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Daisy Marie, Tori Black, Callie Taylor and Shawna Lenee on Howard Stern

[]- Howard said that they had 4 Penthouse Pets coming in to compete for $5,000 courtesy of Howard TV.

Howard sang a song for the girls to kick off the pageant. After the song Howard said that was very professional. He brought in the first pet, from February 2008, who claims to be a lesbian who dates guys occasionally. Her name was Callie Taylor [pictured left].

Howard asked her if that was a goal of hers to be in the magazine. She said it wasn’t a goal but she wasn’t opposed to it. Callie said she was a dancer at the Penthouse Club and she ended up getting into the final four and she ended up winning in a text message vote.

Howard asked Callie about being into women and why she thinks that is. Callie said she loves women. She said her sisters are into women as well.

Howard got Callie to take her top off. She had no problem doing that for them when Howard asked. She said that her boobs are natural and she has her nipples pierced. Howard asked her when she lost her virginity. She said she was in 8th grade but didn’t remember how old she was at the time. She thinks it was 13 or 14.

Callie said that she last made love to a woman 3 months ago. She ended up getting back into men for a while after that. Howard said that Callie had a great ass but she did have a tattoo back there. She claims that she doesn’t work out either. Howard asked Callie if she will get into porn. She said she won’t.

Howard asked Callie what is the one thing she’s kept secret. Callie thought for a minute and said that when she was younger she had a babysitter who was only 2 or 3 years older than she was. Callie said that she lost her virginity to her around the age of 7. She said the other girl was about 10. Callie said that they did everything after starting out kissing. She said that she never did anything to the other girl but the other girl did ”everything” to her. She said she never really thought of it as being sex back then but she realizes that it was sex now.

Howard asked Callie what she was going to do for her talent portion today. She said she was going to play the violin. She hasn’t played since the 11th grade so she’s a little rusty. Artie said she’s really hot. Callie then played her violin. She said that it’s not that long. Howard started laughing within seconds of her playing it. She said that it was ”My Heart Goes On” from Titanic but it was unrecognizable. Callie tried singing along with the song but it wasn’t helping.

Howard thanked Callie for that and told her that she’s beautiful. Howard said he hopes they can get her to make out with someone else during the game. She said she’s sure she can make that happen.

Howard played the next intro which described this woman as having been in porn for 8 years. It was Penthouse Pet Shawna Lenee [pictured right]. Howard asked Shawna about being in porn and if she thinks that she’s being over worked. She said that she’s doing okay with it. She said that she has thought about being with Callie so Howard asked her to go over and give her a kiss. She went right over and did it.

Howard read that Shawna is also into chicks so he asked her about that. She said that women are the best. Howard asked her if she wanted to take off her clothes after that. Shawna said that she would and told Howard how great marriage is as she was undressing. She said that she would marry a woman too. Howard asked her to stop talking so much and just undress. She was completely shaved down there and Howard said he likes that.

Shawna said she’s going to stay in porn until she’s done with college. She has 6 years left of school. Howard played a clip of Shawna in one of her movies. He found out she doesn’t do anal scenes but she does interracial porn. She said that she likes watching that kind of porn too.

Will told Howard he has to see her ass. Howard had her spin around for him and checked it out. Howard said that he’s sure that Artie is in love.

Howard asked Shawna what she thinks is the most important invention. She said that she thinks that the wireless reading device is the best because they’re saving trees. The guys applauded her for that.

Howard asked Shawna to show off her talent which is telling jokes. Shawna told a joke about a wedding and while she was doing it she was playing with her vagina a little bit according to Howard. She said that her hands automatically just go down there. She said she likes to masturbate a lot.

Howard thanked Shawna and moved on to the next contestant. The next one likes to be choked during sex and is bi-sexual. She also has sex with black men and used to do every type of drug she could find. This was Tori Black [second to left]. Howard said that she gave him a look that made it seem like beauty wasn’t so easy. Tori said that people don’t take her seriously. She told Howard she was 12 when she started having sex with women and 13 with men.

Tori said that people didn’t like her in school because she was having sex. She said that she was the third in her school to have sex as far as she knows. Tori said that she would like to have Scarlett Johansson some day.

Tori said that she went to a slumber party one time and there were 12 of them who got it on after watching Titanic. She said that the song the first girl performed meant a lot to her because that song was from Titanic.

Tori said that two of the girls at their party got really worked up and started kissing and that led to the rest of them getting it on. She said that they were from Seattle so there wasn’t much else to do up there.

Tori said that she loves anal sex and said that part of it is that it’s taboo. she also said that the G-spot can be connected between the rectum and the vagina. She said that she spends about 5 hours cleaning before she does it though.

Howard told Tori she was a great catch. Howard asked her if she ever has spontaneous anal. She said that she doesn’t but there’s always a finger up her butt. She said that she’ll stick her own finger up her ass to masturbate. She also talked about how she likes to be choked during sex.

Howard had Tori get naked after that. She took her top off and then her bottoms. She had a little bit of hair down there so Howard asked what that was about. She said that she was asked to have some hair up there for a 70’s theme movie she did. She said she doesn’t like hair down there though.

Tori had to go to boot camp as a kid so she talked about that a little bit. Then Sal came in and asked if he could verify the clean ass by taking a whiff. Howard told him to go for it and Tori said it was fine. Sal went over and smelled and said it smelled like Febreeze down there.

Howard asked Tori to tell them about a recent accomplishment. Tori said that she used to take every drug she could and she has an addiction problem in her family. She said that she has been clean and sober for an entire year now. she said that she doesn’t smoke, drink or do any drugs. Her addiction right now is 7-11 Slurpees.

Howard asked Tori what her talent was. She was going to do a redneck impression. She had some other impressions of some MAD TV characters she likes as well. Howard asked her to do the redneck impression. She did one of comedian Bill Engvall. She did one of his bits and had no one laughing. Howard told her she had a great ass after hearing the impression. He joked that he’s going to replace Jackie’s Joke Hunt with Tori.

Howard said they had one final contestant. They played the next intro for the Pet for June 2008, Daisy Marie [second to right]. She’s also in porn and likes to be tied up. Howard asked her about doing porn movies. Daisy told Howard that she doesn’t do black men because she’s afraid of their big penises. She used to do interracial stuff but she would be out of work the next day because it hurt so much.

Daisy took her top off and showed the guys her new implants. She went from a B-cup to a D. Howard asked her about working with Callie in a layout. She said that they did that and made out with her a little bit for Howard.

Howard asked Daisy about McCain’s bail out plan compared to Obama’s. She was about to answer but Howard said he was just kidding.

Howard asked Daisy when she was last tied up. She said that it wasn’t too long ago and she told him about having anal beads put in her. Howard didn’t know much about anal beads so he asked her about that. She said that you do it for fun to see how many you can get in there.

Howard asked Daisy what else she likes and she went through a bunch of things where she’s restrained that she likes to do. She said that she likes to be submissive and just take it from the guys. Daisy said that she likes to push it and see how far she can go with that kind of stuff. Howard said that these girls are very free and explore all kinds of stuff in their sex lives.

Howard said that Daisy was telling Gary that she’s amazed at how many Jews she sees in New York when she does. She said that she sees the guys with the beards and hats walking around.

Howard asked Daisy to get naked and Will pointed out that she has a giant person on her back. She said it’s a cherub that watches her back. Howard asked if they have to cover that up in the porn movies. She said that she has actually had a bunch removed to clean up her look a little bit. She said she went through a lot of laser surgery to get rid of them.

Howard asked Daisy about being with girls and she said she was with one at 13 and lost her virginity to a guy at 15.

Howard asked Daisy what the one thing is that she wishes she could change about herself. Daisy said there isn’t much because she has changed so much in the past 2 years. She said she really doesn’t know. Then she said that she would go back to school and finish up whatever it was she wanted to do with her life.

Howard asked her what talent she was going to show off today. Daisy said that she was going to sing. She said she’s not much of a singer though. They played some music for her and she sang some Spanish song. Howard sang along with her a little bit. HOward said that Daisy was cute and seemed to like her song. Howard siad that was some singing right htere. Then he siad he didn’t hear one note while he was watching her dance.

Howard said that Daisy should dance at strip clubs. SHe adi that she has feature danced at clubs but she doesn’t right now.

Howard said it was time to decide the winner. He said that they were all beautiful and all had great personalities. HOward said there was a $5,000 prize on teh line adn it’s being brought tp them by Howard TV. He aksed Robin to vote first. Robin said it was a very tough decision. She said that they were all great and very fun to talk to. Robin picked Callie Taylor as her winner.

Howard asked Fred for his vote. Fred said he thoguht that Callie was going to take the votes but then he liked Daisy talking about being ”suspended and fucked” and had to pick Daisy Marie. Benjy was up next. He said that he was blown away by Tori’s looks but he had to give his vote to Daisy.

Howard had Artie give his vote. ARtie said that several of the girls could be comedians. He aid that he had to pick the one with the talen portion that made him laugh the most adn that would be Callie’s violin playhing.

Howard said that he was going to vote for one of the other girls but he had to break the tie between Callie and Daisy. Howard said that none of them are losers with those faces they have. Howard sadi he was very impressed with Callie’s violin playing. He said that Daisy is also a remarkable beauty. He sadi the singing really got to him and he’s drawn to both girls. He said he had to pick Daisy though. HOward said the singing really got to him so he had to pick her.

Daisy made a nice speech to the guys and said that they’re going to party tonight. HOward had the girls all make out after that. Howard said they all do seem to love each other. HOward siad he could watch that all day.

Howard let the girls get in plugs for thier various web sites including:

He also gave the girls who didn’t win $500 prizes. He sang them out as they wrapped up and then went to break.


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