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Dave Cummings: From the Trenches- We’re Being Taken Advantage of By Elected Officials

Dave Cummings writes: It’s happening! Extensive elections nationwide are forthcoming, and WE have an opportunity to be heard via our votes. Please, do indeed vote! And, please keep in mind that local and state elections also impact upon our freedoms and lives.

We consumers of Adult Entertainment have our best chances of keeping government out of our personal and private lives by voting out those at local/county/state/federal level who let their personal religious views, or those who influence such elected officials, trample upon citizen-voter rights.

Before I open up and tell you my personal political preferences, let me vent a bit. I am tired of the constant political mailings and intrusive phone calls urging me to vote one way or the other. I am tired of television and radio political bombardments. I am tired of the political sniping, badmouthing, and attacks against candidates instead of their opinions, and I am very upset with the way some “reporters” in the media seem to be cheerleading and commenting in a biased way, instead of “reporting” news in an objective way. Damn!!!

I feel like the present congressional leadership is extremely inept, and somewhat childish. I dislike what seems like laziness in Congress –c’mon, get some meaningful work done, not just politicking baloney! Just look at the latest economic crisis and how some in the Senate added “earmarks” of many, many, many billions to the Bailout bill.

What gall, what favoritism, what scamming, and what bullshit! We taxpayer-voters have been, and are, being taken advantage of by our elected officials. I say that Congress has behaved badly and ineptly to the point that term limits are now needed. Let’s push for term limits on Congress, and let’s think about one five-year presidential term.

Here’s my present thinking on the presidential race:

A. I like the way the Republicans generally are against increased taxes, want smaller government that stays out of the private lives of citizens, and seem more focused against terrorism and making America energy -independent; I dislike their unwillingness to more fully separate church from state, especially as it regards citizen access to Adult entertainment, their stance against abortion and stem cell research funding, and the possibility that they would kowtow to religious hypocrites in appointments to the Judiciary.

B. I appreciate the Democrats for not being obsessed with policing the access of consenting adults to adult entertainment (hopefully, their Department of Justice would focus on child porn and crime, not what consenting adults watch/enjoy/do in the privacy of their bedrooms), and for their view on abortion rights and stem cell research. I am not enamored by their quest for more taxes, or government programs like healthcare. Lately, Senator Obama thankfully seems more realistic about defending America, and what it takes to fight terrorism.

Bottom line is that I personally plan to vote for Senator Obama, unless, like here in California, he is so assured of the electoral votes that it won’t hurt for me to vote a “write-in” for Dave Cummings (I do have a Masters Degree in Public Administration).

Besides what I opined above, Obama seems more accepting than McCain/Palin of the rights of Americans to access adult entertainment. I also plan to cast votes against ALL my Congressional incumbents, as well as present incumbents at state/county/city level (unless, of course, I find the challengers to be more dangerous to the separation of church and state, or so holier-than-thou that I don’t trust them to properly govern without their religious views tainting the objective accomplishment of their official duties).

Let’s take our beloved America back from elected officials who show more concern for partisan politics and their jobs than they do for OBJECTIVELY serving of their constituents.

Let’s vote, and let’s ask others to also vote!

Dave Cummings, and


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