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Still No Word From Free Speech Coalition on Alex Gonz

It’s been a week.

An entire week since the allegations leveled by Alex Gonz and Derek Hay toward PASS and Cutting Edge Testing regarding the Alex Gonz hepatitis C revelations. And nobody is speaking about it!

It’s almost comical when you go to AVN or XBIZ. They are not commenting about it. They are basically trying to run out the clock and hope the story dies.

But we will continue to sit here and keep running this story and cramming it down their fucking throats. They can’t fucking stop it.

We have serious issues in our business. And we have news organizations that do nothing except run press releases. What you have is AVN and XBIZ and Mike South trying to sell you bullshit.

Whether it’s a press release or a wacky editorial to tell you everything’s alright, when in actuality nothing’s alright. What’s going on with the talent is not alright.

Sure, if you have a dildo company and you’re not involved in the talent aspects of our business or the moviemaking aspects, you could give two shits. I get it. Why should you care? You’re making dildoes and selling them and making money.

You have web people who don’t care either way, condoms or no condoms, it’s all about traffic and how many people are gonna convert. They don’t care about Stoya, they don’t care about Katie Summers, they don’t care about anything except at the end of the month they have millions of visitors. They’re getting traffic from this company that sells dick pills, they’re getting back end traffic from this company that’s a cam business or they’re getting traffic from this company that’s a tube site. Nobody in that chain of events does anyone care about Stoya and whether a condom hurts her pussy.

CC Bill is a credit card processor. They make millions of dollars processing credit cards for everyone, they are a vital part of the business now. Ron Cadwell is every bit as powerful as Steve Hirsch or Frank Koretsky. If Cadwell woke up one morning and decided to start a union he could easily do it. But what the fuck does he give a shit about condoms? He don’t give a fuck. He processes for VOD companies and makes millions of dollars with content that is 25 years old and everybody watches to this day.

So how do you change anything when people who have other positions of power in this business, who don’t give a fuck about me, don’t give a fuck about Diane Duke, they don’t give a fuck about anything. They go where they’re told.

So CC Bill will go with Free Speech, whatever. “Oh you want us to donate? Here ya go.” But they don’t care.

If Free Speech Coalition died tomorrow and the Rob Black Coalition started up and that was the thing to be doing they would go, “OK here ya go with a donation. We support ya!” They don’t really care.

They make money whether or not people put on rubbers. Think of the cam business they do. They process payments for something that is 90% a girl alone playing with her vagina. No penises, rubbers, anything.

We all seem to think that everybody in the entire porn world gives a shit about Evil Angel and Dana Dearmond, let’s rape my boyfriend while eight black guys jerk off in his face and call it My Negro Cuckold Problem.

CC Bill ain’t giving a shit about any of it. That’s not what make CC Bill a multi million dollar company. They’re not making their millions on cuckold pegging videos. So they’ll go with whatever is presented to them. Why would they get involved?

It’s sad that they would not. Because people like CC Bill have enough money and power to fight the corruption.

And it’s sad that our business is led by piraters like Manfuck or Mindgeek or whatever the fuck they’re called. Then you have people like Diane Duke and Peter Acworth and John Stagliano and Free Speech Coalition running the health aspects and the testing process.

People like Peter Acworth running around coked out of his mind shooting off guns, John Stagliano letting HIV infected transsexuals fuck him bareback, these are the people making the health decisions for the talent in the business. A guy with HIV who gives interviews basically saying he’s cured. He’s performing with girls and taking their feet and shoving them in his mouth, deep throating them like a girls will do with a dick.

Now I’m not some hillbilly from 1982 thinking that you can gives somebody AIDS by shaking their fucking hand. But I do know that taking a foot and jamming it in the mouth of an HIV positive person, where they can cut that foot on teeth and molars is not very fucking safe.

John Stagliano will also take a metal speculum, a medical device, and inserts it into the vagina or rectum of a girl, while not wearing gloves, then he expands the speculum. He then takes his bare fingers and sticks them in the gaping hole. Like Alex Gonz says, I’m not a doctor, but can ANYONE tell me that this is safe?

His VP is on the board of Free Speech Coalition and is the one who decides whether telling talent whether or not they’ve been exposed to hepatitis C is important enough. And John Stagliano doesn’t tell performers of his condition so they can decide whether or not to take the risk, however small, of performing sexual acts with him. Why? Because 9 out of 10 girls would decline having an HIV positive person stick their bare hand inside them.

I don’t understand why people accuse me of conducting a witch hunt , when that same person who lives his life so recklessly is in charge of the testing system, when that person is so connected to it that he knew Cameron Bay’s viral load before she did and knew all of her medical information. This person, John Stagliano got all of this information.

When you see all the problems with this business, you have to look at the people who make the decisions and how they have made decisions in their own lives. From discharging weapons in the City of San Francisco while under the influence of cocaine like Peter Acworth did to letting a Brazilian transsexual fuck him in the ass without a condom like John Stagliano did. And Peter Acworth and John Stagliano have a business relationship.

We talk about the business and how it needs to be changed. But how do we do it with the people who are in charge? The answer is we don’t. It can’t change as long as those reckless people are in charge.

Don’t these people have daughters? Why don’t they care enough about the people who allow them to prosper and have successful businesses to make sure that they are safe from disease? How would they feel if it were one of their daughters and not some useless throw away porn chick?

For the 1% of this business who are in charge to not even address the hepatitis C issue or even acknowledge that there is a problem is disgusting.

The time has come for all of you to stop hiding and stop burying your heads in the sand.

It’s not going to go away. I’m not going to go away either.

I’ll be here every fucking day reminding you of that fact.

Enough is enough.


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