Diane Duke and PASS Need to Address Syphilis Allegations

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Diane Duke and Dr. Yowl Ming www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59829 were pretty quick to jump over allegations that Cameron Bay’s medical records were leaked to John Stagliano. Stagliano called Cameron Bay with the information that she had an astronomical viral load and Bay was floored wondering how he knew this.

Bay conveyed the information, and who’s word are you going to take? Hers or Diane Duke’s? Nevertheless Duke and PASS issued a carefully worded press release carefully avoiding calling Cameron Bay, Rob Black and yours truly filthy liars for reporting those facts. But basically they said that in not so many words.

I’m waiting to see, now, how long Duke and Co. are going to take to deny the story www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59934 Rob Black reported this week that there’s been a wholesale syphilis cover up. When someone catches syphilis as Mr. Marcus did, they pass it to another who passes it to another and the beat goes on.

[By the way, if you do a syphilis search on Google images, Mr. Marcus’ photo comes up. How bad is that? Marcus has now become part of American folklore.]

Bill Margold’s argument has always been that Marcus never gave it to anyone. But how could he not? When you’re syphilis active, you’re radioactive. In consequence there’s no telling how many performers have the antibodies. Employees at Cutting Edge Testing know, and Black said a couple of people are going to be put under the hot light when there’s an investigation.

Even now performers on set are presenting doctors notes which attest that they’ve been treated for syphilis. It may be contained as far as transmission is concerned, but once it shows up in your system it’s like a watermark. It may not be visible to the naked eye, but you got it in your system.

So Cutting Edge knows. Producers know. Performers know and Diane Duke and Christian Mann know. Everybody knows except you out there. Now you know.

I just want to see Diane Duke denying this one.


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