WARNING TO Shawna Lenee and Brandon Iron

You have 24 hours to come here and admit your not writing for South and that he is a liar or this is war!!!!! If you want to lay in bed with a lying scumbag that attacks straight male porn gods with lies of slander and libel and you are helping support him then we will go after you and everyone around you. Also we will make sure PWL goes after you both on there site and wiki.



  1. Why don’t you get the fuck out of here? It’s funny how these pussies block all opinions that they don’t like when they’re on places like Twitter but then they feel entitled to come to sites like this with open posting and give their 2 cents. Her comments on this site should be removed until she unblocks this site’s contributors on Twitter.

    This is why her gig at South’s place will be a joke. She’ll be able to sit there and try to be controversial in the blogs and South will heavily moderate anything that gets said back to her in the comments. Frankly, I don’t know why the blogger of this article even included her in this piece. Who gives a fuck about her? Brandon going to the dark side is the real tragedy here, who cares what some drug addict bimbo does?

    • I didn’t say a word to you on Twitter. You blocked anyone and everyone associated with Donny Long whether or not they spoke to you. If you block people that don’t even talk to you how are you going to take feedback as a writer?

      As far as being “creepy,” sorry, I don’t interact with porn performers on Twitter and if I did you’d be the last one I’d be interested in saying anything to. The only reason I’m even talking to you now is because you came to OUR site and posted. Feel free to leave any time and no one from here will talk to you again on any site. Keep posting and we’ll return the favor.

      We may as well close this. Brandon isn’t coming here to post and I don’t know why she was even included in this. Let her go to South. What does the blogger that issued this ‘warning’ think he’s losing out on? Brandon’s the one with the interesting stories, she’s got nothing.

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