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CWA Tsk Tsks Columbia House; Hails Gonzalez

WASHINGTON — The New York Post reports that “Columbia House, famous for its ’12 CDs for a penny’ record clubs, will launch its own adult video club with Playboy Entertainment at the end of this month. The service, called ‘Hush,’ will sell pornography through direct mail and a Web site.”

“Here’s another white collar company willing to soil itself by trafficking in pornography,” said Jan LaRue, Concerned Women for America’s chief counsel. “The execs at Columbia House need to understand that if they knowingly distribute obscene porn through their ‘Hush’ subsidiary, the company and the execs responsible are subject to federal prosecution and asset forfeiture.”

According to the Post, “Among the recipients of Hush marketing dollars … will be Howard Stern, with Hush sponsoring contests on Stern’s syndicated radio show. Hush will also be promoted through direct mail and through ads in adult magazines.”

“As usual, when mainstream companies decide to sacrifice corporate responsibility and image to chase porn profits they claim it will be ‘tasteful’ material. What taste-o-meter are they using that qualifies Howard Stern for promotion?” LaRue added.

“We were pleased to hear Alberto Gonzales say at his confirmation hearing that if he becomes attorney general, obscenity enforcement will be one of the things that he focuses on,” LaRue concluded.



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