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Cytherea Celebrates Natals at Key Club

Porn Valley- KSEX, did one of its remotes Monday night from The Key Club. It was all part of the celebration of Cytherea, the Goddess of Gush who’s featured Thursdays on the station. Cytherea was celebrating both her 23rd birthday and the start up of her production company. And during the course of the evening, whoever ventured forth to the mike, manned by Wankus, ventured forth.

In one instance Brian, aka Plus One aka The Dago Bomber, discussed the logistics of limo service. And that’s because Cytherea was running late to her own party because of it or the lack thereof.

Wankus, checking out his Cytherea watch, discussed the early party of the evening as being sausage heavy. “It’s heavy cock but there’s still a lot of females coming in.” Noting the presence of Bill Fox, Shana Knight’s husband, Wankus said it looked like somebody had just squeezed a big jar of mustard in the middle of the crowd. And that was the cue for Brian to spread some condiments over the limo company which was supposed to have gotten Cytherea to her own party a lot sooner.

Wankus asked what gave him the idea to hold such a shindig. “Last year we started at Sardos. This year we’re at the Key Club. Next year The Spectrum? What’s going on?” Brian attributed it to having fucked up considerably more this year than he did last year. “I’ve bought myself another year of a relationship, I think.”

Asked where Cytherea was, Brian commented, “We got fucked by some people I will fuck back later. But she is in the car, on the way.” Wankus clarified by noting that Brian was referring to the limo ride. Brian said something about the company being on “vacation”.

Setting the table, Wankus, working like a vaudeville team with Brian, noted that Brian made provisions for a limo to bring Cytherea to the club. “This is a guy who owns the limo, not just a friend of a friend,” Brian added.

“He’s [Brian] like calling what-the-fuck where the hell are you guys?” reported Wankus. According to Wankus, the limo guy, Rammy, never showed up. “And every time we talked to him, he was the famous I’m ten minutes away,” Brian added.

“I’m on the Freeway- where are you? I don’t know.” After Cytherea had made some initial calls, Brian then got on the phone to kick some ass and was told that the guy was actually on vacation in Santa Barbara with someone who wasn’t his wife. With swift implication, one might have gathered that Brian was referring to another well known porn star, though Brian kept referring to her as Stephanie Trip.

On Wednesday afternoon, Brian called to say that while the rumor had been circulating at the party as to the real identity of Stephaine “Trip” it actually was someone named Trip.

Brian reported that he was told this Stephanie character and Rammy were on vacation, don’t bug them and then they hung up on him.

“Keep in mind on Saturday night we’re out partying; we’re in Hollywood,” said Brian noting that not more than 48 hours ago he’s at Rammy’s birthday party and Rammy’s asking Brian if he could continue the party at their house. Brian said even at the late hour he told the guy to come over. “No problem, buddy.” Fueling the fire, Wankus said, “This is how he repays you? Does that mean Cytherea arrives in a Hyundai tonight?”

Brian predicted that before the party continued at his house, Brian was going to make a point of stopping at Rammy’s house to let his wife know where he was.


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