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Emily Evermoor’s Arraignment This Thursday; Pornlaw and Capt. Save Ahoe Go At It on XPT, the Donner Pass of adult forums is featuring a thread on Emily Evermoor who is incarcerated. Someone name Capt SaveAhoe has jumped in and has promised to help her with attorneys, etc. through CraigsList.

Pornlaw [Mike Fattorosi] writes on XPT concerning Evermoor

Just got off the phone with Emily — she is doing fine. Actually better than fine. She’s working in the kitchen while in jail. She’s worried about her case, but she sounded very positive about the situation.

Her arraignment is Thursday, she has a public defender for now but I am going to try and get over to Lynnwood to see her and see what I can do for her in regards to her case.

I couldn’t really talk to her that long since my prepaid collect call account ran out. But she did say that Shelly Lubben had contacted her.

She also said if CaptSaveAHo really wants to help her, he should contact me and help pay for her defense.

Hopefully she will call back and I can talk to her further.

Fattorosi adds: At this point I do not know what her charges are. I will need to talk to the DA first and get some discovery from them.

CaptSaveAhoe responds: Fattorosi, you make pornstars believe you’re on their side when in fact you’re not. If you were, you’d fight to include some royalty monies in their contracts or in production company contracts with their distributors, you dumb fuck “look the other way” piece of shit of an excuse for an Italian.

And, now, you’re asking for $ for Emily’s legal defense. You’re a fucking attorney. Eat the bill, like I’ve eaten bills in the past, you fuck. Do something good (for once in your life) for something you helped fuck up.

Be a man. Everyone on CL [CraigsList]is being men except people on this piece of shit blog who’d rather put the blame on poor defenseless girls (you know you’re not dealing with women here, if you were, you’d be hung).

He adds: And another thing regarding you still wanting to profit (by not volunteering to help Emily free of charge, since you want me to donate money to you for her defense) when you should be thinking of doing good deeds yourslef.

Quick question, Mr. Law. If a pornstar signs a contract, be she’s actually insane or drug induced, is the contract valid? Cuz I know of a grip of pornstars who signed while under the influence, and one signed after being declared mentally incompetent by a county court.

How in the hell are you helping pornstars ruin their mainly already aggravated situations? You haven’t tried to lobby for drug testing or high school diplomas?

Where in Italy is your family from. You obviously were not born in Italy cuz if you were, you’d be dead. Oh, fyi, you and your family should, now, stay far away from Palermo. Either that, or be a fucking man and help Emily pro bono, you porn slum worker.

Pornlaw responds that he’s led the fight for royalty monies and adds:

Drug inducement or being impaired by alcohol doesnt get one out of a contract unless a court finds that the person signing the contract was so impaired they did not even realize they were signing a contract, ie., they were passed out and someone else held their hand and signed for them. Mental incompetency would.

You haven’t tried to lobby for drug testing or high school diplomas?

I have lobbied for the past 4 years in Sacramento for the industry and have worked with the FSC on making the industry better for talent. I rewrote the standard FSC model release, making it more fair to performers. I brought health insurance to the industry through the FSC. Which is available to performers. The FSC is working on better business practices which is something I have talked with at length about with both FSC Executive Directors about. Change occurs slowly.

Where in Italy is your family from. You obviously were not born in Italy cuz if you were, you’d be dead.

I was born in NJ. My family is from a town south west of Naples called Lettere. My family dates back to 1428 in Lettere when Alfonso of Aragon (King of Naples) and antipope Benedict XIII installed my ancestor Cicco Fattorosi as Bishop of Lettere. Cicco was a member of Alfonso’s Royal Court in Barcelona. Any other questions about my ancestry ? Italians elected a pornstar to Parliment. I think they are a little more open minded than you are towards this industry.

Oh, fyi, you and your family should, now, stay far away from Palermo.

I will be in Italy in February so feel free to let your Sicilian friends know.

Capt SaveAhoe comments: Dear Michael,

Yeah, u really scare me.

Now shut up and eat your soup!

Get to work.

I’m sure your industry will more than repay you buy fucking you more in the ass because of your own doings. Hey, great job on lobbying for royalties, buckwod!

Pornlaw responds: CSHA — you’re just another fanboi trying to get close to performers with the “I will save you” mantra. I have seen your type before. They are usually called “tricks.”

Put your $ where your obviously large and open mouth is…. send a check if you want to help. Matter of fact, make it payable to your charity of choice and I will credit her defense with the amount of your check.

Stop trolling boards looking for people to financially support a rescue mission for performers that don’t want to be rescued.

At least Shelly Lubben’s opinion has some perspective to it…. she was in the industry.


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