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Dave Cummings: From the Trenches, September 2011 Edition

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Dave Cummings writes: It seems like quite a few production entities in the Adult Film Industry are on, or getting closer, to the brink of being financially unable to survive much longer in this age of (criminal-like?!) piracy, and other significant choke-point challenges; sure, some larger and financially well-healed companies and those with rich “investors” are still churning out new porn releases, but for how long?

Under the present circumstances, I’m unable to financially continue as an
active producer / director, hence those descriptions are no longer in my
above “By line”; and, per my past personal policy, I absolutely will not
accept investor money and have to later face the possible wrath of an upset
“money person” investor.

I’ll continue, however, to perform in select sex scenes for other companies, and I’ll manage/monetize/sell some of my present 1,500+ Internet domains, and I’ll be active and involved with my personal

And, yes, I’ll still be a continuing condom customer in my private life,
especially for use in swinging situations and with groupie girls. I think we performers have a strict responsibility to make certain that we protect
other performers and ourselves by using condoms 100% of the time off-set;
and, I hope that performers with significant others are not being cheated
on, especially as it concerns the need for rubbers.

Yes, I’m totally comfortable with the DNA HIV/STD testing that we porn performers routinely get every month, but it could be worrisome if some performers are not 100% sober and 100% condom when playing off-camera with non-tested folks.

I’ve recently overheard two middle-aged couples commenting about seeing some Muslim women in a Los Angeles supermarket wearing traditional Arab clothing and being approached by an older woman who loudly lectured them that they needed to insure that their children and grandchildren don’t become jihadists, and that Islamic leaders needed to be much more outspoken in condemning worldwide terrorism related to their religion.

One of the two men agreed and commented that America can’t mold religion but should watch out for radicals of all religions and beliefs, while one of the women interrupted him and said that Muslims were becoming much more populated throughout America, and that it is becoming a future problem if Mosques don’t preach strict adherence to peace-the other man then loudly commented that Islam was becoming a threat to freedom of religion and the way of life in America.

As the two couples were getting out of earshot, they were becoming more animated and serious looking and sounding in their conversation. At least they were talking!

We’re back to NFL football season, which means swinger get-togethers to
watch the San Diego Charger games at a couple’s house which has been hosting these events for a few years now. Interestingly, whereas most guys usually are quickly “ready” to engage with the swinger ladies, while the games are starting they seem more patient but then switch their sexual attention to the women if the Chargers aren’t doing well or the many advertisements become too annoying.

I chuckle when the word “touchdown” is sometimes screamed out from one of the nearby bedrooms; and, there’s something impolite about looking over the head of the female giving you head, just so you can clearly see the TV and the football play that’s happening. During halftime and after the game is over, it’s a flurry of sex fun with the women seducing each other, and any guys who can still get it up again. I always drive hope with a big smile on my face, yes, even if the Chargers don’t do well!

Enjoy life, take time for family and self, be safe, and understand that it’s perfectly OK to enjoy sex with oneself and/or with other consenting adults; and, please be extra nice to others, just for the sake of it. I think that karma happens, and that there’s both good and bad karma.


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