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Dave Cummings: From the Trenches, July, 2010 Edition

Dave Cummings writes: Gosh, much of the summer has flown by already; Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July have come and gone, and most of my coed groupie girls have graduated or are on summer vacation in their hometowns/countries.

Thankfully, there are still enough women looking for sex fun, and the swinger pool parties are numerous, all of which somewhat alleviates the near-absence of sex due to decreased porn shoot bookings which have slowed down to a trickle during the heat of the summer and the heat of the piracy which has considerably dampened the need for, and frequency of, porn filming.

We porn guys have a high appetite for sex, so the present slowdown needs to be offset lest we go bananas. I keep hearing that a lot of the guys and girls who appear in the films are bored with the lack of porn “work”.

I imagine that some of the girls are resorting to off-camera “playing” with each other, and that many of the porn studs are taking a lot of cold showers. It’s not like there are a lot of jobs in this economy that need us, but at least the girls can do cam-related work. We guys have little opportunity to fill jobs while hoping for porn bookings. Because of the less than vibrant economy, even some gentlemen’s clubs are looking far from crowded.

Besides the piracy and its adverse effect upon the financial duress heaped upon us, now we are also threatened by entities and people/officials who want government to force us to use condoms in front of the camera, or face fines.

And, the Adult Internet might be getting beat up next year by the availability of a new Top Level Domain (.xxx) that might somewhat attempt to divert your enjoyment of present .com sites.

I personally will not succumb to .xxx, but rather will keep my sites running on the .com adult sites that so many of you have grown familiar with for years and years. I also will not patronize any .xxx sites in the future (and, I hope you won’t either); the dot com sites have the content/branding/girls that I like, so why should we viewers change to anything else!

I have a “tip” of sorts for you, something I’ve noted over the years that might enhance the sex play part of the love-making between you and your significant woman.

Of course, we guys think that we already know exactly what acts/techniques/etc our girl wants during sex. However, if you can somehow make it happen, I recommend that you marry your lady up with another woman, and then carefully watch and listen to what she does to, for, and with that sex partner; I recommend this because I bet she does what she wants YOU to do to, for, and with HER! I sense that girls pleasing other girls act out what they themselves want, and most enjoy.

Notice how much time she puts into foreplay, and what kind of foreplay she uses to sexually please and excite the other woman. How much kissing and touching does she exhibit? Is she being slow and gentle, or medium, or is she using a variety of techniques.

Is she licking the nipples, or sucking them—and, how fast, hard or soft does it appear she’s doing that? How does she use her tongue for cunnilingus; is she licking in the same direction, or is her tongue going everywhere, up/down/sideways/in-and-out/etc; which “69” position is she pleasing her lady with—maybe it’s HER favorite, and she’d like being in that position more than the one you like best (via communication when you two are alone, why not “research” what you saw and heard earlier, and maybe play in BOTH, or experiment with even more 69 positions?).

If she’s using a strap-on, how teasing and forceful/gentle/fast/etc is your lady exhibiting, and might she be unknowingly “modeling” for you the way she wants you to please her during intercourse? What position(s) does she prefer to use on her partner? How about other toy-play? After climax of the other woman, does she caress and snuggle with her—I bet she won’t just turn over and fall asleep like some guys do!

Bottom line, we can learn a lot from watching and listening to our girl “playing” with another female. If you can’t make such a twosome happen, why not use a blowup doll and make a game out of using it as an observation and communication tool to enhance the sex and lovemaking between yourselves?

Or, how about a “date” night with you and her in the bedroom watching a suitable porn movie (let her select which one—that might be super informative for YOU?); perhaps act like two reviewers expressing what you saw and liked, and things you found exciting and worthy of possibly experimenting with sometime? I could go on and on, but let me tempt you with trying to find other tidbits about her and her desires. Lovingly communicate; please her; love her; and let her show you HER sexual preferences. Enjoy!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and please use sun block.

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