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Dave Cummings- From the Trenches- December, 2008 Edition

Dave Cummings writes: 2008 is almost over. Kids are looking forward to presents from Santa. Parents are juggling schedules, Xmas shopping, holiday parties, finances, and life in the hectic lane. Yes, the economy is in dire condition, but sex is still important to the normal human beings of this world.

Think about it, even if there’s no money for couples to buy expensive holiday gifts for their spouse/girlfriend/partner, sex as a gift is easily given as the loving and caring way to show one’s special person how joyous sex-gifting, and lovemaking, can be.

Sex doesn’t have a “best if used by such-and-such a date” attached to it, it doesn’t require going out shopping and hoping that you purchased the right size, and it doesn’t mandate gift-wrapping. Sex can be given without a lot of logistical or monetary effort, and doesn’t get returned for a refund later. So, for the holidays, I recommend frequent sex as the perfect gift for lovers. Now, for those not presently in a relationship, masturbation can be a fine personal gift, too!

Besides the normal holiday parties, California swinger parties are in full swing this time of year, what with themes associated with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Year’s Eve, and the upcoming (February) Sadie Hawkin’s and Valentine’s day providing the “excuses” for partying. I especially enjoy the swinger parties at the homes of couples where delicious pot luck dishes (c’mon, I’m talking about food dishes, not babes) abound.

I especially like the desserts, and in this instance I am indeed referring to the action in the bedrooms, and elsewhere. Everybody at swinger events seems happy and drama-free. In spite of the economy and the employment and mortgage/foreclosures mess, sex prospered and paid dividends at a swinger party I was a guest at last night. It was almost non-stop action, with 7-8 different women over the course of the evening. My penis feels a little tender today, but I’m smiling from ear to ear.

A couple of weeks ago, the television Sweeps Week competition happened. See for a San Diego Television news story about some old guy porn star (me). T

here are two separate videos at the link, one of the actual five-minute news broadcast, and another of some of the footage which they ran out of airing time to include. I thought it was a fair story, and the fact that it was aired seems like more of the “mainstreaming” of porn. Two days later, there was a different but shorter profile piece about “Dave Cummings” on “Inside Edition”.

Though not part of sweeps Week, this link takes you to an extensive interview I did for a web site called “Porn Star Updates”, and Includes my article on “Getting Into The Porn Industry”, a no-holds barred candid description:

See .

It’s almost Xmas, and I’ve made up a partial “Naughty-or Nice” list of things that personally bug-or-delight me. I’ll add to it next year with more bitching and applauding. Maybe some of these will remind you of things in your daily life, too:

a. Drivers with high beam lights who cause the potential for accidents.

b. Drivers in front of me at entrances to freeways and major highways who won’t safely accelerate onto them, leaving me and those behind me at risk of being hit as we merge onto the freeway.

c. Tailgaters who obviously see that the line of cars in front of me is the holdup, not me, but who nevertheless show their impatience and recklessness by closely tailgating.

d. In spite of laws against manual use of cell phones, much of it continues. A high percentage of erratic drivers are distracted by their cell phone usage, thus putting me at risk because of their lawbreaking.

e. Drivers to my left in the double left-hand turn lanes who pull to their right and into my lane as they are jockeying to get some of my space so that they can make a wider u-turn.

f. Drivers, especially during this wildfire season, who toss their cigarette butts out their car windows. Now, THEY are dangerous!

g. People at the shopping malls who walk out of the store and bump into people already in the proper pedestrian lane. The same thing happens at the beach boardwalk where bicyclists, walkers, and joggers carelessly cut people off while they barge onto the boardwalk from side streets and pathways as if they are THE only people in the world.

h. And, how about people who sneeze or cough in crowds without covering their mouths! Yuck.

i. “Nice”—Seeing couples holding hands; dogs walking with their tails up and what looks like a doggy-smile as they are walking with their owners; coeds who still wear bikinis at the beach, even in December; drama-less groupie girls; and, fans!

Before closing the 2008 monthly columns, I can’t help but notice that there are “bailouts” happening and proposed all over the place, and I’d like to suggest that a porn bailout is worthy of government backing.

After all, in this day of piracy, tube site copyright infringements, and too much free Adult stuff on some web sites, maybe the brick-and-mortar porn companies should be supported, too! After all, it’s our porn that is being used by taxpayer citizens to cure/treat their sexual stress, and to provide materials that lead to sexual climaxes and the ensuing increase in focus and productivity. A porn bailout might also increase the status of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) since consumer spending accounts for 65% of the GDP.

Be safe, enjoy the holidays, treasure family/friends/co-workers/etc, and use sex between yourself and other consenting adults (and/or your own hand/fingers) to enhance living.

Dave Cummings, /


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