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Dave Cummings – From the Trenches

Whew! The 2008 elections are over, and everyday life can get back to normal, sort of. We have a new President, hopefully one who can motivate Congress to actually accomplish meaningful legislation for the good of Americans, and one who won’t let the radical religious hypocrites hold him hostage to their misguided views.

Now, if only the economy will quickly recover, and terrorism will completely and permanently stop, I’d feel better about things. In the meantime, let’s try to get and stay hopeful and positive about life on Earth.

I’m often asked what’s important to me. Candidly, family, country, and selflessness counts big time to/for me. Work is also an important aspect to/for me. Of course, I love my job and wish that everyone could like their work, associates, family, neighbors, home, and their geographical locality. I even like (or, at least, accept and positively deal with) the hassle portions of my job, things like administrative requirements, deadlines, interruptions and interrupters, managing my 15,000 Internet domains that are always turning over and are for sale, keeping up with changes and happenings, and even the dreadful roundtrip drive from San Diego to Los Angeles to perform in adult films.

I try to stay inwardly realistic and happy, and guard against a “fake” positive attitude, preferring instead to adjust as necessary to situations so as to better handle life and what it’s doing to/for me. I try hard to make the best possible utilization of my available time, without being selfish with it; I avoid negative people, attitudes, situations, and “drama”; and, I absolutely love my family, and extended families, but I also enjoy my “alone” time with my best friend—namely, me!

How’s that for revealing myself? Yes, I like me! I think everyone should like themselves, or change to a better and more likeable self. Happiness in one’s life is important. Yes, there are things that bug me (like people in public places who sneeze or cough without even trying to cover their mouth), but I’ll leave that and others for some future monthly column.

Today, however, let’s all try to be thankful for life, America, family, and whatever real happiness we’re blessed with; and, let’s reinforce the good aspects and change, deal with, or eliminate the negative ones. I feel that we are responsible for ourselves, our own happiness, and our self-likeability. Let’s enjoy!

I recently was interviewed for profile pieces during television “Sweeps Week”, one for a network news piece, and one for a program called “Inside Edition”. The “news” piece airs tomorrow, and the other is scheduled in a week or two. I chose to be open with the interviewers, instead of being on guard in case they posed any negative questions. I sensed that they needed something controversial for their programs, but I don’t think I gave them anything but positive comments about the Adult Industry—it was easy to espouse about my happy inner feelings! I’m old and forgetful (I’ll be 69 next March), but in next month’s column I’ll try to remember to let you know the outcomes of the interviews. Both of their crews and reporters followed me to adult sets in Los Angeles.

Here’s some more about me. Every month, I look forward to a monthly newsletter I receive from Marty Klein, Ph.D at .

I recommend his exemplary monthly FREE offering, and think you will especially enjoy reading his opening comments this month.

Mark Kernes, another favorite resource of mine to read, of and is a reporter who is a master at explaining legal happenings in practical terms, especially pertaining to Adult Industry matters. I also always read everything Tom Hymes of writes for .

Ok, I understand that some of you want to also know about my recent sex life. In the last month or two, the bottom line is that sex has been plentiful. A number of shoots, swinger parties, and groupie girl escapades have kept me sexually happy. I especially enjoy meeting new folks at swing events, and recently one couple in particular has become good friends, as well.

Most swingers are so real and so down to earth that the word “heavenly” comes to mind. Most of the time, I’m the single guy at parties composed of couples. I never “hit” on the women, but rather am responsive if they hit on me or their guy asks me to “do” the lady –being a porn performer makes me somewhat sought-after by the ladies. Generally, I go home fully satisfied and (get ready, because here comes that word again) happy! If you ever get invited to a swinger’s party as a single man, I recommend that be super-gentlemanly and low-key, as it will usually get you lots of “action” than being aggressive.

Here’s where I remind folks to practice safe sex, use sun block, give up smoking, get plenty of exercise, and watch your intake of alcohol. Most of all, please be nice to others just for the sake of being nice.

Stay safe, healthy, and happy,
Dave Cummings, /


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