Hot Movies joins forces with Savi Transfer, an accelerated file transfer service

DURHAM, N.C.—Hot Movies is joining forces with Savi Transfer to streamline its content management workflow. Known for its reliability and friendly customer service, Savi is meeting the needs that self-sustained and self-managed FTP systems can’t: hassle-free file transfer.

“I have used many different file transfer services and most of them were pretty similar to each other. But as I began using Savi Transfer it quickly became apparent that this was something different, something better. With other file transfer methods, like FTP, I had come to expect a certain amount of failure and difficulty as part of the process, but with Savi Transfer, files transfer correctly the first time with no need for re-download or back-and forth with the vender,” says Alison Klinger at Hot Movies.

FTP clients are based on a technology built in the 1970’s. It was never designed to handle the file sizes from all of the 4K, VR and 360 videos that we’re seeing today. For example, auto-resume of interrupted transfer is not a default feature of FTP. Often times, when a transfer is interrupted, it requires a retransfer. Savi does the opposite. It will resume the transfer instead of starting over.

Michael Kennedy, Editorial Manager with Hot Movies is also looking forward to the partnership: “Savi Transfer has really helped to streamline our content management. The user interface is easy to understand for any of our clients, we no longer have to worry about partial files or service interruptions and when we can have the content pushed directly to us without having to initiate the download, it is a real time saver. Plus, the staff are always responsive and ready to find a solution to any challenge we face.”

Savi is the only accelerated file transfer service designed exclusively for the needs of the adult industry. Since their launch as Savi Transfer last year, they’ve moved more than 300 TB of content throughout the world. They have also added helpful features like long-term storage and sending files from the cloud. When file transfer works smoothly, everyone makes their money faster. To start sending content to Hot Movies, contact Michael Kennedy at


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