eSecureSend becomes Savi Transfer- The B2B Solution for Adult File Transfers

The premier online file transfer service is newly redesigned to offer a dedicated ecosystem exclusively for the adult industry.

North Carolina/ June 1st, 2017- After two years servicing businesses like Adam & Eve, Lethal Hardcore and Adult Empire, eSecureSend (eSS) has evolved into the premier online file transfer platform for VODs and content creators within the adult industry.
Savi Transfer will continue to offer the eSS benefits of efficient file transfer acceleration, reliable delivery and an all-hands-on-deck approach to customer service through an easier to use design. An innovative retooling that puts anyone who doesn’t use this premier data transfer service at a clear disadvantage.
The new website is now live at
The new website offers a clean, uncluttered design with improved functionality and enhanced, rich content focused on customer needs. All that on top of providing the only secure, reliable large file transfer solution for VOD companies at 10x faster file transfer. Within the first week as Savi Transfer, Adult Empire used the service to transfer 616GB file at speeds of up to 800MB/s, in only 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 57 seconds.
All of this has come to fruition based exclusively on customer feedback and support. That feedback and interactions led Savi to decide to develop a dedicated website retooled exclusively to meet the needs of its adult industry client base.

“eSS has been a godsend for our company. Having to work with large multiple files from multiple locations has never been easier. No more headaches and uncertainty with FTP stalls, corrupt files and slow upload/download speeds. No more outrageous costs and file size limits for corporate Dropbox style solutions. We are more than pleased with the technical service and the exceptional customer service in our multiple user setup.” Fran Marquez at Rodney Moore of Rodnievision, Inc

“Savi Transfer has made doing business for us alot easier. They deliver our content quickly and always keep us up to date as to the status of the content delivery. Thank you so much guys.” Stoney Curtis at Lethal Hardcore
The new service website will be updated on a regular basis with news of added features, business activity, corporate milestones, events, case studies and blog information. Explore the website and sign up for a free demo at

“We are excited about our new service website launch and the robust offerings it provides our customers to get the most out of Savi’s best-in-class file transfer technology. Our file transfer solution delivers large files uninterrupted, overcoming the limitations of sending large files via FTP and shipping hard drives through the post office. Our turnkey solution is focused to optimize the file transfer issues faced by the adult industry players.” said Jami Choudhury, Savi Transfer’s CEO.

About Savi Transfer
Savi Transfer is a small team of developers driven to make web file transfers reliable, secure and efficient at 10x the speed of any other file transfer service provider. Savi’s exclusive focus is partnering with adult industry players to offer file transfer solution that will meet and exceed needs. This service replaces outdate, labor intensive FTP and shipping hard drives with a quick, ecofriendly solution that decreases transfer time thus increasing profits.



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