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Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition Silent on Alex Gonz Issue

I keep wondering when we’re gonna hear from Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition about the Alex Gonz situation.

It is now Day Number Seven since Alex Gonz appeared with Derek Hay in front of the press. He leveled accusations at the PASS system and the people behind it at Free Speech Coalition.

To be fair, I know it’s probably taking a while to come up with responses to these allegations. I’m sure they’re talking to attorneys and figuring out what their angle is going to be. I know these things take time.

It’s not like they’ve completely disappeared. Or gone on the lam for two months like Alex Gonz. They have put up a couple of press releases this week.

One of them is a public service announcement from Free Speech Coalition and what they are doing is they have announced show dates for the 2014 Free Speech Coalition Summit and Awards, which will be held at the W Hotel in Hollywood in conjunction with XBIZ 360.

From the XBIZ article:

“The 2014 FSC Summit will run Jan. 22-24, with the FSC Awards presentation taking place on the evening of Jan. 22.”

“The FSC Summit will once again unite industry executives, lobbyists, business and legal experts and deliver the latest industry updates and insights on topics and issues most pertinent to the initiatives of the adult industry trade association.” 

“The trade association’s conference will be highlighted by the second annual FSC Awards, which will honor an elite group of business leaders for their contribution to the greater good of their respective market segments and the industry as a whole. Award categories include Woman of the Year, Man of the Year, Internet Company of the Year, Novelty Company of the Year, Production Company of the Year and Performer Positive Image among others.”

So basically what you’re getting from Diane Duke and the whole cadre at FSC is a press release where they are shilling for money with conferences and industry summits. Not real sure what they’re conferencing on. Not sure what they’re summiting on.

Not real sure what they’re gonna do except beg for money from an industry that has already been bled dry by these scumbags.

So there is this awesome summit and awards show that everyone should go to. If you go to the FSC site, they tell you how to sign up for these great events and how you can give money to them.

The other big news from FSC is their call for nominations for the 2014 Board of Directors which opens on Nov. 1. According to them, there are five board positions up for election, out of 13 board seats.

They’re not gonna talk about Alex Gonz and the charges leveled at them by Derek Hay that they knowingly let Alex Gonz work with hepatitis C. They’re gonna talk about replacing five out of 13 board members. Which means almost half of them are leaving.

I would like to know who are the five? Who are the five who are quitting Free Speech Coalition? Will anybody divulge that information?

If the Dukester has five openings, that means five board members have decided to quit. Does anyone have any information on that?

I want to know if one of the people who is quitting is the one who is responsible for explaining how Alex Gonz was cleared to work with hepatitis C for three years and exposed hundreds of talent to hep C.

Talent, if the Free Speech Coalition doesn’t respond by the end of the week, I want everybody to drive down to the Free Speech Coalition office, knock on that door and demand answers. Answers to why they’re not concerned with your health and safety enough to address serious allegations that they let a performer work with hepatitis C. Yet they sit there and shill for money.

Seven days. An entire week has gone by since a very prominent member of the industry Derek Hay accused Free Speech Coalition and PASS of playing fast and loose with test results and letting a person who is hepatitis C positive work with girls in the industry in 2-300 scenes. And I cannot believe that given the rough and tumble nature of these scenes and all the anal sex that not one of those girls has not contracted hepatitis C.

Do you realize that we could have ten, twenty, thirty talent running around with hepatitis C right now? Because a man that poked his head out of a two month exile told everybody he has hepatitis C and everyone who ever worked with him should go and get tested because he’s swimming with it.

And Free Speech Coalition doesn’t even call for retesting or genealogy or anything. They’re putting out press releases for fundraisers and board elections.

I can’t believe we’re tolerating them promoting an awards show and summit where they can procure money. Your money.

I can’t believe in the midst of all of this going on, they are promoting a website for raising money and putting out a call for board members who are dropping like flies. Yet, Thursday they couldn’t put out a statement addressing the allegations levied against them. They were busy building their shill website.

Now that their shill website’s done, I can’t imagine that they’re not gonna respond tomorrow.

This is disgusting. And the fact that you all goose step and march in line when you know none of this is right. None of you have the balls, the wherewithal, the goddamn common decency to stand up and say, “Enough!”

Ladies and gentlemen, they’re making websites instead of discussing something that is very important and that is hepatitis C and the fact that the testing system cleared somebody to work and potentially infect hundreds of talent.

Tell you on thing. If this awards show even comes off, I’ll bet they’re gonna have a real hard time getting people to accept their awards. They’re gonna be digging from the bottom of the barrel. What kind of a piece of shit would accept an award from them?

When Diane Duke makes the call, “We’re gonna make you Man of the Year” the person on the other end of the line’s gonna say “BullSHIT! Fuck you, you’re not making me nothing. Are you nuts?”

You do know that anyone who gets anointed in any of these categories that instantly you’re a piece of a shit. Who’s gonna put their ass on the line and let everyone drill them? That’s like putting a sign on them that says call me a dirty piece of shit cocksucker until the day I die.

I would love to hear that phone call. “Diane Duke on the line.”

Company owner goes, “Ughh, what does she want? More money?” He picks up the phone. “Yes Diane?”

Diane: “Hi, Scott Taylor from New Sensations, we’re gonna make you Man of the Yea…*click* Hello…? Hello?”

Performer Positive Image. Yeah. I’d love to see who’s gonna run up there and get that one.

Give it to Alana Evans. She’s always looking to get publicity. She’ll tweet about it and then wonder why everyone’s yelling at her.

Give the Performer Positive Image award to people who have never won anything in their lives, people who have been trolling around the business for over a decade and never amounted to being anything but filler. Like a consolation prize for sticking it out for so long.

Even the shit talent is not gonna take a Free Speech Coalition award. They’re gonna say, “Just because i’m with Foxxx Modeling or Tee Reel doesn’t mean I’m low enough to accept a FSC award!”

I would also be VERRRY interested to see who is gonna run for those five spots on the board. What person would be enough of a clueless idiot to put themselves in the line of fire like that? I can’t wait to see who these fuckin winners are.

With all of these things that Diane Duke and all of them are busy doing, I can see why they would think it’s not important enough to talk about a performer working with hepatitis C. I mean, they have websites to build, money to shill, awards to give out, board members to replace…

Who’s got time to deal with silly issues like performer safety?

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