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Dave Cummings: From the Trenches; Tales of Ride-Alongs with the San Diego Police

Porn Valley- Dave Cummings, posts:

I realize that it’s already happened, but I recommend you check out the porn
stars and happenings from that took place
recently at the Los Angeles Convention Center; for your viewing pleasure, be sure to click on the “Gallery” link. Adult Video News (AVN) puts on the
event, and as is everything they do, it was spectacular.

If you’’re in Los Angeles for their next Erotica-LA, or in Las Vegas for their huge event next January in Las Vegas (see the link to “Adult Expo” at the bottom of the opening page of, you’ll have a feast for your eyes like you were Ron Jeremy and me at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Dang! It seemed like only yesterday that the summer began, and now it’’s
almost over. Time flies, especially as I get older. Speaking of summer, the
heat of August and the vacations period is usually a “slow-down” time for
filming; but, I’’ve personally been busier than I prefer to be—I love
performing for other companies in Los Angeles, though the roundtrip drive
from San Diego can take 5-8 hours, and it’s usually at least three hectic
bumper-to-bumper hours each way into the porn-valley area of LA.

Nevertheless, once on set, I have fun; the recent shoot for “Screw My Wife,
Please, Vol 60” for Wildlife Productions (, and another
one for Kick Ass Productions ( were a blast. There are some
absolutely beautiful women entering the ranks of porn actresses, and they
seem to be very comfortable with their bodies and have insatiable desires to have and enjoy sex.

A couple of months ago, I telephoned the “Ride-Along” Coordinator at the San
Diego Police Department and applied to accompany a police officer during a
duty-shift patrol. I did this because prior to getting a last minute student loan which opened the door for me to attend Siena College, I was thinking about taking the exam to be a police officer or firefighter (my Dad was a firefighter, and later my younger brother followed in his footsteps and ended up being the Fire Chief of a major city).

I was subsequently contacted by the actual police officer that was assigned
to coordinate our schedules and set up the actual ride-along. Apparently,
many American police departments have a ride-along program as part of their
community relations programs. You might want to check it out in your city.

I had a great time, saw/learned/experienced a lot, and now have even more
respect and admiration for what professionals our San Diego Police truly
are. Officer “Smith” met me at the Division headquarters, took me to the
“line-up” briefing where I was introduced by the Supervising Sergeant, and
sat in on the info he provided the roomful of patrol officers and detectives for our Friday 2 PM-Midnight shift.

The info provided to the officers was extensive, and it reminded me of my Army days in Vietnam when I attended the operation briefings at the 4th Infantry Division.

Then, we logged into our patrol car computer system, prepared the shotguns
in case they were needed, and headed out to cover our assigned patrol area.

During the course of the 10-hour shift, we answered many burglar alarm
calls, provided “field Interview” assistance to another officer who had a
routine traffic stop turn into a “find” of crystal meth and syringes, made a
number of traffic stops (including one that first appeared to be possible
gang members in an out-of-registration car — it resolved without problems, but not before the driver was placed/secured into the back of our patrol car), responded to a need for us to do the full-speed/lights/siren thing on a 2-mile call to quickly pick up the girlfriend of a suspect in a major bar fight that resulted in the victim being hospitalized in critical condition.

We later had to assist detectives and officers at that crime scene, where
we took evidence photos and interviewed witnesses, and later did another
full-bore 1.5 mile run in response to a “hot prowler” report in a house in
the hills of LaJolla (which was called off just as we drove onto the
property—the “prowler” was actually a bed-ridden family member who dragged
himself out of bed and somehow was rummaging through drawers looking for
anti-acid tablets).

In between these calls and many others, Officer “Smith” had to “write paper” which was his term for filling out required forms and reports ensuing from stops/calls/incidences.

Throughout the ride-along, every officer and detective I observed did a
totally professional job (in spite of some citizens, in my opinion, acting
like liars and jerks!). The officer’s primary objective seemed to be
protecting citizens and property, and being effective in responsibly
responding to needs and calls. I also was very impressed by the abilities
and efficiencies of the dispatchers who, like the officers, were great at
handling multi-tasking.

I saw officers at various times quasi-acting in roles of not only law enforcers, but also in counseling and teaching people they came in contact with, conflict resolution, and genuine concern for others. If you think I sound like I was VERY impressed, you’re absolutely correct. What a fabulous experience that ride-along was! I intend to apply for additional ride-along assignments. It was truly refreshing for me to see such total and dedicated professionalism.

Please remember my mantra, i.e., that sex between/among consenting adults is indeed natural, normal, and healthy.

Stay safe, healthy, and happy!


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