going to hold you back. I guess it comes down to believing in yourself enough, if you’re willing to stick with what you think is right and what feels right with you, or if you’re willing to sell out and go with what other people believe you should do- I feel pretty confident that holding back and saving myself and sticking to my guns in what I choose to do is going to be the right decision. I think it’s going to pay off.”


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