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Dave Cummings: From the Trenches; Back to School Edition September 2010

Dave Cummings writes: I’ve never been a “writer”, per se, even though I’ve been publishing a monthly column these past 10+ years for the members of my site and for others who might be interested in reading about happenings in the porn world.

My past school teachers would probably laugh their butts off if they ever read any of my columns, not because of what’s written, but rather because I simply can’t “write”, PERIOD!

So, I’m gonna (see what I mean about me not being a “writer”, not by any possible stretch of the word?) experiment this month by just jotting down stuff that has come to mind as a result of happenings and opinions that I had during the past month. Buckle up, ‘cause what follows ain’t gonna be pretty or up to even average 8th grade “writing”!


Against my better judgment, I recently returned to a swinger’s pool party that in mid-summer attracted quite a few older and heavier than average women. Now, I can still enjoy such swing parties, but the previous one at the same home seemed to be more of a meet-and-greet-and-gab-and-visit happening than the “sex party” mode that people like me prefer. This one, however, was almost non-stop sex from noon to midnight, and there were some very sexy younger females who seemed to have a lot of sex needs to satisfy. I am so lucky to be a porn star and have the women wanting to see what it’s like to be with a porn guy, which often results in them approaching and hitting on me; sometimes their guy watches or participates, or he heads out to pool to try and snag a girl for himself while his woman and I “play”.

Candidly, I’m not all that special, but even at 70 I do seem to have the “functionality” and stamina to please almost all the swinging wives/women. It’s comical how they end up needing a “rest break” after only 30-45 minutes, and how one or more of the other women who were watching us go at it volunteers to take me on. Since baby-wipes and condoms are plentiful at swinger parties, I usually try to freshen up between women while explaining how important I think it is to clean off the scent of the condom before a woman goes down on me; it also gives me a chance to “preach” that condoms should be changed from time to time during prolonged sex, and definitely after being in a previous vagina.

Health Hint: if you don’t routinely do the aforementioned, I recommend it to you. The party had approximately 23-24 couples and was constant sex except for potty/shower/pool/food breaks, which gave me the opportunity to have sex “sessions” with seven horny and attractive women (one of whom I played with late afternoon, and again just before I left for home around midnight).

I learned that day not to pre-judge parties at that couple’s home ever again; in fact, there’s another one there in two weeks that I definitely plan to attend. As an aside, one of the couples has since come to my condo so the girlfriend could “play” with the “porn star” while her guy snapped photos of his sweetie. I’m going to dinner in a few days at the home of one of the other couples—she’s particularly hot, so I’m hoping I get to have a sex session with her again, too! She’d make/be a tasty after-dinner treat.

COEDS and Groupies

The groupie college coeds, at least those who didn’t graduate last June, are returning this weekend for the start of their Fall semester classes. I’m hoping that they take a heavy class load so that they have to study hard (I love that word, “hard”), thus stressing them and their personal time-management skills so that they’ll want to stop by my place and satisfy their sexual needs — and then get back to their dorm with a clear head, less stress, and clearer focus to study some more. A number of them seem to be into the “daddy” thing.


In spite of the copyright infringement slowdown of new productions, the folks at booked me to host their “Screw My Wife, Please, Vol 73” a couple of weeks ago (I’ve hosted the last 68 volumes of that popular series).

Yes, besides having to hover in or around the set like a good host, and having to get “hard” at a moment’s notice for wives in a couple of the sex scenes who wanted a penis in their mouth while one is already in their vagina, I lucked out when a crew member had one of his girl-friends stop by the set.

During a break in the video for photos to be shot, he had her take me into a nearby bathroom for fellatio (notice how I’m using words like “vagina” and “fellatio”? That’s just in case one of my ex-school teachers sees this so-called writing). She fingered herself while giving me head, something I find exciting, and when she announced that she was going to cum, I simultaneously unloaded into her mouth. As I was handing her some tissues, I heard Director Bobby Rinaldi calling “Dave Cummings to the set, please”. Apparently, we both had sheepish looks on our faces, as a number of people smiled and nodded as we entered the room where the sex was about to resume.

Miscellaneous Complaint

Speaking of “tissues”, a personal irritant to me is those darn tissue boxes where the tissues sometime don’t pop-out and I have to dig down past the plastic opening to carefully snag the next tissue and try to get the others lined up to automatically pop-up the next time I reach for one. It’s a pain! Kind of reminds me of having to dig in and fish out a condom from a vagina where it had slid off during some sexual pounding (I guess I need smaller sized condoms).


Last item, I promise–Female newscasters and weather “girls” on television; it’s bad enough that some of the women on the news sets give me a semi erection just from watching them read the news. But, when the weather girls start moving around their maps, I seldom even see the maps or what they are pointing toward, because my eyes are glued to their bodies (something which gives me a “hard” situation, usually requiring masturbation). I hope I’m “normal” and that some of you experience likewise when checking out the weather forecast!

Take Care,

Dave Cummings, /


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