Here’s the Syphilis Document That Will Likely Hang Diane Duke and Christian Mann

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When you have at least three HIVS and a syphilis scourge that you’re trying to keep under wraps it’s clear that your testing protocols don’t work.

Master of the bottom shuffle, the double-deal and the cover-up, Diane Duke is now putting the blame for these outbreaks square on the shoulders of the talent. Duke’s calling the scourge of HIV an “educational opportunity”. She actually said this in an interview.

Said Duke: “This is now an educational opportunity for the adult entertainment industry, to teach the actors how to protect themselves, when they are not on set.”

Never mind that. When you get syphilis, Duke will just make sure it’s not going to be reported. In my possession now is the document signed by Dr. Peter Miao that could likely send Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Miao and the whole PASS contingent to federal prison.

Rob Black and I have told you there is a doctor’s note [signed by Miao] which performers, infected by Mr. Marcus, are now required to carry. It reads:

“I have been requested by….to provide an explanation of the attached recent testing for syphilis performed on [date].

“This test performed was a Syphilis Cascade which includes Trep Sure Screening.

“After obtaining history from the patient, he/she was diagnosed with syphilis in the past and was treated. The treatment appears to have been adequate.

“The Trep-Sure and other Syphilis tests, will remain positive for many years or forever post treatment. With any laboratory test, there is always the possibility the patient might have acquired a new syphilis infection during the current window period since testing. The current APHSS protocol requires repeat testing in two weeks after an initial positive Trep-Sure and was performed on [date].

“Again, with exception to a recent infection, during the current window period, this patient is considered to be free of syphilis and not contagious. It is recommended that this patient continue regular STD testing according to the APHSS protocol.”

Signed: Dr. Peter Miao

This note is carried by any number of porn performers in the business who have been exposed to syphilis as a result of Mr. Marcus. For Christian Mann and Diane Duke to say that the Mr. Marcus syphilis occurrence was contained is a lie.

Dozens of performers had to be treated for syphilis and, as a result, are now required to carry this signed document. The CDC and other government organizations will also tell you once you’ve acquired syphilis, the chances of getting HIV have increased remarkably. Do you think the three or four HIV cases we’ve seen in the last month are a hand-me-down from the Mr. Marcus case? Think about it.


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