Diane Duke: now “an educational opportunity” for the adult entertainment industry to teach the actors how to protect themselves

from www.guardianlv.com – Three adult film actors have already been diagnosed with HIV. Now the American Trade Association for the Adult Entertainment Industry will start educating the actors about HIV.

Recent rumors suggest that there is a fourth actor that might have been diagnosed with HIV. The production of pornographic movies in California have came to a pause, until it can be confirmed, since Cameron Bay tested positive for HIV at the end of Aug. A couple of other actors have also been tested and their results will be known soon.

Even though the making of pornographic films have been put on hold, there are some rumors saying that there are some adult filming still going on.

The previous case was the third investigated in the past few weeks.

The fourth actor, Cameron Bay, was confirmed by the Aids Healthcare Foundation, which has also backed the Los Angeles County regulation mandating that the Adult Entertainment Industry should be using condoms on set to protect themselves.

More shocking news was revealed as Rod Daily, who was romantically involved with Cameron Bay and works in the Gay Pornographic Industry, announced that he has also tested positive for having HIV.

Michael Weinstein, who is the foundation’s chairman, said, “We were approached by a male performer who told us he had tested positive.”

“Whether or not Cameron Bay was infected on set, she performed with HIV between her tests,” he said. “If you think that Russian roulette is a great way to protect workers, then the present system is perfect.”

The adult entertainment industry revenues estimates around $97 billion. A study done by Kassia Wosick, an assistant professor of sociology at New Mexico State University, has said that around $10 and $12 Billion from that revenue comes from the United States. The traditional pornographic films have been down sizing, due to that, downloading free content on the internet has been minimal.

With the extremely high financial pressure due to piracy issues and “amateur” websites, people have argued that the shut down won’t have such a noticeable affect on the revenues for the major adult entertainment studios. And if the tests do come out positive and the industry has to shut down again, for a short period, it still would not effect revenue.

The CEO of the Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, has said that all the testing that has been done revealed that the transmission of HIV has not been on set. She has also said that this is now “an educational opportunity” for the adult entertainment industry, to teach the actors how to protect themselves, when they are not on set, admitting that most actors did not protect themselves while being off camera.

“Many of the performers would prefer not to use condoms…They feel much safer with testing protocols.”

Diana Dukes addressed the studio concerns, “I completely understand why they would feel that way. But in the past, you didn’t have that two-week period where the performer did not work. The window period had already been satisfied by the time the infection was detected.”


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